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Scene Title Extraction
Synopsis Company comes to extract one of theirs.
Date August 4, 2009

Store'n'lock - Manhattan

To promote a real sense of being hunted and frankly, to make it seem more real, Len had been told to set people at all three hiding points. Only one would be the one that Minea ventured to. Communication done through various pieces of papers nad one way. No cellphone communication for Minea, not where certain Telepaths could hear her.

The files were numerous and so a van was pulled up outside a storage building, open layout. Cook volunteered to come with the former company agent so she could complete her part of the deal laid out. Afternoons were gonna get interesting.

"I'm hungry," Cook tells Minea with a frown. "You ain't got a cellphone on you, d'you, lass?"

Having confided in Agents Saywer and Varlane in the true nature of Agent Dahl's business with Phoenix, Senior Agent Denton has given them an explicit set of directions as far as the extraction of their former/current colleague from within that organization.

First, he wants the extraction to be witnessed by at least one member of the Phoenix organization or at least someone for an collaborate that Agent Dahl has been snatched. This is to look as if she's being taken against her will. They are to neutralize the spectator, but do no more harm than necessary to secure Agent Dahl.

They are intructed to treat Dahl as a hostile only until they have secured her and taken her from view of any other onlookers.

And finally, they are to secure any remaining documents that Agent Dahl may have on her possession or are stored. He reminded them that she is not the enemy, though for the benefit of her cover, they are to treat her as such until she's secured back at Fort Hero. Once they's returned to Hero, they are to place her in a cell until she's been debrief personally by Len.

Veronica has three guns on her today — a tranq gun, a gun with blanks, and a gun with real bullets just in case things go FUBAR as they are so often wont to do. Two are tucked in the halter, the tranq is out and aiming the moment the two come into view. She makes eye contact with Magnes to ensure he's seen them; the two are hiding behind a dumpster near the storage facility. "Wait til they unlock the unit," she mouths to the new agent, tapping her eyes to tell him to watch. They've already discussed the plan, now it's time to set it in motion.
"I'm hungry," Cook tells Minea with a frown. "You ain't got a cellphone on you, d'you, lass?"

"Not one that I can give you, but I got a spare one in one of the boxes in there" She'd learned about his appetite when she offered him a bottle of coke. Joy. Bastard eats everything. Good luck whomever gets sent to fetch her. Out of the van she gets, the first of three supposed stops. "You can eat the folding chair and table too, maybe the lamp, won't need them" Politely offered as she digs out her keys, flipping to the the right one and inserting it in the lock. It's undone easily and she ducks inside to punch the alarm on the system. Somewhere, they're out there. She's sure of it.

"Alright, but uh, I'm gonna wear this mask. I thought about it, and well, if my friends are really associated with Phoenix, and I have to keep my cover, a mask shouldn't do much to compromise the mission. Plus I'm wearing this awesome suit." Magnes went full Company formal for the mission, and pulls out a black spandex mask that one could easily see out of, but not quite into. He's brought two live guns, under his jacket, one with blanks holstered directly behind him, and has the tranq gun in his hand. "This might not have been the best time to bring it up."

"T'anks," Cook says. He wanders over to the chair. He doesn't really know much about this whole spy stuff, or undercover stuff. He just eats. So if someone gets in their way, well.

The crouched brunette just shakes her head with a smirk. Magnes is right, of course, it's a good idea to hide his identity if he plans on being friends with these people, but it's just the tone he uses she finds amusing. "Improvement," she adds with a wink. "Aha, we're open. Come on." She darts from the dumpster to the wall adjacent to the unit, still out of sight of the two "Phoenix" operatives. She pulls out the gun loaded with blanks, then steps out from the cover of the wall, leveling the tranq gun at Cook's back, the blank-loaded firearm at Minea's.

"Turn around slowly, and drop any weapons you have. We meet again, 'Agent' Dahl," Veronica says, letting the feigned sarcasm drip thickly. "You're surrounded, so play nice, kids."

Minea looks up, shock on her face, albiet slightly feigned. "Fuck" In the process of bending over to rifle through a box and move it towards the door. Only it's Veronica and.. someone else who's there. As the other guns come up, Minea's own guns are drawn, real bullets, not rubber. "Cook" She calls out to the guy who's looking at the chair like it's a sunday roast. "It's buffet time, get your plate out to eat" She instructs him before her free hand slaps the round button to bring the garage door up as opposed to the door they came in.

The black eyeless and mouthless mask is slipped on, and Magnes grabs the edge of the dumpster, dragging it into the air, then spins around a few times before releasing it, aiming for the truck. Of course the dumpster was just to scare, hence aiming for the truck and not an actual person. While Veronica has her blanks, he immediately fires a tranq at both Cook and Minea, hoping to take advantage of any reaction to the dumpster.

