FAA Press Release


At approximately 6:45PM Flight 962 declared an emergency, and shortly afterward made an emergency landing on Anticosti island. The Pilot and two passengers were unharmed. A STRELA 2 missile fired from the ground struck the Twin Otter's right engine, and caused an immediate failure of that engine. The engine later separated from the airframe, and partially removed a large portion of that wing. The flight data recorded a catastrophic loss of flight control, and the aircraft immediately began an uncontrolled rotation.

Aircraft control was partially regained, and an attempted climb out initiated until an engine failure due to oil starvation. The aircraft then descended rapidly, and hit the ground. The airframe is listed as destroyed, and has been recovered for reconstruction. Shortly after the crash, individuals whom identified themselves as members of Humanis First attacked the survivors. The pilot, retrieved a rifle and pistol which were carried in a locked compartment and returned fire. One passenger was struck in the firefight, but listed as in stable condition.

NABB-447 was first registered by PRC Aviation, and was listed as the only Twin Otter certified to operate with retractable landing gear. It featured extensive modifications to increase its short field performance and durability. These modifications are considered a major contributing factor in the outcome of this crash. Pending the final determination of the FAA, a large portion of the recovered airframe will be donated to the Bush Pilot museum in Anchorage Alaska.

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