Leaders Helena Dean and Teodoro Laudani
Headquarters Old Dispensary
Contacts Helena and Chinatown

"If you're willing to murder indiscriminately to get your cause heard, join PARIAH. If you want to liberate innocent victims of social prejudice and you're willing to fight the odds to do it, join Phoenix."

— Hudson, a paraphrase

At the end of October, 2008, new graffiti began appearing all over the city, done in reds and oranges, golds and yellows, a tribalized motif of a phoenix. Beneath it were two words: RISE UP.

In some cases, the symbol and motto were done over PARIAH graffiti. Rumors fly — what did this mean? Is it a new urban viral campaign? Is PARIAH dead? Is this a new group trying to shove into their position? Is it some kind of new group altogether?

No one knows yet, but everyone's waiting to find out.

Membership Dossier


Former Members

The Catabase

This is a page representing the compiled intelligence of Phoenix, kept on the organization's computers, and given its name for the person capable of holding it all in her head and replacing it whole from memory if needed.

Skillsets Chart

Current and Future Projects

  • Resolve time-travel crisis.
  • Beat up Homeland Security and free its illegal captives and experiment subjects.
  • The Miracles Project (Newscast: Miracles Throughout NYC).

Past Projects

Pending/Tabled Logistics

  • Refine the recruitment interviewing process
  • Complete renovations for and move to Old Dispensary, new headquarters


Establishing some kind of previous link to Phoenix before coming IC is recommended. Characters can always have been part of the group, be an established contact of one of the members, or have previously belonged to a similar organization in another part of the country with ties to the previous incarnation of PARIAH or Phoenix.

IC recruitment is possible, but takes much longer since establishing trust with such an organization is a slow process. However, there is an established protocol for Phoenix members who are assigned to recruit a specific person:

How To Recruit For Phoenix In 3 Easy Steps
1. You've discovered a potential recruit, or you've been tapped to recruit a specific person. Spend time observing them, and when you feel ready, approach them and see if you can get them to converse about how they feel about pro-Evolved issues.
2. Once you've established their interest, you can begin indicating the possibility of working with Phoenix. If they take to the idea, give them the number of one of our disposable phones. Tell them to call it and leave their personal contact information on the voice mail. Yes, this is a risk for them, but part of the recruitment process is also a test of trust.
3. When and if your recruit makes the call, the information left on the voice mail will be given to Sergei to investigate their background. Once they are cleared, they may be brought in or observed further, depending on the results.

OOC Note To Recruits: After joining Phoenix, please feel free to addcom <alias>=Phoenix as well as +request to staff to be added to the Phoenix bboard (10).

Important Locations

Trivia and Notes

  • The faction was named in honor of Cameron Spalding, the original leader and visionary who created PARIAH and died in late 2008.
  • The newer tagging and graffiti jobs done by members have varied into many new visuals. A Phoenix(the bird) in different themes; tribal, arabesque, primitive, celtic, mascots, nouveau, cubism, abstract even some attempts at what may be baroque/neoclassicism, among many other themes. If there is a 'look', there is probably at least one paint job on a building somewhere for it. There are usually word stencils near these exclaiming RISE UP!
  • A log of organizational notes made about revamping Phoenix's internal structure is located here.

Important Scenes

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