The Deveaux Society
Leadership Monica Dawson
Aria Baumgartner
Founded 1984
Type Charitable Organization/Secret Society Headquarters The Clocktower Building
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation The Deveaux Society is a philanthropist organization founded in December of 2006 in the memory of Simone Deveaux as per her last will and testament. Daughter of wealthy socialite Charles Deveaux, Simone was an avid collector of art and spokesperson for equal rights activism and humanitarian efforts. After her death in the 2006 explosion in Midtown Manhattan, the Deveaux Society was founded to carry on Simone's ideals of a world of equality and freedom of expression. The entirety of the Deveaux estate, which she inherited after her father passed away in October of 2006, has been devoted to the society's goals.

The Deveaux Society is chaired by a private group of investors who have donated portions of their own financial enterprises in order to see the society's work done. The group is represented by its spokesperson Carla Dove (former head of the ReGenesis foundation that built the Suresh Center) who handles publicity and press matters. Carla joined the Deveaux Society after stepping down as chair of the ReGenesis foundation to focus on charitable works in the wake of the tragic November 8, 2010 riots. The Deveaux Society was formerly based out of an office at 36 Gramercy Park East in Manhattan's lower east side, but relocated in the aftermath of the war to the Clocktower Building at 1 Main Street in the Red Hook neighborhood of the NYC Safe Zone.

In secret, the Deveaux Society was founded in the early 1980s by Charles Deveaux as a secret society intending to carry on his personal affairs out of the sight of the Company. The first caretaker of the Deveaux Society was Alice Shaw, who was later joined by Claudia Zimmerman and Sabra Dalton, forming the contemporary society. Their Deveaux Society's goals are often inscrutable, operating below the radar and discreetly pushing individuals in directions they may not have considered to go in. The Deveaux Society secretly orchestrated many events that led up to the Second American Civil War and continued to operate in secret out of their clandestine operation center in White Hills, Arizona. The Deveaux Society helped situate Raymond Praeger as President of the United States, founded SESA, and has been quietly acting as a power behind the scenes for years. Though their actions are ultimately benevolent, it is unknown what lengths the Deveaux Society will go to in order to secure the future they envision.

Sabra Dalton has since retired from active leadership in the Deveaux Society and the remaining board has named her replacement-in-training as none other than Monica Dawson.

In 2020, both Claudia Zimmerman and Alice Shaw passed away, leaving control of the Deveaux Society squarely in the hands of Monica Dawson with Aria Baumgartner serving in an advisory role until Monica can determine the organization's leadership.

The Deveaux Society

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