Other Organizations

Crito Corporate

Leadership Yulian Zamorov (CEO)
Evelyn Waugh (CBO, Head Office)
Founded 1995
Type Conglomerate Headquarters London
Status Active
Contact Brooklyn/Rockefeller
Reputation Crito Corporate, with its home office in London, is a far reaching conglomerate with offices and business interests across Europe. While its interests are diversified, from construction through to media, it is prominently known for its advances in medical technology and, in the last few years, biocybernetics. Its most well known contribution is that of the development and sale of Zodytrin, a drug that suppresses the abilities of SLC-Expressives — without dangerous side effects.

Founded in 1995, Crito Corporate established itself as an umbrella entity for multiple Russian-based companies that had existed prior, under the leadership of Yulian Zamorov. Its business interests included pharmaceuticals, hardware manufacture, construction, and mining. It is generally understood that the business leaders within Crito benefited from Russia's economic circumstances of political corruption and off-shore banking, as many did during this era, but none rose to particular infamy, cooperating with the Kremlin or otherwise staying out of its way.

In the early 2000s, Crito diversified its business interests further, capitalizing on power vacuums as they appeared and global markets faced down economic uncertainty in thanks to rising tensions generated by the 2006 Bomb over in America. Crito established its head office in London, ranging beyond its Russian roots, and developed a consumer credit branch out of the United Kingdom which became widely available in many corners of the European Union.

In the years leading up to the present, Crito took on more assets beneath its umbrella, with its revenue feeding research and development in the areas of medicine and biotechnology, indicating a new and focused shared mission among its leadership and stakeholders.

As America's self-cannibalizing Civil War stalled all research and production until recently, government bodies that had been relying on US export of Adynomine III sought other alternatives. In late 2014, the EMA approved Crito's solution, Zodytrin, a reliably safe drug designed to suppress SLC-Expressive abilities. Zodytrin became available first to the United Kingdom (whose SLC-Expressive policies drove and continue to drive demand), and then other global markets, including the United States.

Currently, Crito is known for three things: its monopoly of consumer credit in Europe, its contribution of Zodytrin to the world stage, and its increasing innovations in the world of biotechnology, particularly biocybernetics. While Crito boasts its own research and development facilities, it also contributes funding to projects already in development in order to bring bleeding-edge concepts to fruition and, eventually, public distribution. And sales.

Crito Corporate

The Guardians

Leadership April Silver Founded August 2009
Type Militia Headquarters Washington
Status Active
Contact Manhattan/Rose
Reputation The Guardians were once seen as terrorists, but in the light of the Second American Civil War, their anti-government activities are now viewed in a favorable light as early freedom fighters. Since the EMP in 2013, the Guardians have faded from the public eye. Rumors persist that they are still engaged in a war on the west coast, but with who is unknown.

While groups like The Ferrymen have become first-name organizations in the struggle for SLC-Expressive equality in the northeastern United States, similar pro-evolved organizations cropped up all across the country in the years leading up to the civil war. In the American southwest, the group known as the Guardians was comparable to their east-coast kin.

Founded in the summer of 2009 by Hiro Nakamura, this organization is designed with the expressed purpose of combating what is perceived as a corrupt and tyrannical government. Many members of the Guardians are former detainees from the Moab Federal Penitentiary while more recent membership have been brought in from other, smaller groups joining under the banner of the Guardians.

Originally unknown by the public at large, the Guardians sprang into cultural consciousness when they claimed responsibility for the liberation of dozens of detained Evolved at the Raleigh Science Center in Raleigh North Carolina in 2010. Since that time, the Guardians took a proactive stance on confronting government oppression of the Evolved, and all members of the Guardians have been branded terrorists and enemies of the state.

Compared by many to the violent east-coast terrorist group messiah, the Guardians were differentiated by their lack of civilian targets in their activities. Much of what the Guardians have did on the west coast went unreported by mainstream media, due to the nature of the organizations and installations they targeted.

