Expecting Nothing But Dead Ends


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Scene Title Expecting Nothing But Dead Ends
Synopsis Coren's answer to trying to get a clue on where Peyton and Wendy have been taken happens to be Rebecca, fresh off a weekend of Refrain.
Date August 18, 2009

Old Lucy's

After conferring with Agent Ivanov regarding the disappearances of Wendy Hunter and Peyton Whitney, it made sense to Coren Shelby to bring Rebecca in to find out precisely what happened to them and who was there. He has some eyewitness testimony but has not managed to track down too many of the patrons. Too many people pay with cash. Unfortunately, getting a hold of Rebecca Nakano on the weekend seemed completely impossible, and it's only Tuesday that he managed to unbury himself enough to grab her and drive her down to Old Lucy's. The trip in his rust-bucket sedan is mostly silent, though Coren could not help but notice her recent behaviour as being somewhat off compared to what he is used to from her. His concern, unfortunately, is spread too thin for him to deduce the problem he should clearly be able to recognize.

Once they arrive, Coren leads Rebecca into the establishment, where he is sorely tempted to have a quick drink given all of the issues recently with the serial killer case, or lack of progress thereof. This missing persons case has given him something else to worry about, and it's a welcomed distraction. "Ivanov is searching for who called the cab, but I figure if we get you and him to confer with a sketch artist, it may be more productive. From what I understand, he was a loud and obnoxious man, and you shouldn't be able to miss him."

Rebecca Nakano's weekend.. well, was spent testing out the effects of Refrain on her constant and unbearable migraines. She knows very little about the drug, but that word of it is starting to hit Law Enforcement, and considering she's part of Law Enforcement, it's a rather sticky situation. Just two nights ago, she ventured out into the dangers of Staten to make her first drug purchase, and it wasn't a part of any operation. Luckily, the phone number provided by her dealer will hopefully keep her from having to go back there.

As far as Refrain goes, if you don't count the wonky visions, it has actually kept her migrains under control. But like any good addict, she feels like she totally has control of what she's doing. When Coren came and asked for her help, she was hesitant, but finally agreed.

As they pull into Old Lucy's, Rebecca remembers the last time she was there. She flashed-back to the night Shelby was shot. This place seems to attract quite a bit of violent behavior. That's something she might have to look into herself. She's never actually been inside the establishment, and with all the build up of violence leading in, it's a little disappointing to see it's rather like most places.

As Coren speaks, she nods. "I'll do what I can. What night was it again?" She's a little out of the loop, it seems. She walks over and sets her bag on the bar.

"August thirteenth," Coren says as he watches Rebecca do her thing. She comes highly recommended, but he actually hasn't really seen her in action, on account of having been the subject of that particular investigation. "I caught wind of it on the fifteenth and subsequently discovered that Ivanov had been working the other half of the investigation since Thursday. You were hard to track down." It's all he really says on the matter of her availability over the weekend.

And Rebecca offers nothing further on what she did over the weekend. From the bag, she pulls a tabloid with Peyton's picture on the cover. Another of those 'who's she dating now?' articles, but at least it's got her picture right on the front and she knows who to look for. She then reaches for the mirror, then pauses when she sees the much larger one behind the bar. She considers it for a moment, then walks over behind the bar and hops up onto it, sitting. "This'll give me a wider perspective and I can see just about the entire bar with this." she notes. "Give me just a moment.." She's just gotten rid of that damn headache and she's not looking forward to it coming back.

"If it does, that's probably best," Coren remarks, taking a step to the side of the bar. Naturally, he cleared the visit first, and since it's prior to opening, save for Brenda, there's nobody there. He's interesting in seeing how this works, very curious of Rebecca's ability.

Rebecca takes one final deep breath and then focuses her gaze on the mirror, watching it rewind several days then stops. It's rather like watching television. You forget there are things around you outside of the show on occasion. She can see and hear what's going on. It's evening and the bar is crowded. She's glancing around the mirror, looking for something or someone she can only find. She finally spots Peyton and Rebecca points at the mirror as if someone else could see what's going on. "She's right there. There's a brunette with her and they're talking to Agent Ivanov." She's worked with Felix on a couple of occasions. She stops talking and just listens and watch as time ticks by. She can't make this move any faster forward but then 'Loud and Obnoxious' shows up. "There's your guy. He's with a marine. Calls him Davey." Rebecca squints her eyes a little and then notes. "Nameplate says Lagrime."

She's quiet for a very long time, but her eyes seem to be following something in the mirror. "God, he's.. a jerk." she comments under her breath. When the two girls leave the bar, Rebecca pulls from the vision by dropping her gaze. "He never said his name, introduced himself to anyone or was referred to by any name. It's almost like they anticipated that someone might be listening in on them." Then the throbbing starts and she reaches up to place both hands on the sides of her head.

"That would be Wendy Hunter, I imagine. She was supposed to have been here with her," Coren says, coming around the bar now. "So we have a David Lagrime to locate. Wonderful. Maybe he can shed some light as to who this character is." It's then that the apparent headache becomes noticeable to him from Rebecca's body language. He reaches a hand up to the bar to help her off it. "Come on. I won't let you do any more today." Because he knows all about headaches, having had quite a few of them recently, himself. "I was tempted to get you to take a peek at the alley, get the license plate of the cab that apparently abducted them, but perhaps later after you've had the opportunity to rest. But we do need to get it."

She already knows what she'll need to do when they're done here.

Rebecca lets herself be assisted from the bar as she keeps one hand on the counter to keep her steady. At least her nose isn't bleeding, which is a plus. "Normally, cabs don't lead you anywhere. If they were smart enough to arrange this whole thing, then I don't think they'd be foolish enough to drive off in a cab with a valid plate. But, if you want I can try." She reaches for her bag, clutching it to her.

"Believe me when I say, I expect nothing but dead ends," Coren says. "But I'll be damned if I don't scrape every last piece of evidence and follow every single lead and talk to every single suspect until I'm spent, or those girls are found."

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