Leaders Richard Cardinal and Elisabeth Harrison
Headquarters Financial District, Pearl Street neighborhood
Contacts Cardinal and Elisabeth

“In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before

everything else, for whereas the endings can be studied and

mastered by themselves, the middle game and the opening

must be studied in relation to the endgame”

(Jose Raul Capablanca)


The loose organization that calls itself Endgame is in the business of murdering futures; they gather information, whether it be from a precognitive's writings or a simple report from one of their agents, attempting to predict events that haven't yet occured and working to prevent those events if they don't believe the results will be favorable, cutting off that timeline from the possibility of its fruition. Based out of the remnants of the main branch of the New York Public Library, and cut off from the probability-predicting Edward Ray whose agents inspired the creation of the group, they do the best guesswork they can under Richard Cardinal's leadership, struggling to guide the world from behind the scenes to what they believe will be a better future. Sometimes they act directly; more often they encourage others to take the necessary action. They don't seek glory or recognition, and acknowledge that the work they do may sometimes lean on the greyer side of morality, but they believe that what they're doing is necessary.

There's a lot of people out there that want to make the world a darker place, and Endgame's got a lot of work to do if they want to salvage what's left of what was once a bright future.


The year was 2019. Doctor Edward Ray, imprisoned in Moab Federal Penitentiary for fear of what he could do with his ability, engineered an escape for himself and several other dangerous Evolved utilizing the hijacked abilities of Hiro Nakamura, travelling into the past in the desperate hope of stopping Arthur Petrelli from dominating the world by changing the future. He murdered dozens who would have steered the future towards its ominous potential, wreaking chaos to the eyes of many despite the truly calculated precision of his work. A number of pawns were selected and discarded as he carried out this plan, including one Richard Cardinal.

The same rooftop that he intended to be the site of his victory also became his grave. Most of the time travellers he brought back with him from 2019 were dead, the rest scattered to pursue their own agendas. When the smoke cleared, however, Cardinal was still standing over what was left of Arthur's body. Upon returning to the library that Edward was using as a base, the ex-burglar discovered instructions left by Ray intended to help him divert the next crisis that was going to arise.

Cardinal had seen the future, and he wanted no part of it. He began gathering others to aid him in his task - at first, following the instructions left for him by the late Ray, but soon searching out the predictions of other precognitives as well in order to learn in what direction the timeline was flowing, and how best to steer it in a better direction. Members were recruited from various factions for their insider knowledge, as well as outsiders with skills that could be useful - and that could be trusted. The remnants of the New York Public Library's main branch became their headquarters, as once they served PARIAH, as once they served Edward Ray, a storehouse of knowledge for those who seek to use it as a weapon. The faction's name came from a precognitive vision once received by Gillian Childs, and once named, their work began in full.

They were highly active during the crisis with Norman White, following Ray's last instructions to prevent Staten Island from being sunk, and several of their members were guided into the globetrotting teams that made up Operation Apollo, working to keep a future where the world was flooded by a carefully-placed nuclear bomb from coming to pass. Now, with a new virus and a new fascism threatening the world, they can only hope they haven't been looking in the wrong place for the true danger to the future…


How do you get in? By getting to know one of the established members, who offers a recommendation up the ranks. Assuming you seem to be amenable to the group's general philosophy when approached, you might be given some work to do, small jobs or assignments to prove your loyalty and usefulness, but assuming all's on the up and up and nothing suspicious pops up, membership's not hard to achieve. On an OOC level, just contact any member to talk about it, particularly Cardinal or Elisabeth.


“Many have become Chess Masters,

no one has become the Master of Chess”

(Siegbert Tarrasch)

Name Role Notes Current Status
King; Covert Operations and Strategic Planning Richard Cardinal. Founder and strategic leader for Endgame. Core skillset is in information acquisitions and long-term strategic planning. MIA
Queen; Field Operations and Diplomacy Elisabeth Harrison. Co-Founder and field leader for Endgame. Currently operating within FRONTLINE Team Two. Actively recruiting personnel and collecting visions.
Grandmaster Edward Ray inspired the creation of Endgame in order to prevent certain events that he had predicted. Comatose and in the custody of the Commonwealth Institute.
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