Pinehearst Company
Leader Arthur Petrelli
Headquarters Pinehearst Headquarters
Staff Contact Manhattan

Pinehearst Inc. is the holding company for one of the nation's leading group of biotechnology companies; with a combined total of over 2,000 employees in the U.S. alone, Pinehearst conducts research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in its field of expertise.

At Pinehearst, we are committed to the principle that scientific reasoning and medical necessity are the most important determinants of whether or not our projects are ready to be brought out of the initial stages of research and placed into our development phase. Our clinical scientists and medical professionals are then assigned with the task of translating their scientific discoveries into products that will maximize patient benefit. This provides Pinehearst with the necessary information needed to pass our developed products through the many phases of clinical testing.

Pinehearst Company's Board of Directors and management are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and sound business practices. We have dedicated ourselves to a number of programs that involve community relations, education, the environment, and philanthropy.

Pinehearst is committed to the idea that our products help build the future. All of our products are developed with incredible scrutiny in the fields of science, medicine, and technology.

On the outside, the Pinehearst Corporation is a privately run biotech research firm researching cutting edge technologies. On the inside, and known only to a select few within Pinehearst, the company is a front for secret research into the Evolved that has been going on for decades.

Pinehearst as a corporation existed long before the presumed death of Arthur Petrelli, and the silent buyout of the corporation in 2006 did not include Arthur's namesake or money directly tied to his influence. Publicly, the company is owned and run by a man named Morgan Deitrich, a German philanthropist who operates the Hamburg, Germany branch of Pinehearst.

Privately, the company was founded in the wake of Arthur Petrelli's supposed death in order to serve as a counterbalance to the Company. Arthur's private motivations are myriad, but first and foremost among them has been revealed to be the collapse of the _company as an organization, and the humiliating defeat of those associated with them.

What other, secretive research is going on beneath the surface has not been revealed yet…

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