Extreme Makeover Magnes Edition


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Scene Title Extreme Makeover Magnes Edition
Synopsis Isabelle takes Magnes shopping for a new wardrobbe. Various topics come up. (Being a virgin and having a crush on a certain nun in a bar).
Date December 26, 2008


Early in the night, Magnes wears his skates and clear contact lenses, no glasses today, but they're still in his hands, suggesting that he just made the switch. He's waiting for her on a cold Brooklyn street full of stores, but there aren't many people out, most of them having done their shopping during the day, or still resting from Christmas.

He's wearing his red Robin hoody with the yellow R on the chest, standing in front of the now-closed eye doctor waiting for her.

A hand taps Magnes from behind and Izzy grins as she comes to face him, "Nice contacts." She comments and grins widely, "Now to the clothes." Isabelle is Extreme Makeover Magnes Edition mode! Wearing a black tank top and tight black jeans, shouldn't she be freezing right now? She puts a hand on her hip and looks up and down the street at the many different stores.

Magnes jumps and rolls forward in surprise, then turns around panting. "Oh, thanks, they're kinda weird, I like my glasses more." He looks down at her tanktop, and then quickly averts his eyes with red cheeks. "Um, I think we have like three hours, before the stores close, but they might be open longer, I think it's black friday or something…"

The bartender does notice Magnes' stare at her and she winks at him and ruffles his hair. "Perfect, plenty of time." Isa grabs Magnes' hand and pulls him forward towards the first store. "How ya been?" she asks as they enter an all men's clothing store. Many jeans and t-shirts are hung up around on the racks. Light music plays over some speakers in the store.

"I've been alright, but my friend, a really religious girl who's um, like me, she got attacked." Magnes says with slight distress, looking around the store, possibly to find something that looks… well… like something he would wear. "I got her a present, and I may be doing some charity things. Oh, and I even met the son of the guy who wrote that Activating Evolution book!"

"Wait a minute, are you talking about ABBY?!" her eyes grow bright with rage and it looks like the woman is going to growl. "When was this? Is she ok?" There is only /one/ very religious girl that is Evolved. "The son of Dr. Suresh?" Information OVERLOAD.

"Yeah, not too loud…" Magnes suggests, since you never know who might be listening. He keeps his voice low. "It was Christmas Eve I think, some guy tried to cut her skull off with his mind and steal her ability. Dr. Suresh's son was there at the Nite Owl helping her when I walked in, but she's fine now, I hope."

It takes all of Isabelle's willpower to not burst into flames as she tries to calm herself to finish the assignment that is presently in front of her. "I'll go see about her after this." She grinds out of her teeth and then closes her eyes for a moment before nodding her head, "Ok let's get you made over."

"I'm gonna catch the guy somehow, one day, only a monster could hurt Abby." Magnes says as if this is a universal truth, still looking at things. "None of these shirts have comic stuff or 90s cartoon characters or anything, how am I supposed to know what's good?"

"Hold your horses Mags, you are gonna need backup of course." Isa nods and winks at the younger man and then picks out a black tee shirt with a eagle design on it. "Alright, try this one. And this one too." Isa grabs a pair of denim jeans and hands them to Magnes also. "That's the point Magnes, remember. You aren't a little kid anymore, especially if you are daydreaming of avenging a friend."

"But I don't wanna be a boring adult either." Magnes points out as he takes the clothes and goes to the dressing room, beginning to undress behind the curtains. "These clothes are so boring." he says as he begins to change.

"Clearly this isn't going to work." She mutters and opens the curtain to walk in and lean against the wall, while Magnes is in mid dress. "Ok, looks like we need to compromise. You can wear the clothes you have. But, you have to at least /try/ the new clothes that I pick out for you and I'm sure if we look we can find something that you like here, hm?" Iz doesn't think much about how Magnes would feel about her just in dressing room while he isn't even fully dressed.

Magnes is pulling his jeans up, wearing Batman symbol boxers with no shirt on. He covers his chest for whatever reason while holding his pants up, backing up and yelping in surprise. "B-but you can't be in here! I don't have a shirt on, and my pants, oh god oh god oh god…" He seems to freak out at her presence, turning around and quickly trying to button up.

"Oh please, I have seen many of those to not be freaked out by yours." Indicating below his waist. Isabelle takes a closer look at Magnes' body, "Not bad, not bad at all. Anyway, back to what I was saying. Compromise, what do you say?"

"Seen many of… oh god I don't wanna know that!" Magnes sighs an exasperated sigh, getting his pants done up and turning around to her. "Alright, um, I can try and compromise. Maybe like, wear one of these boring shirts, but with like… a Bat symbol necklace or something?"

Isabelle chuckles and nods, "Ok that sounds fair." She says simply and then her eyes begin to wander Magnes' body, not trying to hide it at all.

"Come on, stop looking…" Magnes is clearly embarrassed, then starts putting the eagle shirt on. His perception of his body obviously didn't change /with/ his body, so he's yet to gain any confidence in it. "I'm not used to just changing in front of girls, I mean, it's just, embarrassing."

