Explosion Inside The Dome

AP Wire
Tuesday February 15, 2011

The fireball seen rising up on the Queens side of the currently encapsulated section of the dome barrier that sprang up in New York City just over two weeks ago has been positively identified as being in the neighborhood of the Ashford Heights Apartments in Long Island City.

The explosion, first seen just after sunset yesterday, is purported to have rattled windows on the areas bordering the dome thanks to the way sound travels inside of the hemispherical barrier. It is unknown at this time what the source of the blast was, but it detonated just outside of the highrise tenement building in a parking lot. Fires from the explosion do not look to have spread to the tenement building from the parking lot due to poor visibility into the dome created by the smoke and fires that were started on Roosevelt Island over the weekend, and smaller pyres burning in Queens.

Sources within the dome have stated that the blast occurred not far from the Long Island City metro station entrance that serves as the only land route accessible between Roosevelt Island and Queens, but no investigations have yet been made to the site of the blast from any sources close to the associated press.

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