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They hide among us. They could be your children, your parents, your neighbors. They aren't human. Media calls them Evolved , but that is a slur of science pasted to tools of an anti-human agenda. They're monsters, freaks, inhumans. They can suck the air out of your lungs with a thought, read your mind and steal your deepest, darkest secrets. They've already struck at the heart of the Empire State, and they continue to perform terrorist activities that destabilize our government, take lives, and threaten our very way of life.

These inhumans don't want to be a part of our society, they want to take it over! We dodged a bullet that could have driven to the heart of America herself, when the inhuman sympathizer terrorist-elect Allen Rickham came to his senses and stepped down from a platform that could ruin our way of life.

Registration isn't the answer, these monsters need to be rounded up in camps, kept away from our children and our families before they can kill your kids too, before they can bomb your children's school! If the government won't look and see what damage these inhumans are causing, then we must take up our God-given right to protect our homes and our lives from threats on our own soil. We must take arms, and show the world that the inhuman threat will not be tolerated. That we will not be pushed. That we will draw a line in the sand and stand up for ourselves and our race!

Stand up, brothers and sisters of humanity, and fight.
— Humanis First Propoganda Flyer, July 8th, 2008.


Humanis First began as a grassroots anti-evolved organization in Florida, quickly spreading by fear and misinformation following in the wake of Senator Petrelli's famous press conference where the Evolved were revealed to the world. As word of mouth began to spread, chapter houses bearing the unifying title of Humanis First! began to appear all across the United States, propagated by hate-filled and fear mongering websites that cite incidents of Evolved violence across the country and the world. There is no hierarchy to Humanis First, no leader to the organization and no head of the beast to sever. Instead it is clusters of like-minded and fearful people from all different walks of life, united under the idea that the Evolved or "inhumans" as they are called, are the single greatest threat to America and the world.

Not all members of Humanis First are prone to violence, many "sideline" members are merely a part of a growing and vocal demographic of angry and frightened humans voicing their opinions on hundreds upon hundreds of message boards and on the Humans First! website. Different "contributors" to the site add anti-evolved content, reviving the site time and again as hackers attempt to take it down.

Humanis First has cells in every American state, and international chapter houses began springing up by 2008, with the first purportedly opening in Paris, France in April.

Humanis First promotes taking the law into their own hands, violently dealing with the inhuman threat in events like lynchings and executions. Some more militant branches have created compounds designed to survive what members of Humanis First fears as the "inevitable Human/Inhuman war" that will tear apart the country. When it became publicized in 2008 that Senator Andrew Mitchell's half brother Donald McIntyre allegedly was a part of Humanis First, the organization partook in a fundraiser that generated six million dollars for Mitchell's presidential campaign.

Members of Humanis First see his appointment as Nathan Petrelli's Vice President as a progressive move towards a homeo-centric government where the Evolved can be stamped out. Most members of Humanis First, however, are vehemently opposed to Mitchell's FRONTLINE proposal, which puts an "inhuman" into every police force and military branch in the government as a means of combating the "Evolved Threat."

Joining Humanis First

Most members of Humanis First were recruited through internet activity, by visiting the thousands of unconnected Humanis First sites. With such a loosely knit association and cell-like operation, membership in Humanis First is something self-proclaimed more so than ratified by a group. Certain organized factions of the subculture have more strict guidelines, and rumors exist than some members of Humanis First in law enforcement have gotten their hands on the Evolved Test Kit produced by the US Government in order to screen applicants.


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