Department Of Evolved Affairs
Secretary Raymond Praeger
Headquarters 26 Federal Plaza
Staff Contact Brooklyn

The Department of Evolved Affairs (DoEA) is proposed to oversee the welfare of Evolved individuals within the United States of America. They provide benefits and support for Evolved citizens, within the law, and allow for public debate and policy concerning Evolved issues in the United States. They are also proposed to take an active role in the rebuilding and reclaimation of New York City. Separate from the Department of Homeland Security's counter-violence operations concerning the Evolved, the DoEA concerns themselves with civil, social issues.

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Operating Divisions

Evolved Registration Bureau (ERB)
Bureau of Evolved Immigration (BEI)
Administration for Evolved Awareness and Education (AEAE)
Administration for Evolved Research (AER)
New York Development and Housing Program (DHP)
Office for Evolved Civil Rights (OECR)
Office for Evolved Family Affairs (OEFA)
Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA)

…and others.

Secretary of the DoEA

The newly appointed Secretary of the DoEA, Raymond Praeger, was vocally supportive of the former President-elect Allen Rickham's campaign. Despite this, he was sworn into his secretarial role due to his emphasis on the civil rights of Evolved citizens throughout the last two years. Notably, he was also pro-Registration, and applauded many of President Petrelli's attitudes towards the regulation of Evolved ability, so long as they can be overseen in a way that does not impede on human rights. Praeger is non-Evolved, himself.


Information and Analysis

Enforcement Resourcing

Media and Public Relations

Research and Development

Suresh Center

Unofficial Informants

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