"He doesn't even think about. Veronica's order to 'turn around' has Cook spinning around and tossing the chair in his hands at her head before diving after it, straight at her ankles. Never has the term 'ankle biter' been more ominous.

Not quite what she meant by dropping the weapons, but hey, she'll roll with it. Vee crouches to avoid the chair, fires a tranq dart in the same moment, then flips backward to avoid Cook's launch toward her. "We're here for her — and the documents — stay out of this," she hisses to the young man.

Tranqs thunk against the concrete walls as Minea and Cook alternately dive away from the dumpster, and cook for Veronica's ankles. It's a close call but the former agent and the pheonix operative escape that attack. Minea fires off her own gun on the run, trying to find some source of cover.

Quickly taking cover behind the van, Magnes draws his blank gun from behind, peeking from the other side of the van to fire it at the two before taking cover again. Cover, remember cover, don't get shot again, Elle might poke the stitches…

Cook's not a novice to fighting. Veronica may have all the fancy foot-work, but when it comes down to fighting dirty? He's the champ. He even bites on demand. It's being so low on the ground that saves him from being skewered by the tranquilizer dart. She talks. He doesn't. For all that he looks human, his eyes slit like a dog's and his hands reach out as he launches himself at her again, maw opening wide.

Veronica has the feeling she doesn't want to wrangle with that one. She shoots off two more rounds of darts, one for his shoulder, and if it misses, one for his stomach, even as she moves backward, to stay out of his grasp. She stows the other gun quickly in its holster, then grabs the one loaded with bullets — just in case he doesn't go down and manages to grab her.

There's the sound of a Ford sedan all but laying rubber as it comes around the corner to this particular U-store-it. There is, however, neither the accompanying howl of sirens nor the carnival flash of a lightbar. The black car screeches to a halt, and Hugh does step out in the normal fashion. Rather, he flicks open the driver's side door and shelters behind it. "What's the situation?" he bellows, presuming that at least one of the agents on hand will recognize him.

"Fuck off Sawyer! I'm doing this!" She's hiding behind some of the boxes, her voice loud. "I'm bringing the fucking company down. Like the Primatech paper!" Up pops Minea to fire off a shot at Veronica, purposefully missing. "Go for her left Cook!" there's not particularly special about Vernica's left, and there's a hope that the woman will forgive her if an appendage doesn't quite make it out with her.

Suddenly Magnes comes flying from behind the van, rocketing at high speed towards Cook as he aims to grab an arm and drastically increase its weight to almost match a small boulder. He's trying to act quickly, knowing all about Cook and his eating. "Stay away from his mouth." he warns in his best impression of Christian Bale's Batman.

Cook misses Veronica again, but he manages to stumble to the side, avoiding the goddamn tranq darts. He /hates/ tranqs. Tranqs /suck/. And then Magnes is there; all superhero and superpowers. Cook's surprise from his arm weighing a hundred times what it's supposed to lasts very little before instinct takes over. His other arm grabs Magnes' shoulder, and he bites into the other young man's shoulder. His arm might be heavy light a boulder, but magnes is going to have one less arm to lift after this fight is done.

"Taking in Agent Dahl and shooting this fucker," Veronica shouts to Hugh as she aims for his back with the tranq gun, now that he's distracted with the mauling and mawing of poor Magnes' shoulder. Angry that he'd dare try to bite her, she then aims with the real gun, and shoots at his calf. "Dahl, give it up," she shouts, turning to shoot another dart gun in the woman's direction — it misses of course. "Come on, Minea, you know it's better if you turn yourself in." She darts to the edge of the unit.

"Who invited Mighty Mouse to the party?" Hugh bellows, as Magnes comes swooping in. Now that it's clear no one's aiming at him specifically, he heads for the sound of Veronica's voice at a run, real gun with real bullets already drawn.

"My arm!" Magnes exclaims, suddenly pulling back as he tries to hold his arm up, barely dangling by a bone. He yells, for a while, the pain almost unbearable as the seconds count down. He only has about thirty seconds until Cook's arm is normal again, but he can't seem to fight through the pain so he can do anything about it, focusing on trying to stop himself from suddenly bleeding to death.

'yeha, i'm sure it's all cake and ice cream for traitors with the COMPANY SAWYER!" Minea feels and hears the dart whistle close and fires off a shot when she darts from behind the boxes and towards the open gaping garage door. Destination? To Hugh, unknowingly.

