Extreme Benevolence And Hatred


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Scene Title Extreme Benevolence And Hatred
Synopsis Abby comes by to give some information to Niki, but it's Jessica who answers the door.
Date July 5, 2009

The Apartment of Niki Sanders

Abigail didn't know whether Jessica was home or not. She hadn't heard noises from the one side of the wall and so, thinking on what Elisabeth had told her and knowing that she had the contact information for one of linderman's men, Abby had scribbled out a note and was in the process of kneeling down, sliding an envelope under Niki's front door. She really honestly doesn't expect anyone to be home after she'd come back from church.

Jessica was packing a few things into a backpack. She's about to go rough up a few Linderman folk, and with any luck whatsoever, Linderman himself. She doesn't expect to find him yet, but she's going to leave him a token of her visit. She hears someone prowling about outside her door and slips over to take a listen before she jerks the door open rather quickly to find Abby about to slip something under her door.

Oh. well. Abbys' caught red handed, crouched down, looking up, fingertips in the process of sliding the envelope under. Not so much anymore. "Uh.. Hi" Her skirts from the sunday best grazing the floor. "I was leaving.. Niki something…" The envelope even says Niki's name on it.

Jessica looks down at the crouched woman in her Sunday best and smirks. "You can give it to me. What is it?" she asks, extending her hand for the note. She also steps away from the door, as if offering Abby a chance to come inside. "You can always knock. I realize it's a rather novel approach when you want to give someone a message, but someone could actually be home."

'I didn't hear anyone" She's looking better, rest, food, being taken care of helps. "So I thought I'd slip it here, it's uhh. Don't beat him up. please. But it's the number for a man from the Linderman group that i'm acquainted with. I'd really like it if he remained intact, with all his bones not broken?"

Jessica doesn't exactly grab the number, but her fingers touch it lightly before she attempts to pluck it from Abby's grasp. "Just an acquaintence, but I'm supposed to keep him intact? The Linderman Group is responsible for keeping Micah away from Niki, and I'm supposed to not lay a hand on him? Her son died without his mother. Your benevolence is astounding, Abby. If he gives me what I want, I promise not to hurt him. If he doesn't.. well, so sorry for him."

There's a good firm grip on the envelope, Jessica's not getting that envelope so fast. "Yeah… yeah, i've heard that before. Give me what I want or else, do what I want or else. I've experienced, first hand you 'or else'" Nope, envelope is yanked back, held tight. "I'll call him instead. I'll get him to arrange a meeting with Linderman then. I'd rather not have you kill the one man who might have a chance of getting Tyler Case so that Deckard can have his gift back.

The envelope is pulled back and Jessica narrows her eyes at Abby. "I don't give a god damn about Tylar whosits or Deckard. You want Niki back? The only way she's going to be 'okay' enough to come back is if I take care of this once and for all. Linderman has been a pain in all of our asses for long enough. Time for him to pay for Micah's death and every other pain he's caused us. And I'm going to make sure he does. Now, it makes no difference to me if I get that number or not. I can walk over there and tear that place down brick by brick, if that's what it takes."
She hates Jessica. She really does. Abby stands at the door, looking at the woman before she turns away with a flare of nostrils. "Don't get Niki killed Jessica, or you'll be sorry" Nope, no number for Jessica, not since she just stated she could get there on her own.

Hated or not, Jessica has just about had enough of Abby and her 'holier than thou' attitude. "If you're not here to help Niki, Abby.." she finishes the sentence by slamming the door in the woman's face.

Side of Abby's face. She wants to help Niki, but not at the cost of Jessica. "Go to hell, Jessica." is murmured as she heads to her own apartment and slips in.

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