Experiments and Results


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Scene Title Experiments and Results
Synopsis Jet's strange power is put to the test as she undergoes trials with the amplification drug.
Date July 15, 2010

Staten Island Hospital

Project Icarus facilities.

The time has come.

Clearing a possessor for release from suppression takes a hell of a lot of paper work, as Bella has just found out. Risk Assessment forms, Personnel Management forms, Exceptional Circumstance forms. In the end, Bella struck a deal. Use a subject as the host body Jet can jump to. Keep the space clear of all others, including Bella herself, who observes via remote camera. Have Dema perform the injection, as he insisted, leaving Jet the choice of either jumping into Dema (deemed pointless) staying in the subject (which will end in her being imprisoned, worse off than she is now) or returning to her host body (the intended effect.

The subject is an unsuppressed pyrokenetic, a low level firestarter who can generate little more than the energy of a butane torch. There are two hypo's of amplification drug resting on a medical tray, and the potential host is restrained, strapped to an operating table but fully conscious. He is a man of about thirty five, with a little bit of a beer belly and sandy brown hair. He looks scared. He is a newer acquisition. He doesn't know how this works. He's really much safer in Dr. Sheridan's hands.

But this is a new test.

And Jet seems almost chipper today. No doubt her and Dema had a massive love making session the night before (cause you never know what will happen), but now she's ready to do what she said she would do. Having walked hand in hand with Dema the whole way, she now releases his hand, and pecks his nose before they enter the main room, perhaps keeping up the professional facade. "Will she give me instructions? I want to get this right. No mistakes." The man, the host, is ignored for now."

«I'm sure this will be well within your capacity» a familiarly distorted voice echoes from overhead speakers. The Madame, speaking from on high in the voice Jet first hear. There's a certain roundness audible even through distortion. Bella sounds… pleased. Amused. «Inject your current body first», Bella says, «Note the differences, and jump to the subject host, on the table. He's a pyrokenetic. Remain in him long enough for Dema to perform the second injection, on him, and then note the results. Take some time, get to know the subject host a little, see what the amp drug does to an Evolved host, how it effects your possession. Then, when you are satisfied, or when I tell you, return to your present host. Catch all that?»

Dema looks up at the speakers, frowning slightly. This is more elaborate than he expected.

Perhaps it was for Jet as well, for the young woman "Um… yeah," 's to Bella's words. "Sure. Got it." A clearing of her throat as she tosses Dema an amused smirk before she moves over to the empty table, sitting up on it as she just pulls off the large shirt she's wearing, having a white ribbed tank top on underneath. She holds her arm out to Dema, underside up. "I'm ready." A glance to the other man in the room, then back to Dema."

Dema prepares the shot. It's already full, but Dema takes no chances, adding pressure to clear any air bubbles. He has only so much power over Jet's safety right now, but he will take every inch. He swabs her arm, then applies the needle. The hypo sinks in, and the burning sensation of the amp drug floods Jet's veins.

Jet sits still, letting Dema shoot her up. A hissing of a breath as her eyes narrow, "It burns." Not really complaining, just letting those around her know what's happening. Then she goes a little green, a hard swallow taken. "IT's going to make me sick. Jesus Woman, thanks for making my body all sick." Her free hand to the table, steadying herself. "Ugh."

Dema is tending to her at once, setting the hypo aside and taking Jet into his arms, steadying her. Concern is writ all over his features. «Unavoidable side effect» Dr. Sheridan's voice states, blandly. Nothing more to be said. «Can you perceive a change in the nature of your ability? Any difference in the quality of how you experience it? Phenomenological shifts? Keep talking. It's all valuable data.»

Another hard swallow from Jet, though she haphazardly flaps a hand at Dema, "Give me air. Don't crowd." A deep inhale, a shaky exhale. "I just feel like I suddenly got a cold. I don't feel any different than that." A glance up into the camera, then to Dema. "This isn't right? Is it? Was I given a placebo?"

