Facing The Music


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Scene Title Facing the Music
Synopsis A contingency of Endgame, with Molly Walker in tow, visit Matt Parkman in an attempt to bring him back into the world.
Date December 5, 2010

Roosevelt Island

On the north end of Roosevelt Island, on the fifth floor of a nondescript hospital that serves hundreds if not thousands of patients daily, two men stand outside a door. They look like average joes, apart from their well maintained physiques. Dressed in plain clothes, the only thing that sets them apart from the others who have come to spend time with friends or family in this facility is the fact that they remain outside of room 54328. That, and the thin white coil of a wire trailing from their ears down under their shirt collars.

Then again, the whole point to them being here is so as not to draw attention to the patient behind the heavy door. When nurses approach to take vital signs or perform other necessary caregiving tasks, they break character, looking up from newspapers and crossword puzzles in order to check identification against the electronic list that is continually updated and accessed via mobile device.

All in all, it's been a pretty boring job these past few weeks. Pretty important, of course. But pretty boring.

The request was actually granted — not as surprising as all that, since Elisabeth requested the visit on behalf of Molly Walker. And now as she, Molly, and Aric — who she told to dress in actual business clothes because he'll be assumed to be her 'aide' — make their way to the assigned floor of the hospital, the blonde simply nods to the guards on the door. "Liz Harrison and Molly Walker to see him," she murmurs to them quietly.

The young teen in question is eyeing the two bodyguards. She doesn't like many of the people that work with her father. They take her away from her daddy, that's not cool.

Anyway, dressed in a pair of jeans, a deep red sweater and black Converse. Molly Walker is comfortable, hair which is now dyed a deep red is tied back into a ponytail and she has a hand on her hips.

She hadn't really left her apartment in a long time, sharing it with Clare Bennet. They had plenty of girl time.. but now.. it's just like.. well.. she's out and walking around and she's happy that she might be able to talk to her dad.. save him. A look is given to the FRONTLINE officer and a small smile. She's nice, though she doesn't know her very well.

As he folds his hands behind his back, Aric cleans up nice. His hair is slicked back into a pony tail, he is wearing a Dolace and Gabbana suit of black silk with a red tie. He remains silent as he stands behind Liz.

The guard that Elisabeth addresses looks up from his newspaper and folds it as he lets his eyes go over her, the girl, and then the man behind them each in turn. He lifts his eyebrows and tucks his chin with a nod toward Aric, letting his eyes slowly gravitate back to Elisabeth even as his partner pulls out his phone and starts pulling up the list. "And him?" the first says in a level tone that it just shy of a sigh.

"My assistant and Molly's companion," Elisabeth replies easily. Babysitter, baby! She did, after all, have to give his name for clearance. "Aric Gibbs." She's dressed much as she used to dress for work in the precinct — a pair of black slacks, heeled boots, a deep emerald pullover beneath the black blazer. Screams "law enforcement!"

Remaining silent, Molly smiles softly towards the guards now. Her eyes alight with excitement. Basically, she's telling the guards with her expression that if they don't hurry up and let Molly in to see her father..

Shaking her head, the teen redoes her ponytail, hoping that by the time she's finished. Which will be very soon. They have let them in. Or someone's getting a stomped toe. For serious.

As he nods slowly, Aric places a hand on Molly's shoulder and says in a smooth baritone voice, "A pleasure gentleman. I hope there won't be too much of a delay. Miss Walker would like to see her father."

With a few skilled flicks of his thumb, the second guard scrolls through the list, scanning it for the three names. After a few moments, he looks up at his partner to exchange nods. The first tucks his paper under his arm, and holds out his right hand, palm up. "That's fine," he says to Aric before looking to the girl. "But I'll need to see some ID before I can let you in." Glancing to Elisabeth again, he offers her a small smile a shrug. "Protocol." Something she'll easily be able to understand.

She was expecting that from the start, and Elisabeth hands over the IDs with a cool smile. "Glad you're not taking just anyone's word for things," she comments mildly. That is, after all, the head of the frigging department you've got in there!!

Molly still sits there in silence and then she's actually tugging on Liz's hand. Let's just kill them. She thinks aloud, for Aric to hear. I mean.. they are taking FOREVER. She's mentally grabbyhanding at her father on the other side.

"You know my dad well?" she asks with a tilt of her head up at the two men. She's wondering if they do.. she's just curious and she's bored.. and she's waiting. Toe stomp in Three…

Aric slightly tightens his grib on Molly as he smiles, "It is completely understandable gentleman. From what I understand Mr. Parkman is a picture for protocol."

"You'd think that," guard numero duo says as his partner compares the cards to the people, and then cross-checks them with the list the other still holds at the ready. A look from the guard holding the ideas cuts him off from saying anything else before handing back the cards with a thin smile.

"As well as anyone else," is the answer he gives Molly before he steps to push the swinging door open with a splayed palm. Which is to say, not well at all - loud and clear for Aric.

Inside, the hospital room is drab, despite the prestige of the man lying on the bed within. The back of the bed is lifted slightly, but Matt Parkman's face is obscured the usual oxygen tube running beneath his nose and behind his ears. An IV in his arm provides the standard line in as well as a hydrating drip, and more tubes snake out from under the folded blankets that have been laid atop the comatose Secretary.

Beside the bed, the expected monitors beep, displaying blood pressure and respiration, but an additional one, attached to the electrodes on the man's wrinkled brow, display thin red lines.

For all his outward appearance, it's clear enough to the layman that Matt Parkman is very much aware.

Due to Mattplayer dumbness and MuckClient FAIL, the rest of this log has been lost. To summarize, Aric goes into Matt’s brain and indirectly convinces him to face the world again. Matt wakes up to see the trio around him. He soon slips off to sleep - real, restful sleep. Then fade.

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