Fortunately for Magnes, those thirty seconds buy Veronica enough time to get a good shot in. Tranqs are effective against Cook because they don't have to pass through his digestive system. Thunk. With Magnes' mangled arm in his mouth, Cook falls unconscious.

Just in case Cook is still awake, Veronica swaps out guns again, and shoots at Minea with the blank, tagging her arm — that way Minea can choose to act injured, if she wishes, and wrap this up quickly. "Get her, I'm helping the kid," she shouts to Hugh, and backtracks to Magnes. She rips off her lightweight jacket, usually worn to keep her guns under-cover, and wraps it around his arm to stop the bleeding. "Goddamn it, why are you always bleeding on me?" she demands, more to keep him with her. "Focus on me, keep your eyes open. You'll be okay." She pulls out her cell phone to dial for the clean-up crew and medical unit, pretty please, with a healer on top!

And Hugh steps around the corner, pistol in hand. "Freeze," he says, simply, still pitching his voice to carry.

"I quit." is the first thing out of Magnes' mouth, in the midst of his pain, grinding his teeth. "I don't care what happens, I just quit!" he yells this time, having gotten shot and now mauled in the two fights he's been in recently. So logically the next thing is death.

There's no need to dial a number, not with who she's wanting to let a message get through to. The green send button on her phone hit to activate the airwaves. "Wireless! Ambushed! Cook's do- " Fuck, Veronica shot her but with what? Not a tranq, Minea comes skidding to a halt as Hugh then is in her face, not literally, and with a gun pointed up. "Fuck you Wickham" And her own gun is firing off, aiming for a thigh, legs, a fleshwound and the phone falls from her hand to land on the floor.

Cook lies there, unconscious, bleeding out his calf. He's dreaming of cellphones, though. Mmm, wiry, coppery, plasticky delicious cellphones.

"Fuck, she's alerted them, we need to get out now," Veronica says into the phone, giving a rendezvous point for the medics to meet them, "Scrap the clean up crew," Veronica adds. "Come on, Magnes. We need to make it to the car. Can you make yourself light for me, and I can get you there?" she asks, standing and pushing him up by the small of his back, so not to tug on his arm. Glancing to Hugh, she says, "You take Dahl in the back seat, I'll drive with Magnes in the front?" The car Magnes and she came in is two blocks away, too far to walk. "Tranq the traitor bitch if she gives you any mouth."

Mutual assured destruction. Hugh takes one in the leg, just as he fires in turn. "Fuck," he says, in a furious voice. "I'm down," And indeed he is - though it just hit the muscle of the thigh, rather than shattered a bone.

"Just get Minea!" Magnes commands, suddenly grabbing his arm and rocketing down the street. He seems intent on going to the medics himself, not willing to wait on a slow car ride. "Damnit, it hurts…"

Minea jerks as the same happens, bullet biting into her shoulder. God damned shoulder wounds. Minea screams out, rushing forward, charging at Hugh with the butt of her gun. "Not fucking going back! I'm bringing you all down!"

From afar, Hugh winces. You might want to reconsider. He'd be shooting at her with a pistol at point blank range.
Cook would totally believe all the superlative acting going on. If he were awake.

"Fuck…" Veronica growls, blood all over her hands from trying to staunch the bleeding of Magnes' shoulder. She turns and aims the tranq gun at Minea, aiming for her shoulder. Time to get the hell out of dodge.

And Hugh apparently hasn't been informed that it's acting. He's not acting like it. He fires, though there's a curious lack of real aim there. Like he doesn't want to kill her. Real reluctance or feigned, she's up on him before he can react properly. Blame it on the bullet wound, perhaps. But she whacks him firmly on the temple, and Hugh crumples.

Gun strikes temple, and down the real agent goes as the tranqs sink into Minea's back. A slurr'd "fuck" as she crumples down on top of him, her own gun falling to the side with a skitter of metal on concrete. Oblivion taking her, and company soon to get back a supposedly wayward operative.

"Goddamnit," Veronica swears again, and heads to lug Minea into Hugh's sedan, stuffing her into the back seat. She glances at Cook now and then to make sure he's not moving, that he's sleeping like a bleeding baby. "Bitch." She kicks the door shut. Next she goes back for Hugh, who's heavier and more awkward. "Oof." She stumbles a little while dragging him. It's harder to get him in, as she has to try to get him in a sitting position in the front seat. "Bastard." One more glance to Cook before she grabs one box of documents, then pulls out a lighter and lights the corner of a box in the unit. Too bad there's nothing flammable, but the clock's ticking. She puts the one box in the backseat with Minea, hops in the car. Thankfully, the keys are still in it. On to the rendezvous point, with her carpool full of comatose agents.

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