Dema backs off, leaving Jet to her own devices with misgiving but no hesitation. The black eye of the camera seems indifferent to her discomfort. Bella's voice confirms the sentiment. «No placebo. We're not fucking with you. This is useful data. When you're ready, jump bodies. Report what you feel, see if any effects carry over, or if you notice anything else unusual.»

The subject has been scared enough to keep quiet this whole time. Hoping, maybe, that the effects of that needle will save him from the second stage Bella's distorted voice described. With him as host. Keep quiet… try to evade notice… or something. But the jump is almost upon him, and he speaks up. "P… p… please. Please don't. I… I really don't think…" his eyes move, wild, to Jet, "She needs help! She's sick! Call off the test! Please, call off the test!"

«Proceed, if you would» Bella says, making her overruling of this plea unambiguous.

"I won't hurt you dude. Well. I hope I don't hurt you." Holding onto the table Jet slides off of it slowly until both feet are on the ground. "Man, I haven't been sick in ages." A soft laugh from her at this as she walks over to where the man is held down. Hovering over him for a few moments, Jet just stares into his eyes, watching him for the longest time in silence, before speaking, "I mean you no harm. I am sorry this is against your wishes." A faint smile from her at this, then a glance to the camera.

"I still feel ill. Jumping now." A bare hand moves to the mans throat, resting it there as the possesser attempts to jump bodies.

Very reassuring. The subject host turns his head away from Jet, as if this might help him. He strains in his bonds. He cries out, and the straps holding him down start to sizzle as flames light up beneath them. And then…

She's in.

As Jet leaves one body and enters the other, her Host body, the blonde female just collapses to the floor in a heap of unmoving flesh. By now Bella would know she was a paralyzed victim, in body and pretty much in mind. A coma patient which kicks back in once Jet leaves. Now in the man, his eyes look around, this way and that then to Dema, then to Bella. "It feels fine. I feel better. Not sick. He could go on a diet though, I can almost feel the grease in his body."

Well, now Dema is going to take care of her. Or what's not actually her right now. Still, he cannot but feel sentiment for that body, and moves into lift it into his arms, keeping it from suffering contusion upon its collapse.

On high, Bella laughs. Unpleasant. «Hehehehehehe… I'll see that the facility nutritionist adjusts his rations accordingly. Now… he was just using his ability. Can you see if you can harness that ability yourself? Have you ever used an Evolved host, used their ability?»

A growl from the man now, his voice husky when he speaks. "Hoe do you think I ended up in Moab? I was Hosting an wanted Evolved body. I can't harness their ability. If I could, I would not pick plain humans." A tugging against his restraints. "I feel normal. OVer weight, but normal."

His eyes move to the camera, starring into the black lens that Bella watches.

So far, all these results are negative. Perhaps God intended for Jet to only have a ridiculously awesome power rather than a ridiculously awesome one that could be made more ridiculous. Bella considers the mechanism at work… purely psychic. If only she could do more tests. Well… she could! But for now…

«Dema, apply the second dose.»

The enormous Russian nods his assent, and very gently sets Jet's discarded host on the ground. He goes over, takes up the second syringe, swabs the new Jet's arm… and injects. Jet feels the burn once more, the sickness. But she can feel something else. There's nothing she can do about it, but she can just feel something in this host. The power. The potential she cannot tap into. Evolved. She knows.

Jet watches Dema through the male's eyes, a soft smile on her face, one of love which could be a little creepy considering. Then the heat and burning starts once more, a very faint whimper from him then a clearing of his throat. "Again, it burns… and I'm starting to feel sick again." The man closes his eyes and lays his head back fully on the table, just letting the injection ride him. "I feel him. His presence. Not like any Hosts before. Something is different. Something… else."

«Describe it,» Bella urges. Something else is something, and she wants results. «Describe the feeling. Free associate if you have to!» She'll take anything.