Since the November 21, 2013 EMP that blacked out the west coast, contact with the Guardians has all but ceased. They have played no known role in the reconstruction efforts in the east coast of America, and rumors persist that in the far reaches of the Dead Zone, a secret war may still be raging.

Membership in the Guardians is by invitation only.

The Guardians


Leadership Unknown Founded March, 2007
Type International Superpower Headquarters Baghdad, Iraq
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Mazdak began its life as an insurrectionist movement within the nation of Iraq, opposing US Military occupation. Through the use of SLC-Expressive powers, progressive leadership, and a welcoming banner under which multiple religious practices were accepted, Mazdak became an international superpower.

Overseas, cultural and religious differences from the situation in America have led to a varying degree of attitudes towards the Evolved. One organization founded in the wake of then Senator Nathan Petrelli's famous February 2007 press conference has become reviled in major news media outlets due to its stark and violent methodology and its surprisingly pro-evolved stance.

More than a decade since its founding, little is known of the origins of Mazdak. Reports received by international information agencies cobbled together a loose origin for the group, named for a bronze-age prophet, the Mazdak organization is believed to have been founded by a splinter faction of the militant Suni Islamic group Ansar al-Sunna. Diverging from their Islamic origins, Mazdak preaches the superiority of the Evolved over the common man. A common misconception in mainstream media is that Mazdak believes that the Evolved are "Children of God," but no official Mazdak statements have ever made such a claim. Mazdak itself is an inter-faith organization that puts the individual rights of the Evolved over the rights of a population or people. Mazdak believes in empowering the Evolved and their rightful place as rulers, without holding to a specific religious credo.

Mazdak is also unified by a strong anti-American sentiment. They are provocatively anti-registration and regularly clashed with American forces in the occupied nation of Iraq, most notably in the July 2007 "Mazdak Rebellion" which took place in the city of Baghdad in Iraq, claiming the lives of 250 American servicemen. From 2007 to 2013 Mazdak pushed relentlessly against American and allied occupation of their country until the Civil War broke the back of American international operations. Mazdak swiftly claimed Baghdad and rapidly spread across the region, fighting a brief but bloodless occupation in Syria and ousting the current leadership. Though Syria and Iraq remain politically distinct nations, they are united under the banner of the Mazdak organization. While they are a pro-evolved group, Mazdak membership is largely restricted to individuals from the middle east and outlying nations. Now that they have established their own confederated nation, Mazdak's far reaching goals are the maintenance of Evolved as a supremacy within their borders.

In 2010, operatives of the Institute discovered that Mazdak had appropriated former Pinehearst research facilities in the Middle East and repurposed them toward unknown genetic engineering. Prior to the Institute's collapse, they feared Mazdak may have had research data on both the Advent Virus and the Formula and were actively attempting to refine their own process by which synthetic abilities could be bestowed on non-expressive humans.


Pure Earth

Leadership None Founded February 2014
Type Terrorist Organization Headquarters None
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Pure Earth is a spin-off terrorist organization from the pre-existing Humanis First movement. Its members are dangerous and usually violent bigots who believe that SLC-Expressive humans are a blight on the world and should have been exterminated. They are largely reviled across the country and are to blame for numerous murders in post-war America.

When Andrew Mitchell surrendered to Resistance forces in February of 2014, ending the siege of Raven Rock and the Second American Civil War many of Mitchell's followers also threw down their arms. Those who left the fighting but were not rounded up in the war crimes tribunals rallied under the idea of a "Pure Earth" espousing some of the most nihilistic and violent propaganda Mitchell was spewing by the end of his reign. Pyre Earth represents a fusion of Neo-Vanguard beliefs in a "purification" of the human race and the closed-minded bigotry of Humanis First. It is a leaderless and ultimately rudderless organization with no central authority or structure. That does not prevent its number of "sworn" from rising every day and committing heinous acts of brutality and violence in the name of a "pure earth."