"Why? Your body is /hot/." Isabelle admits and then she comes to a realization. "You're a virgin!" Izzy grins and nods to herself.

Amadeus freezes with his head halfway through the neck of his shirt, his eyes completely shocked. "I, uh, you're too loud!" he scolds, pulling his head the rest of the way through when he manages a straight face. "We should focus on the clothes now…"

"That's why you aren't confident, you have to lose that V-card." Is says in a quieter voice. "Don't you know anyone that you want to do it with?" She puts her hands on her hips.

Magnes tries to keep a straight face, sitting on the wooden bench to strap his skates up. "Of course I do, but I can't just /tell/ you that kind of stuff, and just because I wanna do it doesn't mean I should just go and do it with any random girl ya know."
"Ok fair enough. I'll just stay focused on the clothes bit, cool?" Isabelle exits the dressing room and turns back to look at Magnes, "Looks good, how about you pick some stuff? Because it would be really /boring/ if I picked /everything/."

"Alright, sorry, I don't mean to sound lame or anything…" Magnes nods, changing back to his regular shirt, then going out of the room to look for more things. He picks up a shirt with various psuedo anime designs on it, then holds it up with a bright smile. "How about this?"
Isabelle smiles at that shirt. "That's cool too. I like the designs on it." She browses the other sections calls out, "How's delivering pizzas?"

"It's fine, but I'm out of money after Abby's present, and I still haven't been able to give it to her." Magnes walks closer to Isabelle, but not /too/ close, then he asks, "Um, this is a stupid question, and I'm probably gonna regret asking later, but in the dressing room, were you uh… offering?"

"I'm paying for the clothes that you get here." Isabelle tells him and when he asks his question she grins widely. "Maybe, are you accepting?" Her eyebrows raise and she tilts her head to study Magnes.

"N-no! I mean, I want to, but I barely know you. And I kinda like this girl, I mean, no wait, I don't like any girl! Hey, what's that?" Magnes suddenly subject changes, walking over to the wall and looks over various chains hanging up on little hooks.

"Don't worry about it. I wouldn't be the wisest choice for your first time." Isa winks and then trails after Magnes to lean against one of the clothes racks. "You don't like girls?? Isabelle's expression is a amused one.

"No, I like girls! I just mean, I don't like one right now, Abby's too religious anyway, I don't think she'd like a guy like me, I'm not strict at all." Magnes randomly brings up Abby as he goes through the chains, trying to find one that he likes. "And she probably thinks I'm silly for saying I wanna be a superhero."

"Sounds like someone has a hard-on for the nun." Isabelle teases and watches as Magnes picks out a chain. "You should tell her how you feel, what do you have to lose

"N-no way! I can't do that, I bet she doesn't even like guys that way! She'd probably be offended." Magnes actually manages to find an Earth symbol chain, plain silver color. He looks it over, then looks to her for approval.
"Fine, whatever you say. I bet she would be flattered." Isa nods to the earth chain and smiles.

"Really?" Magnes asks as he starts to look pants over, trying to keep track of where everything is in the store in case he wants to go back. "But she seems really strict, like, I don't know, she's from the South, you know?"
"Well don't you want someone that doesn't just try to throw it all on you the first time you meet?" Isabelle inquires and grabs a pair of jeans for Magnes from the rack. "Her morals are just a bit stronger that's all."

"Well no I don't want that, I just don't know how strict she is, I mean, for all I know she'll get offended if I compliment her legs or something." Magnes elaborates, starting to stack everything on the counter, but he puts the chain a few inches away from the clothes. "And did you just insult yourself…?"
"I really don't think she would and that settles it. Abby will have to be the girl you flirt with at my bar one night." Isabelle grins and puts the jeans ontop of the counter. She pays for them and waits for them to be bagged and she shrugs. "I don't think I did, Abby is just on the morally 'white' side while I'm more morallthat settles it. Abby will have to be the girl you flirt with at my bar one night." Isabelle grins and puts the jeans ontop of the counter. She pays for them and waits for them to be bagged and she shrugs. "I don't think I did, Abby is just on the morally 'white' side while I'm more morally gray, got me?"

"Yeah, I think I get it. And, flirt with Abby, that's so weird. She seems so innocent, but intimidating at the same time. Well, all girls are super intimidating, but some more than others." Magnes rolls back out of the way so Isabelle can pay for things. "I'll pay you back for this stuff."

"Don't worry about it." The woman assures Magnes and hands him the bag. We are only as intimidating as you let us be. Remember that." The bartender reaches over and ruffles his hair a bit. "I'll b in touch soon, kay?"

"Alright, thanks, just, um… thanks for helping so much." Magnes says, taking the bag and nodding his head. "I'll even treat you to pizza or something! I'll bring it to the bar when um, I have to flirt with Abby…"

"Sounds great! See ya later G-man." Isabelle gives Magnes another grin before she goes her separate way from him, most likely to Old Lucy's to her apartment upstairs from there.

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