Shedda Dinu
Pinehearst Company
Leader Rupert Carmichael
Headquarters Carmichael Manor
Contacts Hagan and Rose

Before December 15, 2008, Rupe Carmichael was a behind-the-scenes supporter of _pariah. After the raid which effectively severed the head of the serpent and left the remnants of the terrorist organization lost, Rupe stepped forward to provide direction. He persuaded Erim that it was time to retire the flag of 'fortis et liber' — with all due honor, of course — in favor of more subtle and pervasive methods.

Exhorting the people to throw off the yoke of Homeland Security and anti-Evolved prejudice clearly wouldn't work; a new modus operandi was called for.

So did the faction known amongst themselves as Shedda Dinu (literally 'to judge demons') come into being. They claim responsibility for none of their attacks, but operate silently, behind the scenes, in the shadows cast by the hate and prejudice of this current age. Their methods include strategic destruction of information, kidnapping and assassination. Propaganda, impersonation, and sleeper agents are their tools. They highlight the weaknesses and biases of the current Powers That Be and endeavor at all costs to avoid creating martyrs of their enemies.

The heart of successful guerrilla warfare is getting the people on your side, and that's just what they intend to do — by any means necessary. The appellation 'anti-hero' is tailor-made for the Shedda Dinu, self-proclaimed Judges of Demons.

Member List

Lead Organizer



Allies and Associates

Protocols and Information

Target Selection

Two things make for ideal targets: political standing and useful powers.

The events of Trigger exemplify the standard MO of Shedda Dinu. Their main targets are always anti-Evolved, often of high political standing or otherwise very much in public view, chosen to bring down the opposition and raise the standing of Evolved in the eyes of the populace — hopefully at the same time. However, pro-Evolved are acceptable casualties, especially if they can be turned into martyrs along the way.

Evolved with 'useful powers' who are not inclined to join the Shedda Dinu are not targeted for Judging — but they are targeted nonetheless. They can be influenced, a hypnotic command implanted in their minds that lets them serve Shedda Dinu's purposes whether they want to or not.

Targets can also be chosen for sake of information or because they present an opportunity Shedda Dinu cannot pass up. For example, someone they learn is embezzling money from a charity might not be the sort of target the Judges normally go after, but the chance to steal proof of this crime and leak it to the press is one they would take.

Mission Protocol:

Strategies vary depending on the abilities of whomever carries out a raid, but all missions are conducted with as much stealth as possible. Above all else, the group is not to be outed. Any mission, no matter how critical, is aborted if circumstances pose a hazard to the Shedda Dinu at large; any individual is to be sacrificed if recovering them puts the faction at risk. Given public opinion towards and the ultimate destruction of PARIAH, it is Shedda Dinu's goal to stay off of SCOUT's radar and out of the papers in general. Never do they step forward and lay public claim to their deeds.

Operative Roles:

Roughly speaking, these are the capacities in which a member might serve the faction. One person can, of course, fulfill more than one at once; this list is offered for OOC reference and as a concept brainstorming aid, NOT as an IC guide. These are not IC ranks.


Rupe is the architect of Shedda Dinu operations, but his lieutenants oversee general day-to-day operations and make the on-the-spot decisions for what happens and who carries it out.

Research and Intelligence

Perhaps the most important element of the Shedda Dinu is comprised of the people who gather information. They do the research that leads to target selection, observe potential targets, keep an ear to the grapevine. They watch other factions (such as they know/learn of them) and — perhaps most of all — the authorities, both for possible allies and probable opponents. This includes watchers, stalkers, spies, and moles of all sorts — as well as happenstance observations anyone in the group makes.


Actual extraction of targets usually falls to people with technical or strategic skills and/or powers which help them nab someone without leaving any traces of their own presence behind. These are the people who take the information supplied by researchers, combined with the direction of their leader(s), and turn it into an actual operation.


These are the people with martial skills or combative abilities; on the occasion Shedda Dinu has an operation requiring violence and/or destruction, these are the people who'd carry it out. Because of the cloak-and-dagger style preferred by the Judges, this category is least emphasized of all.


Money, supplies (from food to first aid to guns to technogadgets), allies, places to meet, places to live… there's a lot more to Shedda Dinu than action alone. These are the people who provide the very necessary infrastructure that allows any operation to occur.

IC Knowledge

Operatives and Assignments

Charity Thornton

  • Evolved (Clairvoyance)
  • Role:
  • Special Areas:
  • Recruited from _pariah; original member

Targets, Operations, and Persons Currently of Interest

Plans underway to subtly undermine SCOUT's authority, reduce its public support and find ways to cut the organization's funding.

Current target: James Harvard, brother of SCOUT captain William Harvard. Plans underway to raid his home and search for information that could be used against his brother, or further intelligence on William's movements. This operation will serve as a test of the raiders' skill and help to determine who is best suited where, as well as what further training might need to be done.

Future targets: Coming Soon!

Archived Operations

  • Frank Marchant, Non-Evolved, New York City Councilmember
  • Carlotta Marchant, Unregistered Evolved, his wife
12/13/08 Trigger Frank Marchant murders his wife.

Case Closed

Important Places

Detailed OOC Information:

Here is a transcript of the Info Session that took place on January 13, 2009. It is a good place for more specific, detailed OOC information about how the faction functions.

Trivia and Notes:

  • The triggers implanted by Rupe are rarely violent. Violent triggers are most likely to be used on NPCs or on PCs who have given full consent. The average trigger is a gentle suggestion meant to protect the security of Shedda Dinu. This may include a desire for a member to leave the group or a suggestion that what they might have seen is not real. A potential recruit they have decided to not take in might have a trigger that causes them to forget where Carmichael Manor is, or the names of the people he or she met. In short, having a trigger does not automatically make you a murderous sleeper agent. In fact, the most effective triggers are ones that are not too far removed from what your character would already do.
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