Pure Earth

The Crew

Leadership Lexington Lane
Jibram Montes
Founded January 2019
Type Criminal Organization Headquarters A converted warehouse on Staten Island, located behind Lexi Ln.
Status Active
Contact Lynette
Reputation Publicly, they seem devoted to entertainment and frivolity. To those in the right circles, they're a crime syndicate that's new, but with talent at the head. They are openly Evo-friendly.

Lexington Lane and her crew run and protect Lexi Ln., in exchange for a cut of the profits from every business that comes in. The group is made up of criminals who share a common goal of thriving via whatever means necessary. Her policy is built on a foundation of loyalty, and betrayers are dealt with swiftly and violently. She is not, otherwise, much different than a more legitimate employer. She treats her people like a family. These people are risking their well-being to join her and she honors that with understanding and a feeling of home and togetherness. If a person never turns on her, they never need to know the darker side of their boss. Jobs are divvied out based on willingness and capability, no one is forced to do anything they aren't comfortable with. She just happens to pick up a lot of people that are comfortable with criminal undertakings. Her crew works out of a converted warehouse, her seat of power, as it were. She mopped up after Keira Ryans died, scooping up her resources, contacts, and some of her people, and as a result, her HQ has electricity available.

Her crew are all vetted by her second in command, telepathically. They just don't know it.

The Crew

Independent Council of Native Tribes (ICNT)

Leadership Elected Tribal Council Founded 2013
Type Democratic Coalition Headquarters None
Status Active
Contact Manhattan/Raquelle
Reputation The Independent Council of Native Tribes is a coalition of indigenous people of North America who have banded together in the wake of the Second American Civil War to create a strong and unified governance of Native American reservations. They operate under the same sovereignty presented to each Native American reservation by the US Government, though have leveraged the presence of SLC-Expressives to provide their people with an edge in the modern world.

In 2011 when then-president Nathan Petrelli made the first announcements regarding mandatory forced relocation of SLC-Expressives in America a small but influential group of chair people/chiefs on several Native American councils across the United States publicly announced that no relocation could legally take place on the lands that they owned as a people. Many reservations closed many of their borders and boundaries immediately. This was met with open hostility by the United States Government and was largely uncovered by news media at the time. However, what the Petrelli Administration was not prepared for was the uprising of Expressive reservation residents including asylum-seeking refugees placed within reservations by the Ferrymen. While the US government would have won this conflict on a long enough time table, the onslaught of the Second American Civil War forced the US military apparatus to divert its attention away from these pockets of resistance to the active insurrection happening across the country.

Utilizing this opportunity the tribal leaders and councils worked together to form an Independent Council of Native Tribes. Each region, self-governed and collaborating with other local tribes regardless of history or origins to create self-sustaining government for their people, Expressive and Non-Expressive alike. The largest coalition of native tribes exist across the American South and Southwest, including such settlements as Zuni Pueblo. As the US economy tanked during the Civil War, and the agriculture markets took a hit, the tribes within the coalition used years of experience, their ownership of ancestral lands, and their Evolved citizens to emerge from the dust of war, secretly more polished and developed than ever. This coalition maintains several contracts with major international corporation selling things like hybrid seeds, and staples like corn, beans, rice, and squash as well as having a leg up in the wild game and nutraceutical markets, all by using proxy operatives through international representatives like Yamagato Industries.

By and large the ICNT has remained insular, though there are some tribes who are quietly and cautiously moving forward with considerations on public involvement in the reconstruction of the United States.

Independent Council of Native Tribes

Safe Zone Cooperative

Leadership Cooperative Council Founded 2016
Type Social Outreach Headquarters Red Hook Market
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation People of the Safe Zone see the Cooperative as a group of like-minded people helping one another survive in the post-war world. They're largely viewed as effective, caring, and helpful people representing the needs and concerns of the Safe Zone's residents. Outside of the Safe Zone, they're either largely unknown or viewed as unimportant.

