Explosion In Manhattan

Found in the headlines on Monday the 6th…

This weekend proved a tragic one for one of Manhattan's small business women. Lexington Lane is - or was - the owner of a vintage shop on the Upper West Side, Miss Aphrodisia's was less than a year old, but quickly gaining popularity in the neighborhood. But Sunday night shortly before curfew, the building and all the restored, aged goods within were lost to an explosion. Authorities have yet to determine if it was accidental or if someone came to make sure this little shop would have a not so merry Christmas after all. Evolved terrorism is a possibility, we fear.

Lane was shocked to find her business in such a state come Monday morning when she arrived to find but the rubble of Miss Aphrodisia's left behind. "It left me sort of bewildered for a time," she confided to our reporters at the scene. But when asked if this was the end of her business, she smiled and offered this response, "Oh, never. I've never been one to give up so easy. My Grandfather Walsh used to say that to cut and run was for cowards. You'll see us up an running again, bet on it." No one was harmed in the explosion.

(Pictured is Lexington looking particularly upset as she holds a piece of intricately carved wood. It is clearly a small bit of a bigger carving. Under the picture it says: Lane mourns the loss of her livelihood.)

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