Leaders None (currently organized by Pericles Jones and Melissa Pierce)
Headquarters None (last gathered at the Church of the Incarnation in Midtown)
Staff Contact Manhattan
Player Contact Perry, Melissa

It is better to be a hammer than an anvil. —St. Dominic

Born of the fires of revolution, Messiah is the violent result of the world's reactions to the Evolved. Following the destruction of the most prolific militant pro-Evolved organization _pariah, the organization that has come to be known as Messiah had already begun taking shape. While groups like the _ferrymen are content to live outside of the boundaries of the law, they are a largely reactionary organization whose sole purpose is the safeguarding of Evolved who wish to escape Registration under the Linderman Act. Messiah is the sword to the Ferrymen's shield, even though the two do not directly associate with one another.

It is uncertain exactly when Messiah was founded, though the groundwork for the organization is believed to have been laid sometime in the summer of 2009 after the destruction of the Moab Federal Penitentiary in Utah. Messiah operates under the notion that nothing will change the way the world is turning save for an all-out war between the Evolved and the United States government. They are planning something massive, and if Messiah is allowed to fulfill its plans, there will be change.

After a disastrous series of schisms and betrayals, Messiah's membership and leadership has been decimated and scattered. The small number remaining adherents have met, and resolved to change the name and methods of the group, shedding a bloody past in favor of a better future.


As of this moment, Messiah is in a state of total reorganization. Though lacking enough members to sustain even a simple 'cell' structure, the remaining Messiah adherents have agreed to split into two operational groups.

The first, directed by Melissa Pierce, is breaking entirely with the terroristic, violent roots of the group. The goal of this faction is to establish a positive image for the Evolved, as well as lobbying for increased political power and a change in the current, discriminatory laws. All connection between this group and Messiah is denied, as is all connection to the second faction.

This second faction, loosely organized by Pericles Jones, maintains its capacity for and willingness to use violence, primarily against the enemies, avowed and otherwise, of the Evolved - the Commonwealth Institute and Humanis First. With no missions yet undertaken, it is impossible to predict, as of yet, to what lengths this second faction will go, but Mr. Jones has maintained the necessity of violence in order to produce change in the present system.

Their numbers are few, and their resources limited, so their reach and power have been strictly curtail, but in the wake of the group's near-total destruction, obscurity is now amongst their most useful qualities.

Joining Messiah

Messiah is an invitation-only organization that is populated only by the Evolved. Any Evolved, registered or not, that has had trouble with the government or has a personality sympathetic to their cause could potentially be felt out for recruitment by Messiah members. If you are interested in having a character be a part of the organization, contact Manhattan, Perry or Melissa in @mail or pages on the game.


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