Dema gazes back at the loving look in this unfamiliar man. This is a true test of his affections. The puzzlement works its way into his features subtlety, but, at length, he nods… and reaches out to smooth Jet's host's hair. He knows she's in there, and that she can feel it. And that, for him, is reason enough.

"It's.. hard to describe. I can feel his Evolved power. I know he has it there, in his body. I'm aware of it, but I can't touch it…" A soft laugh from her at this, "Probably you feel this way a lot with your experiments and results, eh Doc?" Another husky laugh from the man, his eyes looking to Dema. "Thank you, but you don't have to touch me. I know you love me."

Dema actually smiles a little, a touch embarrassed. He shrugs, helpless. That's why he gets for trying to be a nice guy.

«Fascinating,» Bella states, «Any other noticeable changes? We may have to run more tests, factor out certain variables,» she pauses, «I'm satisfied, if you feel there is nothing left to report. You may return to your original host. Unless you'd rather keep this one.» The sardonicism meant to inflect this comment is fuzzed out in the transformation.

Silence from the man for a very long time, then, "No. That's all I feel. I won't mind further tests." Eyes move to Dema now, then back to the camera, then to Dema. "I have been in males before. For a long time. But I think Dema would prefer to have me… back to normal." A flash of a grin to him at this, then a wink from one man to another. "I'll need to touch her."

Dema chuckles. In front of Bella. Or at least in her hearing. "It is preferred, yes," he states in his low, deep voice, "Though I will love you still. I will just have less ways to show." He lifts Christina Malkin's unconscious body from the floor and sets her limp hand against the forehead of the possesses pyrokinetic.

"No my love," comes the male's voice. "Put her hand in my own. It's easier that way." A smile from him to the Dema, before his eyes look up at the camera. "Indeed. This would be easier for our Dema." Then back to the aforementioned man, his fingers flexing in a 'gimme' motion.

Dema tries not to look further embarrassed. He shifts Ms. Malkin's hand down to the new host's, eager to have his Jet back as he knows her.

Dema is just so cute. This shows in the smile he gives Dema. When he puts the female's hand in his own, Jet laces his fingers with her own before attempting to jump back into her previous body.

And she's back. Back in the body Dema knows best. His relief is evident, beyond his ability to mask. The subject comes awake, as if from a dream, gasping and crying out. «You two are excused for the day,» Bella states, «Other orderlies will tend to this subject. Vacate promptly, Dema.» Before the subject realizes his power has become flamethrower strong, that is. Dema follows orders, bearing Jet out of the room and letting the doors lock behind him. He presses a kiss to Jet's cheek.

"Much preferred," he says, with a hoarse chuckle, "Thank you."

Jet lets everything move around her, as if slightly dazed. Once they are out of the room she just rests up against Dema, her arms wrapping around his neck as her head tucks up under his chin. "I feel like a failure," comes her breathy voice. "I was hoping for something more. I hope The Madam is pleased with me. Lord forbid I outlive my purpose."

"She said she was satisfied," Dema murmurs, holding her close as they trek back to their room, "She is a wicked woman, but she would not hide this. Believe she is satisfied. But please… be careful with more tests," he kisses her, this time on the lips, "Making love like the last night is not quite worth losing you." Another joke? Jet is really loosening him up.

A soft laugh from her at this as she moves to her toes to peck his lips once more. "We will celebrate a sucessful test. I'll broil steak, and we'll have wine. Maybe find a movie that we have not seen yet, and just veg. I think in a couple of days I'll see if we can't go out into the city for a few hours. Just dinner, and the like. Mayhap a walk."

"These things," Dema says, "Are things I want. All of them. With you."

"Careful with those words, or I will take you to a twenty-four hour chapel." A flash of a grin to him at this then a step back as she squeezes his hand. "Ugh. I think I need to lie down. The drug is still making me feel a little ill. If there is nothing more, let's go home my love."

Dema's brows lift, but he says nothing to this last little jibe. Too close to the mark, perhaps? He nods, and carries her the last stairs and hallways home.

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