The Company
The Company
Leader Bob Bishop
Headquarters Fort Hero
Staff Contact Rose

Founded in the seventies by a group of twelve individuals under the leadership of Adam Monroe, the Company was an organization devoted to acting as a champion for humanity. Today, it exists as an independent entity assisting the government in locating and tracking people with special abilities; as part of its agreement with Homeland Security, its personnel are exempt from the country's mandatory registration laws — though many agents and employees have voluntarily chosen to add their names to the growing list of Evolved individuals.

Investigations Department

Founded in 2010, the Company's Investigations Department is a go-between branch of the Company servicing local, state and federal law enforcement in investigations pertaining to the Evolved, where specialists in the Evolved are required. A fully detailed dossier of this branch of the Company van be found at it's devoted page.



Company Head


Trainee or Probationary Agents

Retired Agents

Important Locations

Located on Staten Island, this Primatech Paper warehouse was abandoned after being gutted by fire some years ago.

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