Extra Hands


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Scene Title Extra Hands
Synopsis Noriko gets an invite to come to the Lighthouse to practice reading, and also to protect the kids there when Gillian stops by while on a shopping trip.
Date March 30, 2010

Noriko's House

Noriko is resting on her nest of blankets that functions as her couch, and her bed, a TV on the wall opposite from them, and that pretty much rounds out any other furiniture in the apartment. Noriko having really been lazy about furnishing the place, and honestly, liking it the way it is. It fits the way that she feels some days.
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The lonelyness of the home is about to be interupted, if the sudden ringing of a doorbell is any indication. Outside the door, Gillian stands, bundled up in heavy winter clothes, that would be a reminder of days past, if the woman inside could remember anything of those days. The weather makes her dress like they're still in Antarctica— though it's not quite as bad as it had been there. The scarf is pulled away from her face enough that she can be recognized, but the hood does cast some shadows that hide her mood.

Noriko stands up from her nest of blankets to move over to the door and open it, her eyes staring blankly at her visitor for a couple of moments as damaged brain tissue and wiped memory cells try to put a name to the face in front of her. It takes a couple of moments before she says in a soft voice, "Gillian? Right?" She offers a faint smile as she opens the door a little wider and says, "Please, come in."

"Yeah, you remember," Gillian says, finally smiling under the shadow of the hood as she steps inside the nice, if sparce, room. They have words for this. Spartan! It reminds her of a few of her old places, lightly decorated with only the necessities. And she has a television, which is more than many places she's stayed had. "With all this bad weather I got reminded of Antarctica," she says, pulling the coat off. The less the woman may know, she should at least remember they'd been there. "I figured I should finally stop in and see how you're doing. Memory still holey?"

Noriko does remeber they were there, they ways and hows of it, however, are gone. "Yeah, I wish I could figure it out. But, its like someone reached in with scissors and just got a whole chunk of my life out," Noriko says with a faint shrug, before looking towards the kitchen, "Can I offer you some hot cocoa or tea? I've got some water boiling, and you might need it after being out in the cold that long."

"I think I'll take the cocoa," Gillian says with a smile, that brings up dimples on her cheeks. The coat is drapped somewhere, with gloves and scarf following. Some are dusted with snow, but it's her boots that threaten to squeak and drag moisture in. But considering who she is visiting— she suspects that moisture on the floor will not be an issue. "Have you figured out what you want to do with things? I mean you still got the money and stuff from what we had to do." She looks around as if to add 'obviously'.

Noriko looks back at Gillian before replying, "I still need to finish relearning how to read… and then I'll probably enroll to finish getting my degree in Marine biology. After that, i don't really know, Gillian. I mean, I haven't had much of a thought of what I want to do at all. Everything seems… I don't know, almost already done, I guess." She offers a smile and brings a two cups of cocoa, offering one to Gillian, as she makes sure that any moisture that does enter her apartment, quickly finds its way down the sink.

Has to relearn how to read. Gillian watches with interest as she shoos unwanted water into the sink, while taking the hot cocoa and sipping. Once a few moments have past, long enough to let the warmth run down her throat, she lowers the cup to speak in her raspy tones, "I help out at an orphanage on Staten Island. Some of the kids there lost their parents in the bomb and spent years on the street— many were too young to remember how to read. Some never properly learned. I've been teaching them. Maybe— maybe you could come out there and meet the kids, sit in on their lessons. Read to them as practice. They'd also love to see you show off with your ability. Almost all of them are Evolved. So they're suckers for displays of abilities."

Noriko watches a small tendril of water as it goes from the floor to the sink and she sips at her own cocoa, nodding her head a little to Gillian. "That sounds nice," Noriko murmers, before she smiles at the mention of showing off. "I don't really consider it showing off, I mean, now that the government has given me the green card to use it, I might as well make my life a little easier, especially in my home." She looks around and then says, "Feel free to take a seat on the blankets, I know its not much, but, havent' really had any company. Though, the cocoa reminds me of a girl i met once while walking. She spilled her cocoa and I put it back in her cup for her. She thought I manipulated chocolate." Noriko can't surpress the giggle that comes out of her at that, it was rather cute.

"Oh now that would be an ability," Gillian admits with a soft laugh, before moving to sit down. "I'm afraid I can't stay too long. I'm on a shopping trip, and decided to stop in and see how you were doing while I was in Manhattan— but the drive back to Staten takes so long it makes staying very long difficult." And she doesn't want to leave the kids longer than necessary. Not right now… "There's also some bad things happening where I work— Wild dogs. They…" She hesitates. "They attacked one of my kids. It might be good to have a few extra hands around right now, on top of helping you learn to read." And entertaining the kids.

Noriko's face pulls into a frown when she hears about the dog attack, and she says, "No, that is not good at all, I can see why you might want an extra pair of hands around. Do you want me to come with you? Don't exactly have a lot of things to pack, or for that matter a lot of things to lock up and make sure aren't stolen." SHe smirks a bit while moving to sit next to Gillian, a sip taken from her cup.

"If you want, sure. There… might be room in the car," Gillian says, rolling her eyes upward a bit as if trying to picture how she left it. Back seat is a no, trunk is a no— did she put bags in the passenger seat too? "I may have to move things around, and you'd have to be able to put whatever you pack in your lap. You also may have to stay for a day or two, but we have a lot of people staying right now. There's room left. May have to share a bed with a six year old, but— they're good kids."

"Aside from maybe a bag of clothes, not much for me to bring," Noriko says to Gillian with a smile before nodding her head and replying, "I don't mind sharing the bed with a six year old, as long as they don't wet it." Not that it /really/ means all that much to the hydrokinetic, that's an easy mess to clean up by her standards.

"One of the many things we've worked on with them is that. They don't wet the bed often anymore, you should be safe." Or so Gillian seems to hope. She shares a bed with some of those kids sometimes too! An extra hand will be good, especially since… she knows somewhere deep down, this one knows how to defend herself. As long as it's only against actual threats, like the dogs, it should be safe. She stands, while the hydrokinetic goes to pack, finishing off her cocoa with slow sips while she waits. Not what she'd intended to do while visiting, but— extra hands welcome in this difficult time.

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