Experiments With Faith


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Scene Title Experiments With Faith
Synopsis Of faith, gifts, experiments and deals.
Date December 25, 2008

Starbucks, Greenwich Village

Abby had called Mohinder, the number on the card and opted to leave a message. The address of a Starbucks that was near her place of work. She would be there, at a certain time. Questions aplenty, and curiosity about who the caramel skinned man was, besides just a geneticist. In a far corner, not easily seen by anyone who was outside, taking up the comfy chairs. She's dressed for work, in her jeans, boots, tank top with cardigan for warm while she's not actually at work. The little gold cross perpetually dangling at the hollow of her throat. There's a book, looks to be some sort of college course offering on her lap that she leafs through. One empty large coffee, Another maybe halfway full. occasionally her eyes glance to the door, wondering if the man will show or not.

Mohinder is many things, and one of them is prompt. When she said she'd be at a Starbucks at a certain place at a certain time, he wasted no time himself in making sure that he walked through the door a couple of minutes before the stated time. Looking around with briefcase in hand and dressed in a suit sans tie and vest with the shirt unbuttoned at at the throat and one under it, he makes his way towards the table Abby sits at.

She was raised proper. Older gentleman, and it's not family. The coffee is put to the side, the catalog as well when he approaches. Abby's hand is extended, a slender arm in the light green cardigan. "Dr. Suresh. It's Christmas day, I know. I'm sorry if I've drawn you from others. I have to work in an hour and I thought, I'd give a call. See if, you could answer questions." Though her hair falls over her brow, it's whole, unhurt and unscarr'd even where the gauze had been placed. Her palm is dry, and she shakes it firmly if it's taken. 'Abigail. Abigail Beauchamp"

Mohinder takes the hand, "You can call me Mohinder, Miss Beauchamp. It's a pleasure to really, truly meet you." he takes a seat across from you. "I imagine you've got a lot of questions," he begins, gently. "I'll do the best I can to answer."

'Some, and none. Just.. curiosity tenfold. I seem to run into a great many co-incidences lately. Fate, destiny, whichever you want to call it. I'm trying to figure out why god's set you in my path, why last night. You said you know the man… who tried what he did last night" She settles her hands in her lap, smoothing non existent wrinkles in her jeans.

Mohinder nods. "I do. His name is Sylar, and he is evil incarnate. He killed my father." he says, taking things slow and short as the conversation begins.

Abby's hand comes up, palm curled as she presses it over her mouth. not in horror, but in thought, her knuckles brushing against the uinderside of her nose. "How do I survive him attempting to take my faith again. Since you spoke last night that you know about him." her voice is quiet, in relation to their topic and the place that their meeting. She turns, to grab her coffee, suck back half of what remains but does her best to keep her eye on Mohinder. "I'm sorry. About your Father"

Mohinder nods, "Thank you." he says softly. "As far Sylar..a solution to that I cannot tell you." he also speaks quietly. "The direct dealings I had were years ago. Oddly enough, right before the explosion in Manhattan."

"Then what did you mean, when you said you could help me? Did you mean with regards to what he… did to my head?" So, dealings with Sylar, before he blew up the center of Manhattan. Her eyes bounce around from the coffee to the briefcase, up to Mohinder, to other people in the place as they enter and leave, wishing she had Conrad's or Elisabeth's sound bubbles.

Mohinder nods, "I can attempt to help you find what causes your ability to work, and what triggers it, so you can ultimate learn to control it and not have to worry if it will work for you again."

'God makes it work Dr. Suresh. I ask, and he gives, if it is in him to grant it. No offense, but my ability is divine. It's not genetic or whatever it would be labeled. No offense to you and what it is you do. But, god giveth and god taketh away. If it doesn't come, then… there is purpose to that. Or he never heard me the first time" She's trying to couch it politely, knowing full well people's opinions on the source of her gift. "Faith healing it's called. Laying on of hands"

Mohinder nods, "I see. Would you be willing to still allow me to help you see if there's a way to see if God in his wisdom has given you the grace to use this gift on your own? It could be that it is kismet..divine fate..that we meet, that I can help you with this. You're right, fate as aligned in a most spectacular manner in this case. It can't be random." he says, sincerely.

"It can't be random" She can agree on that enough. Too many things that are seemingly random, haven't been. She's thinking it over, careful, cautious. She's been burned, and too much of late. Magnes was right, she seemed to perpetually be injured of late. 'Do you believe Dr. Suresh. Is something more than science? In someone, something. Not necessarily the god that I know and believe in"

Mohinder nods, "Absolutely. The people who possess these abilities..it might be genetic, and that is rooted in science..but science is merely, in my opinion, an explanation for the divine." he says quietly. "The people who have these abilities - they aren't freaks or mutants..but touched by God. No matter what names or aspects is believed in - it is the same thing." he says simply.

