Leader Cameron Spalding
Headquarters Condemned Tenement
Staff Contact None; faction defunct

On March 15th, 2008, a fire broke out in a holding facility for Evolved individuals owned and operated by Homeland Security. Although the facility was still in the final stages of construction, it killed several employees who were in residence at the time and spread to surrounding structures, bringing the total number of casualties to sixteen (including two firefighters). The initial investigation revealed the cause of the fire as arson, and within forty-eight hours a group called PARIAH contacted New York City media and claimed responsibility for the deaths.

Since then, it continued to commit terrorist acts against the government — and while the group showed no signs of expanding beyond New York, its numbers were bolstered by displaced youths whose lives had been turned upside-down by mandatory registration laws, public persecution and the threat of government detainment.

Its slogan was "fortis et liber" which means "strong and free" in Latin and can be found graffitied all over the city, but especially in places where reconstruction has not yet begun (such as the ruins of Midtown and the southern portion of Central Park).

In September of 2008, PARIAH's terrorist activities went on hiatus for reasons unknown to law enforcement or the public; the faction's leader, Cameron Spalding, had struck a deal with Peter Petrelli, and his part of the bargain was to try a non-terrorist approach. After Cameron's death, PARIAH divided into two factions: the old guard, who kept the name of PARIAH, and the new, who created their own freedom-fighter group, _phoenix, which allied with the _ferrymen.

In December of 2008, a member of PARIAH brought to law enforcement far more than enough information to set in motion a raid upon one of the terrorist faction's main bases. This raid was carried out on December 14th, resulting in the deaths of Karl and Melinda and the apprehension of another fourteen PARIAH members.

Final Roster

Lead Organizer

  • Karl - Metallokinetic



Defected to Phoenix


Important Locations


A discussion thread and info file on PARIAH's security protocols can be found here.

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