Eyes Of Sun And Moon



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Scene Title Eyes of Sun and Moon
Synopsis Barbara has a nightmare.
Date November 30, 2011

"高天原" The name shakes darkness into light. A scream, a roar, and a sudden inhalation of breath.

A man lays in a field, surrounded by blood. Tall grass all around him, each blade streaked red. He gasps, wetly, pushes up to sit and looks and the holes in his clothes. Blood stains his body, gray and brown fabric is torn to ribbons. Fingertips touch bare skin.

He is alive.

Overhead, the 日 is eclipsed by the 月.

A ring of fire around a circle of black is an open eye. Gold ringing a black iris, gold glowing. One tanned hand reaches out an grasps his throat. Torches burn in the cave. "S-Sore wa— a— anatadesu! A-anata wa— ikite imasu!" He chokes out the words, the hand chokes him. A face leans in, hidden by dark hair. A smile; desiring, toying. His, pained.

"Naze watashi wa…" That smile grows, the hand around his neck tightens. "Shinu koto ga…" One dark brow raises. "Dekiru to omoimasu ka?" He is lifted up by that single, slender arm. Gold nails press into his skin, draw blood. Droplets float up, not down.

"Watashi wa anata o tsukutta." They With Eyes of Sun and Moon proclaims, piercing gold nails into pale skin. "Anata wa… watashi no monodesu." He can't breathe, can't scream. The thin, tan arm glistens with sweat. They With Eyes of Sun and Moon leans in, dark hair by fair hair. Lips nearly touching.

"Kensei," They With Eyes of Sun and Moon whisper, lips moving to his ear. English, now.

Just once.

"Tell me a story."

Before Barbara wakes up screaming.

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