d'Sarthe Group
Leadership Gideon d'Sarthe, Marie d'Sarthe Founded Unknown
Type Criminal Organization Headquarters d'Sarthe Group Complex
Status Active
Contact Manhattan/Huruma
Reputation Gideon d'Sarthe and his company, while supported for its economic influence, is also infamous in criminal circles for being a creature of control. One hand gives and the other takes, as it were. There is always a price, and the devil loves a deal.

Since the end of the Second American Civil War, Gideon d'Sarthe has emerged as a noteworthy investor in reconstruction on European soil and portions of the Americas. The d'Sarthe Group's primary area of focus is the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Staten Island, leveraging deeds of ownership dating back to just before the start of the Civil War and a commercial construction enterprise. Behind the scenes, Gideon commands a sprawling criminal enterprise that has moved in to consume the power vacuum left behind by the death of Daniel Linderman prior to the Civil War, and the destruction of the Ghost Shadows Triad in more recent years. The d'Sarthe Group's legitimate and criminal enterprises are so delicately woven together as to be invisible on the surface, utilizing a network of connections and operatives decades old.

d'Sarthe Group

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