Extrajudicial II


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Scene Title Extrajudicial II
Synopsis Deputy Director Choi drops a dangerous report on Director Kenner's desk.
Date October 17, 2018

Fort Jay

"Well, that's why we sent you out there, isn't it?"

The clock on the wall reads 7:17 — am, but that's not clear from just big and little hands — and it's already been a long day for Director Kenner.

Seated behind his desk, cord phone tucked between chin and shoulder, he addresses the concerns of a field agent on the other end of the line while tearing open small packets of sugar to mix into his steaming cup of regretfully instant coffee. "Well, I understand that. But you and Russo are two of my top agents. The work you're doing is important and…" Kenner closes his eyes and sets the empty sugar packets down beside his coffee cup. "Look, Agent Lin, it's being handled. I understand your concerns and I know you didn't want to be removed from that case, but it's— " Kenner sighs, then picks up his coffee and takes a tentative sip at it, followed by a nose-rankled grimace. "Christ." Then a wince. "Oh, no… not you my coffee's— right. Right. Well, I'm glad you called. I know your heart is in the Safe Zone."

A knock on Kenner's door draws his attention up from his coffee, and when Deputy Director Choi steps in a polite moment later with a file in her hand, Kenner knows he's found a way off the phone. "Bowie? I'm going to have to let you go, I have a meeting. Okay, give Russo my best, and good luck out there." Unable to help from eavesdropping, Choi slips in and shuts the door behind herself, then sidles up into one of the two chairs opposite of Kenner at his desk. She lays the file down, then waits for Kenner to hang up before butting in.

"Special Agent Lin having buyer's remorse on that promotion?" Choi asks with a wry smile, and Kenner cracks one in return and laughs.

"Something like that." Kenner sinks back into his chair, nursing his coffee in the hopes that it will mature up into something palatable. "He heard about the development in the rat case, wanted to call and follow up, make sure he hadn't left anything out of his case transfer to Bluthner." Choi nods, scooting her chair closer to her side of Kenner's desk. "Good heart, long winded." That out of the way, Kenner looks at the file. "What've you got for me?"

Choi hesitates, then opens the file and slides a document across the desk to Kenner. "Two things. First, Agent Quinn has requested a one month leave from her assignment with Wolfhound. It's not in the file, but I know she's been sniffing around some leads regarding the Institute." Choi takes in a deep breath and exhales a prolonged sigh at that. All Kenner does is stare at her, because literally none of this is something he handles.

"Then, in the same goddamn breath, she handed me this." Choi says as she flips the cover sheet off to reveal a formal report signed by Robyn Quinn. "Apparently Wolfhound left out details from their report on the assault on Fort Irwin. Agent Quinn is claiming that both Adel Lane and Berlin Beckett came to her with concerns that Secretary Lazzaro carried out an extrajudicial execution after Georgia surrendered."

That, however, is Kenner's business.

Taking the report in hand, Kenner looks over the top of it at Choi. "No one has seen this but you or I, and Quinn understands the delicate nature of the situation," Choi clarifies as Kenner looks back to the report and continues to read it. Choi remains silent during that time, nervously settling back into her chair with hands folded in her lap. It isn't often that Kenner's mild demeanor takes on something more stoic, and it always precedes a tempestuous period. Choi's known him long enough to recognize that patterns, the triggers.

"Alright," Kenner says as he lays the report flat on his desk. "Give Quinn the leave she requested," he instructs even though he doesn't need to. It makes it feel more like a directive than a suggestion, "and you leave this for me. I'll kick it up the chain in Kansas City, but consider this the end of your involvement in that line of inquiry."

Choi nods, recognizing that she's treaded into dangerous waters. "Understood," she affirms on rising from her seat. "That was all I had," comes hesitantly afterward as she picks up Robyn's leave request and slides it back into her folio, "unless you had anything else?"

Kenner shakes his head slowly, looking at the report. Choi just nods, silently, and shows herself out of his office.

For a while, Director Kenner sits at his desk, hands folded in front of his mouth and coffee going cold on his desk with brows furrowed and eyes locked on the paperwork Choi left behind.When the clock on the wall reads 7:34, Kenner leans forward and picks up the report, then swivels in his chair to a small office station behind him with a printer and a boxed paper ream. Beside it is a small paper shredder attached to a waste basket.

He files Robyn's report into the shredder.

No calls will be made.

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