Faces Passing By



Scene Title Faces Passing By
Synopsis Tibby comes Home.
Date May 4, 2019

Park Slope

Critters sound and an owl hoots in the forest neighborhood known as Park Slope, the night sky was clear allowing the bright moon overhead to shine down not always blaring its light past the thick treetops.

In one of these trees, among the branches laying out in lazy fashion is Tibby. Her face turned upwards soaking in the moonlight. She exhales, blowing out a white plume of smoke. Her cigarette lays idly in her fingers. The orange glow of the embers the only source of light besides the moon. The pills had kicked in a little bit ago, the intense pain in her head dialed back to a dull ache though she still feels pain of another kind.

This place, this neighborhood called to her. The woman known as Tibby had lived here, she had two cats. She had many cats. The South African woman's lip curls as she thinks on that. Cats. The thought makes her lift her head and shake it, climbing to a perch with her cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She squints past the distraction in her eyesight, it was always there. Blinking at her.

Slowly the woman climbs down the tree, her breathing labored from the smoke. Tibby lands in a crouch, her stock of platinum hair wild and in her face. Stepping forward she makes her way out of the grove of trees onto the street. Closing her eyes she feels something. A memory.

A flash of a herd of cats, lounging around a living room overtakes her and she gasps while emerald eyes pop open. Tibby's gaze catches her reflection in the dirty window of an abandoned car and she flinches away from it, she hated looking at herself. The scars along her face, small but more visible in the moonlight particularly around the eyes.

She walks presumably without purpose, she doesn't have a direction she just lets her feet wander. Eyes downcast ward and mind heavy in thought. Who am I?

My name is Tibby.


My name is Tibby.


My name is Elia…

My name is…

Tibby's head snaps up as her foot hits the bottom steps of a brownstone and her eyes widen. Flashes of her on the steps, drinking with a another small woman. Keira. The blonde tries to jerk away, from the memory from this place she use to call home.

A feline yowls somewhere in the distance.

A pair of yellow eyes stares out from the window of the abandoned home. A large hole overgrown with vines sees movement as cats peer out. Meowing, peering at who has stopped in front of their home. The cries are excited. She's home. She made it.

Except she hadn't, not really.

Tibby's face twists itself up in anger and she takes a step back. She couldn't do it. Not now, not ever. Her heart pounds wildly in her chest, heart rate slightly elevated. She was fine. It was fine.

The woman wheels around, turning her back on the multitude of eyes looking out the windows of that house, more and more cats peek out from the blown hole in the wall but Tibby's wide eyes aren't on them.

In front of her sits a feline, golden, large body.


Her mouth drops open as her emerald eyes fall on the large, black tufts of hair and ears. A caracal. "No." She whispers, shaking her head. Tibby can't believe it.

Adze eyes his former owner, friend. Head tilted as Tibby's tilts in the opposite direction. There is no extrasensory connection. No amount of love that could save Tibby from the pain of seeing the feline in person. Flashes of their years together, mangled plays in her mind. "Your Sister is dead." She says to the feline who of course doesn't answer. Anger twists the pale haired woman's face. "What do you want!!" She screams.

No answer. The silence heavy between them though the curtain of meows and yowls sits at her back. She sidesteps the cat, looking down as it nears her. Slowly with a lazy pace, Adze's golden eyes catch the moonlight and flash.

She would never feel his mind again. She couldn't. A void was left inside of her, buried deep down. Those eyes bore into her very soul Tibby feels like. It makes her body shiver and she backs away shaking her head all the while. "Stay away from me."

Her pace quickens. "Leave-Leave me alone." Tibby had come here though, some instinitcal draw pulled her here and she hated the universe and her own damn brain for it. Tears well up and trail down her face as she turns her back and runs the opposite direction.

Adze turns his head and purrs but stays in his perch on the sidewalk for a few minutes, watching her back.

Then he trots up the broken stairs.

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