Eye of Longinus



Scene Title Eye of Longinus
Synopsis Dr. Cornish begins his experiments with Magnes' gravitational senses.
Date June 2, 2012

Nevis Laboratories

Nevis Particle Physics Research Center

In a world where SLC-E abilities are incorporated into research across multiple fields, it's not uncommon to have a room for scanning brainwaves, and a neuroscience expert coming out to, say, a particle physics research center, just like this one.

Sitting in a comfortable chair in a large, relatively but not completely sterile lab, Magnes is in semi-casual attire, plus an unbuttoned white lab coat. He has a little red cap covered in electronic nodes all over his head, with wires running to the computers and various machines meant to collect data.

Around his eyes is a black blindfold, meant to block out every ounce of light possible.

Doctor Cornish, a late thirties, suave looking black man, stands with his arms folded, staring at some data on a screen nearby. Two neuroscientists are messing with the equipment, asking him questions.

"We're ready, sir." one of the neuroscientists confirms, activating the cap around Magnes' head.

"Parker." Cornish says, walking over to a table of various objects, then lifts a heavy steel sphere, about the size of a softball. Then he holds it up and stares at Magnes with an inquisitive crease of his brow. "Tell me what you sense right now."

"Uhh…" Magnes tightens his grip on the chair, considering, sensing. A lot of his gravitational senses are background noise, usually. He simply senses too much to take every little thing into account, since that night in November. He has to focus, dig through the noise, and hone in on something to identify what it is he's feeling.

By default, he feels Dr. Cornish, the weight of his body, his organs moving, the way that his flesh and muscle hang from his bones. But then he feels the ball, it's pushing down against his hand, it feels like a part of the man, even though it isn't, he's just holding it. "It's some kind of…" he squints, the shape isn't particularly complex, it's very uniform, the weight is evenly distributed throughout. "It's a very heavy sphere."

"Can you tell me what it's made of?" Cornish wonders.

"No, there's no way to really know, it just feels like a heavy sphere. It's hard, not squishy or anything." Magnes answers, though he's trying his best to tell.

Cornish considers this, staring at the same screen as one of the neuroscientists. The data doesn't make nearly as much sense to him, but he's done his fair share of research to get the jist of the basics. "Can you tell me anything about the texture?"

"Uhh… no, no, I can't really tell anything about the texture. I just know that it's hard, it's solid, but I have no way to tell what texture it is." he frowns, as he's never put this much thought into his senses. But his senses have only recently been expanded to the degree that they are.

"That's fine." Cornish reassures, then he rolls a small table forward, with two small makeshift red lasers aimed perfectly at each other. This is placed directly in front of Magnes. "You can sense that table in front of you, correct?"

"Yes." Magnes confirms.

"I want you to tell me what you sense on top of the table." Cornish instructs, then steps back, crossing his arms again. The neuroscientists continue to collect data, occasionally making a sound when they find something interesting.

With no idea of what was going to be put in front of him, Magnes has a hard time with this… describing things as they feel to his gravity. "Two small things, they're parallel to each other. Hard. I think they're cylinders because of the way the weight distributes?"

"Anything else?" Cornish asks.

"Umm… I don't think so?" Magnes sounds confused, squinting at the table that he can't see.

"I want you to try really hard, block everything else out of your senses, focus on top of the table. You said how you sense a lot of white noise, so I want you to let that white noise in, all of the white noise on top of the table." Cornish tries to guide him, and then just waits.

Magnes isn't sure how he should do this, but he tries. He tries to ignore everything around him, tries to concentrate, to meditate his mind and focus. "I don't know how to describe it. I can't really tell you. It's like trying to describe a color… I don't know what to compare it to. I'm not sure what I'm sensing."

"Okay. That's fine. Do you have the data?" he asks the neuroscientists.

"We've got it. There's a lot of interesting stuff here, we might be picking this apart for a while." one older woman says, before she moves over to Magnes to start removing his cap.

"Well, Parker. If we can use your ability to prove superstring theory somehow, we're all getting Nobel Prizes and wine." Cornish promises, because of course he's excited.

"I'm not sure if I can do all of that, but I'm here to help." Magnes smiles as his blindfold is removed. He doesn't particularly like the idea of getting famous in a place where he's trying to stay lowkey, but he'll just have to take this one step at a time. "We still have to figure out if I can even sense gravitons, or if I'm sensing something else."

"We'll know eventually, Parker." Cornish is sure, he's confident. An ability that, when trained, might be able to greatly aid in the use of a particle accelerator. That's the plan, that's his plan. "For now, go grab lunch. I need time to discuss this data."

"Thanks, Cornish! I can't wait to hear if we discovered anything interesting." And with that, Magnes gets up, stretches, then heads out the door.

Cornish is left with the neuroscientists, one hand over his mouth. "I hope that you two are aware that I fully intend to hook his brain up to a particle accelerator, and I'm going to need your help to do that."

The both nod, and the male of the two laughs a little. "This is how Half-Life starts."

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