There has to be some measure of approval that seeps into her features. Scientific, yet, touched by god. "Whats the strings? The cost for this all, and I don't mean money"

Mohinder shakes his head, "What I do, I don't do for gain. My goal is to merely hope to begin to understand how these things work, so that I can help people like you. There are some who suffer with their gifts..they would do anything to get rid of them, until they learn that they're abilities to be controlled. Once they gain that measure of control, they get their life back."

"Why do you offer this to me then? Why not seek out other who can't control it? God's given me what reigns that he's allowed me on the gift. It comes with it's costs yes, but no more than I can bear. last night.. was god I think, teaching me not to be greedy. I had one miracle that night, I shouldn't squander it on myself"

Mohinder nods, "And is it not said that God helps those that helps themselves? Also, there comes a time when God either takes his gifts back, or trusts those with them entirely. It could be that you have proven yourself responsible enough to bear this burden..more fully..yourself."

"Bold words Dr. Suresh" Very bold. Her thumb stills on it's trace of some imagined patterns on the paper cups side. "I'd.. I'd like that. I'd like that very much, if he did. you'll have to pardon my wariness, I've come across many a person in my time with gods gift, who want it used for selfish purposes with no regard to who carries it, or the cost"

Mohinder holds up his hands. "I've nothing to gain with it. No monetary gain, certainly. No way to exploit you, honestly. I've no criminal ambitions. The only thing I could /possibly/ gain is knowledge. And I honestly could do that without you. No, Miss Beauchamp. This is all about you."

One hand comes up from around the coffee cup, rubbing at a cheek, her lower lip sucked in, chewed on for a moment before she nods. "Okay. It can't hurt. What does it entail. Where do I go from here. I have a job, an apartment, I have things that I have to do and obligations. I can't up and disappear. I have friends who would.. come looking"

Mohinder shakes his head, "I wouldn't ask that of you either. We'll simply meet somewhere..I'll have to find out where. For a few hours at a time. The most I might ask for is a blood sample. That would be for no other reason so that I can examine your specific DNA strand to see how it differs from others I've seen..perhaps I can find how your abilities tie into your body's mechanics."

Her knuckles are rubbing along her upper lip again, lips pursed in thought before she nods again, the gold cross glinting. "I'm going with a friend, to register tomorrow. I don't know who you work for, but .. you won't need to worry about whether I'm registered or not. I don't do this for money. I never have, and I never will. There's no price on god's gift" She drops her hands from her face and leans over, fetching a notepad from her purse and a pen. Her phone number scrawled out on it and her name. The little rectangle of yellow paper is torn away from the spiral bindings and folded in half, passing it over to the man. 'Faith, Dr. Suresh. I'm placing it in your hands. You've been nothing but nice and didn't talk out loud, about what you saw. You understand why I don't advertise or speak about what I do? I don't want a line up at my door. I want my life, and balance it with His gift."

Mohinder nods, looking into your eyes. He doesn't necessarily smile, but his face isn't hard or heartless. "That's what I want to help you do, too, Abby. And thank you for registering. It /will/ make my work that much easier. Much quicker, too. "

"I'm registering, not because I believe I'm evolved Dr. Suresh. I'm registering because i'm tired of people I help, holding it over my head and using it as blackmail. I'm taking that power away from them, putting it back in my hands. I shouldn't have to be afraid that someone will be fickle if I don't give them the answers they want, or do what they want and I'll be dragged down to a station not of my volition. This is my faith. not a genetic lottery. I truly believe that, and I tired of people… wanting to dissemble my faith and make it not that"

Mohinder shakes his head, "I agree wholeheartedly, and it's none of my business as to why you're registering, frankly. All I want to do is to help you understand your gift, and how to use it more harmoniously in your life. Once you can do that, I think you'll find God's full plan for you. He wouldn't give you gifts that he wouldn't want you to be able to use yourself. It could be that all of this were just practices for this moment and those like it to come."

Abby nods gently, tucking away the notebook, glancing over to the Doctor. "What is it you think I can do Dr. Suresh?"

Mohinder nods, "I'm not sure. Just from what I've seen? You seem to have some quite miraculous healing abilities."

"I'll tell you Dr. Another day. Right now, I have to work and I already missed last nights shift" She stands then, gathering her bag and her jacket, draping it over her arm, offering out her hand to him. "Thank you, for last night"

Mohinder takes the hand, "My pleasure. Just helping a friend in need." he says, a gentle smile.

It's firm again, strong. But then it slips away, minimal contact as always with everyone. She gathers up her two cups, already someone's making one for her at the counter. They know her enough here. "Be well, god bless" and with that, the blonde heads out. Work calls.

December 25th: Merry Happy Christmas
December 25th: Shengdan Kuaile
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