The Institute
The Institute
Leader Simon Broome
Headquarters Commonwealth Institute
Staff Contact Manhattan

The Commonwealth Institute of Science and Research originally began as an independent, nongovernmental public policy research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Institute was an operating program of the Commonwealth Foundation, an unendowed nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2008 the institute was publicly sold to the United States Government and became a part of a research and development branch of the Department of Defense, publicly researching the Evolved and technological and scientific breakthroughs relating to the Evolved.

Public Figures of Interest

Secret Associations

Private Security Division (FRONTLINE Squad-00)

  • Commander: 00-01
  • Communications: 00-02
  • Intelligence: 00-03
  • Logistics: 00-04
  • Medical: 00-05
  • Weapons: 00-06

New York Branch

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