F'ing Paulson


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Scene Title F'ing Paulson
Synopsis After being surprised by the man who she's told killed her father, Veronica confronts Len about whether he knew he was there.
Date September 7, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Agent Sawyer is not usually at Fort Hero unless she's been called in by Len, and she's certainly not usually here this early in the morning, when the first batch of coffee is just finishing its final drip from the basket of grounds into the waiting pot. So it is probably a surprise for the senior agent when Veronica knocks abruptly on his desk when the clock's minute hand is just a twitch away from the 12 and the hour hand points toward 9. Her face is pale, her jaw is set. As soon as he looks up, without waiting for a 'good morning' or a 'come in,' she demands, "Did you know he was here?"

"If you're talking about David Cassidy, that concert was supposed to be confidential and a surprise for employees of our organization. Who told you, so I can string them up?" Len doesn't look up as he is typing a few things. He has a tank top on still, though it's a blue one instead of a black one from the previous day, as he's still letting his tattoo heal up on his arm, unbeknownst to him, he really didn't need to. He finally looks up at her and he can tell she's mad. Mad about something. "What is it?"

David Cassidy? She's just a little too young for that name to mean anything. She shakes her head, her brows furrowed, giving her that surprisingly vulnerable look that just doesn't quite gel with her usual confidence. "Paulson," she says, husky voice a touch huskier than usual, and she lets it rest at that. If he knows what she's talking about, she'll see the guilt immediately on his face.

If Paulson is walking around on Fort Hero, it's news to Len and his expression says as much. "I didn't know. I'd have send you away sooner, if I had." The last thing they need on Fort Hero is bloodshed. He almost goes into a speech about not seeking vengeance, but he's the last person to talk about such things, at least for the time being. "You decide to do something crazy, you should come see me first. I won't try and stop you, but I will try and talk you out of it."

"He's Martin Crowley's fucking partner, Len," Veronica says bluntly. She doesn't usually swear to Len, and she rarely calls him anything but Boss — "Sir" and "Denton" seem too formal for the cowboy-hat wearing agent. "I got called in to tell Crowley whatever little thing I have against the Company, he's on a witch hunt for something, I don't know what. And he knew. He knew what Paulson was and is, and that it might be a problem with him being here and he didn't warn me or anything. Paulson knew too. Looked like someone had slapped him in the face." She hasn't come in any further to the room, though she does glance over her shoulder to be sure the two men she speaks of aren't in earshot.

"Martin who?" Len has been a little preoccupied as of late on his dwarf hunt. The internal investigators have not yet made his radar. They've surely not asked to speak with him yet. It take a moment before the light goes on. Wait. There was a memo or something. "Oh. The IA guys. Yeah, I wasn't aware that Paulson was part of that team. You coming in or going to stand out in the hall airing your business?" he finally asks watching her stand in the doorway.

Veronica sighs and pushes off the door frame, pulling the door shut behind her. Of course that might raise some eyebrows, as Len has his open door policy, but then, who the hell is here this early in the morning? She moves to the chair in front of him, slipping into it. Her eyes are narrowed, somehow darker, sparkier than their usual limpid bourbon brown. "Right. Me neither. And get this, he looks like he's maybe 30, 32 tops. And Crowley's all talking about making a better, happier, less … I forget the word, reprehensible maybe, sort of Company, while wandering around with Paulson as his partner." Her cheeks are no longer pale, but a heated pink. "He wanted to know if I blame the leaders of this Company for Marks' death, for Adam getting out. I don't know, Adam got out before I worked here. Oh, I'm not supposed to talk about Paulson because it's a higher clearance than I'm allowed, so you know. Mum's the word, I didn't say shit about it." So much for professionalism, despite the very nice chocolate-brown trouser pants and blazer and pale blue blouse she wears, apparently for her meeting with Crowley.

"You said something?" Len asks, letting her know that he's not going to say anything to anyone. It's the first he's really heard of what's going on, and he wants her to feel secure that she can come to him about this sort of thing if she needs to. "I do need you to do those interviews, but if there's something else you think you need to do." Not that Len would sanction any sort of retribution..

"No. I'm booked for a flight first thing tomorrow for Seattle. It's good timing, really," Veronica says coolly. "Martin's a real charmer. Called me a golden retriever. So you know, I better go play fetch since it's what I've been told to do, and I'm a good little pet, right?" Apparently, Veronica's tired of wearing her masks and for once is showing her true feelings to Len. "So what, I'm just trying to find out if they had any indication of it being Monroe or see if there's anyone else it could possibly have been?"

"I would suggest not going in with any preconceived notions about what it could be and ask whatever questions you think relevant to find out what's behind it." Len says. "Really, just do what you do best. Investigate and find the answers. Don't form your questions to get a particular answer. Let's just see where it gets you. The two murders could be unrelated, so we don't want to spoil it by anticipating the answer up front."

"Got it." Veronica stands and heads to the doorway, then glances back. "I don't know who they're after. They seem to be after the big wigs. But watch your back," she warns Len. She likes Len and trusts him, despite the momentary doubts that he failed to warn her, protect her, against this new enemy. "I'll be in touch on my trip."

If he had known, he'd have told her. There are times when it's important to keep things, such as when Minea Dahl went undercover in Phoenix, but this isn't one of those times. He doesn't need his agents sidetracked by things like this, nor does he need them questioning his integrity. Len gives her a smile, heartfelt and genuine, "Be safe out there. And keep me posted." It's a form of dismissal, if she has nothing else.

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