Leadership Founded
Type Headquarters
Parent Organization U.S. Military
Headquarters Hangar 3
Staff Contact Manhattan

FRONTLINE-OS ("Outer Squad") is a unique "relief unit" of the FRONTLINE civilian defense organization. On paper and in public, FRONTLINE-OS was created to serve as a reserve of FRONTLINE officers with the explicit purpose of defending the increasingly dangerous reclamation effort on Staten Island in New York City. Member rosters for FRONTLINE-OS are strictly confidential, in accordance with new privacy laws concerning all FRONTLINE operations nation-wide for newly established teams.

In truth, the organization is a secret Black-Ops program of the FRONTLINE initiative, staffed entirely by "rehabilitated" criminals or state prisoners, with the expressed purpose of being able to earn their freedom through operation within the boundaries of FRONTLINE-OS. Each member of the OS team operates on a numerical call-sign in the field and have been given entirely new identities by which they are known on official rosters. The government denies any such involvement of former criminals within the FRONTLINE command structure.

Members of the OS team are under strict orders to keep their identities a secret and any thread of connection between their cover identities (or old identities) and the FRONTLINE organization is grounds for termination of their contract, and — quite likely — their lives.


FRONTLINE-OS is commanded and operates primarily on Staten Island. However, FRONTLINE Unit-01 can request additional assistance from members of FRONTLINE-OS on special-circumstances, typically authorized by OS-Command. Their activities remain the same as standard FRONTLINE offices: Assosting local and federal law-enforcement personnel in handling SLC-expressive conflicts.

However, FRONTLINE-OS also performs unofficial Black-Ops work for the US Government under the auspices of OS-Command Colonel Leon Heller. These missions may well violate federal laws or international treaties and are considered highly classified intelligence operations by the National Security Agency. Only Colonel Heller, Major Kershner and select members of the presidential cabinet are aware of their details.


FRONTLINE-OS has the same technological resources as an ordinary FRONTLINE team, however the Horizon armor utilized by OS features a slightly remodeled helmet design, adding bulk around the ears and back of the head. The reasons for this is to include more sophisticated communications decryption technology, as well as "countermeasures" in the event that an OS member goes rogue. Details of what is contained within the new suits of Horizon Armor (classified as Horizon Mk1-OS) is known only to Colonel Heller and above on the chain of command.


FRONTLINE-OS is open to any and all Evolved humans who are currently in custody of the United States Government for any criminal offense, or escaped prisoners whom are apprehended or approached regarding the OS team. If you are interested in creating a character for this unique team, please contact Manhattan.


Operations Commander: Colonel Leon Heller

OS-01: Yu Huang (Liu Ye)
OS-02: Nancy Leeson (Samantha Lee Tanner)
OS-03: Aki Shimizu (Aoi Housen) width="230px" alt="Frontline-OS"]] ||

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