The Safe Zone Cooperative is a non-governmental council of community leaders living within the New York City Safe Zone with a fluctuating membership averaging 26 members from across all of the Safe Zone's neighborhoods. Cooperative members participate in community meetings led by the Citizen's Watch, a board of 11 senior Cooperative members, to help settle personal disputes and act as a representative of others living within the Safe Zone. Additionally, the Safe Zone Cooperative council acts as liaisons from the community to Yamagato Industries and UN Security Council observers.

The Safe Zone Cooperative is based out of Textile Factory 17 (also be known as the Red Hook Market), which was the former HQ of FRONTLINE-01 and managed to survive the war unscathed. They have converted the basement of the facility into a massive marketplace and bazaar for the Safe Zone community and upper levels are designated for meetings and town-hall like events.

Safe Zone Cooperative


Leadership CEO Morgan Atkins Founded 1998
Type Corporation Headquarters InVerse Corporate Headquarters, Prague, Czechia
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation InVerse Technologies is a leading European manufacturer of computer hardware, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. InVerse is widely known for its research into synthetic tissues for organ replacement and is one of a handful of corporations that produce and sell synthetic blood for use in medical research. InVerse's consumer products division produces personal computers, networking hardware, household pharmaceuticals, and biotech cosmetics.

InVerse Technologies began as an electronics company that grew to become a pharmaceutical producer with a patent for synthetic insulin. They made small forays into cloning and stem cell research, up until the Czech Republic banned reproductive cloning research in the early 2000's. InVerse Technologies grew its computers division in the early 2000's, riding on a wave of interest in personal computing. InVerse rapidly became one of Europe's largest manufacturers of computer and network hardware. In 2011 InVerse gained worldwide attention for the development and patent of synthetic insulin that does not require refrigeration, branded as Inversulin. InVerse made headlines in 2013 after revealing that Inversulin was made possible thanks to the work of SLC-Expressive scientist Maxwell Huber and his molecular manipulation ability.

Today, InVerse is a regionally powerful corporation that sees significant financial investment from larger biotech firm Crito Corporate. InVerse maintains a robust and diverse staff of Expressive and Non-Expressive staff developing biotech applications at rapid rate thanks to their leveraging of unique Expressive abilities for research and fabrication purposes.

InVerse Technologies

US Department of the Exterior

Leadership Secretary Deacon Jones Founded 2016
Type US Government Office Headquarters Washington KC
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation The United States Department of the Exterior is a government branch dedicated to the continued exploration of Outer Space and the redevelopment of America's space agencies. The Department of the Exterior is actively pursuing ways to rebuild America's space program in a post Civil War country.

Founded in 2016 by executive order from President Raymond Praeger, the Department of the Exterior is a governmental umbrella concerning all non-terrestrial interests pertaining to the United States. The department's primary goal is the rehabilitation of the nation's space program and gaining satellite launch independence from foreign nations. As a part of this restructuring, the Office of Space and Advanced Technology was folded under the Department of the Exterior along with a number of other smaller agencies.

Department of the Exterior

Renautas-Weiss Evolved Nanotech

Leadership CEO Cecilia Weiss Founded 1999
Type Multi-National Corporation Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Following its merger, Renautas-Weiss Evolved Nanotech is the single largest nanotechnology company in the world dealing exclusively in SLC-Expressive applications, such as long-term negation technology, SLC-E tracking systems, and anti-expressive non-lethal weapons development.

Founded in 1999 by Gardener Weiss, the Weiss Nanotechnology company began as a small German-born technology firm exploring the then-burgeoning field of nanotech development. In the early 2000s the company grew in scope and relevance culminating in a significant push in resources in 2012 when Gardener Weiss' granddaughter Cecilia was named as his replacement. Cecilia, a staunch Pro SLC-E advocate, leveraged her significant influence to bring in Expressive talents to bootstrap their nanotechnology development. Renautas-Weiss develops anti-Expressive technology intended for law enforcement and military applications around the world. The company is currently developing an injectionless negation system designed to more humanely and easily restrain SLC-Expressives by law enforcement or military personnel. Renautas-Weiss is not currently permitted to do business within the United States due to the nation's ban on anti-expressive technology development.

Renautas-Weiss Evolved Nanotechnology

The Torchlight Initiative

Leadership Minister George Nowell Founded 2010
Type UK Government Agency Headquarters London, England
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation The Torchlight Initiative is the iron-fisted organization in charge of maintaining the UK's SLC-Expressive population. They are renowned for their brutality, efficiency, and insidious Anti-Expressive propaganda.

In response to the collapse of the Company, top British Company liaison to MI5, Terrence Renford, was painted as a scapegoat for the entire organization and the UK arm of the Company under his command was spun as a secret and illegal project spearheaded solely by Renford. The UK's alternative to the Company (which co-opted much of the research made available to the UK Government during a time of cooperation) became known as the Torchlight Initiative, which investigate Expressive-related incidents across the UK.

Further shadows at play in the UK come from Torchlight carrying the proverbial "torch" of the Company on into a new generation. Domestic spying on all Expressives is now carried out by Torchlight operatives, which includes wiretapping and other surveillance measures designed to keep tabs on the UK's Expressive population and foreign visitors, as Registered Expressives from other countries passing into the UK are also monitored by Torchlight, and their activities closely scrutinized.

Torchlight has no operations outside of the UK, but frequently partners with EUSR-Compliant nations to hunt fugitive Expressives across international borders. Within the UK, Torchlight is feared and seen as a monolithic power too great to topple. But if the United States has proven anything, it is that no organization is too great to collapse under the weight of its sins, of which Torchlight has many.

The Torchlight Initiative

DURANDAL International

Leadership Unknown Founded 2009
Type Private Military Company Headquarters Cape Town, South Africa
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Durandal is the largest SLC-Expressive PMC in the world. Its members consist of ex-military and expatriated refugees seeking asylum from countries with strict SLC-E Registration laws. Durandal operates in regions of conflict throughout the world and participated on the side of the American resistance in the Second American Civil War against the Mitchell Administration. Among private military companies, Durandal has a reputation for being sloppy and causing unnecessary collateral damage, especially among civilian populations.

Founded in Cape Town, South Africa, Durandal is the largest SLC-Expressive private military company in the world. Taking advantage of Cape Town's relative independence from the otherwise strict Registration laws of much of South Africa, Durandal was able to flourish from its foundation through the end of the 2010s. From its inception through 2011 Durandal primarily engaged in small confrontations across Africa and the Middle East, performing search & rescue operations for corporate interests caught in ever-escalating conflicts between the Mazdak movement and local governments. In early 2012 Durandal was contracted by the US Resistance to assist in combat maneuvers against the Mitchell regime during the height of the Second American Civil War. Durandal primarily operated in the west coast, fighting Humanis First cells in what would become the Dead Zone. The organization focused on search & destroy missions that plunged deep into Loyalist territory, though overall fought in fewer sorties than its counterpart Wolfhound.

Since the end of the Second American Civil War, Durandal has returned to operations in the Middle East combatting an ever-growing human trafficking operation funneling captive Expressives into Mazdak-controlled territories. Durandal's primary contracts come from corporate and government interests. Allegations rose in 2015 of Durandal's involvement in the Russian government's 2013 conflict in Ukraine. These allegations snowballed, with civilians in multiple Eastern European and East African nations claiming mistreatment at the hand of Durandal soldiers. These allegations have not yet resulted in legal action, however.

As of 2021, Durandal employs just over 1,000 contractors, roughly 30 of which are SLC-Expressive.

DURANDAL International
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