String Theory's Factions
Leadership Founded
Type Headquarters
Inaugurated November 9, 2009
Introduced September 10, 2009
Leadership Raymond Praeger

Department of Evolved Affairs (DoEA)

In the wake of the third anniversary of the explosion that devastated New York City, the catalyst that brought to light the discovery of the Evolved, Washington D.C. saw the signing of the Evolved Affairs Act on November 9, 2009. President Nathan Petrelli put pen to paper to establish the fledgling Cabinet department, the Department of Evolved Affairs (DoEA).

In response to the discovery of Evolved in 2007, the Office of Evolved Affairs was created as a division with the Department of Homeland Security, whose mission was to advise policy and management of the Evolved, considered to be an unknown threat. Its promotion to Cabinet as the DoEA sees a "progressive" step towards Evolved and Non-Evolved unity, or so promised the new Secretary of the DoEA, Raymond Praeger.

Currently, the DoEA has seen some changes in America, such as the renewed registry system with the dubious bid for equality by making all citizens register, regardless of status. Within New York City, they are responsible for resettlement projects such as Summer Meadows, policing the Registry for wayward citizens (and police) who might cheat it, and putting support behind pro-Evolved charities and causes. If there is more that meets the eye to this Department, it's blinded by a polite smile and a professional handshake.

Their members are eclectic, from public servant employees, ex-law enforcement agents and a collection of miscellaneous informants and representatives.

Inaugurated August 2009
Introduced August 4, 2009
Leadership Richard Cardinal
Elisabeth Harrison


The loose organization that calls itself Endgame is in the business of murdering futures; they gather information, whether it be from a precognitive's writings or a simple report from one of their agents, attempting to predict events that haven't yet occured and working to prevent those events if they don't believe the results will be favorable, cutting off that timeline from the possibility of its fruition. Based out of the Redbird Security building , and cut off from the probability-predicting Edward Ray whose agents inspired the creation of the group, they do the best guesswork they can under Richard Cardinal's leadership, struggling to guide the world from behind the scenes to what they believe will be a better future.

Sometimes they act directly; more often they encourage others to take the necessary action. They don't seek glory or recognition, and acknowledge that the work they do may sometimes lean on the greyer side of morality, but they believe that what they're doing is necessary.

There's a lot of people out there that want to make the world a darker place, and Endgame's got a lot of work to do if they want to salvage what's left of what was once a bright future.

Inaugurated pre-game opening (5YG canon)
Introduced September 5, 2008
Leadership Noah Bennet
Hana Gitelman


When the government signed the Linderman Act into law in 2007, former Company agents Noah Bennet and Hana Gitelman saw worrying parallels between the nationwide registration movement and what the Company had been trying to do since the 70's. In order to protect individuals who did not wish to register their abilities with the government or found themselves and their families on the run for being Evolved, they created the Ferrymen network. Spanning across North America with contacts in other parts of the world as far as France and Sweden, the group's primary objective is to hide those who need to be hidden and — in particularly extreme situations — smuggle them out of the United States into countries with safer political climates and attitudes toward the Evolved.

In New York, there are several Ferrymen safehouses and way stations scattered throughout the Greater Metropolitan Area. Each safehouse has its own rules and is run by its own operator, though all members of the organization keep in close contact with one another should collective action become necessary. Notable operators and organizers also include Grace Matheson and Meredith Gordon.

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced A Common Enemy
Leadership Wenzhuo Zhao

The Ghost Shadows

The Ghost Shadows are one such Hong Kong triad that sprouted up in New York city in the 1970s. The Ghost Shadows activities include extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and gambling. They were nearly stamped out in the late 1990s due to corruption from within and complications with the NYPD and their rivals the Flying Dragons. However, in 2009, an alliance of convenience with Daniel Linderman allowed them to wrest control of the remaining disparate Triad in New York City, and crush the Flying Dragons, rising the Ghost Shadows to terrifying power and influence.

Inaugurated June 2009
Introduced June 17, 2009
Leadership Sarisa Kershner


FRONTLINE is a special operations unit of the US military. Its membership is comprised entirely of Evolved individuals, and its purpose is to provide a final line of defense against the actions of violent Evolved. FRONTLINE is to SWAT what the National Guard is to conventional law enforcement. FRONTLINE does not enforce laws, but has the task of defusing dangerous situations by any means appropriate.

FRONTLINE units are expected to be close-knit, highly mobile, and largely self-sufficient teams. They may be summoned to deal with Evolved situations at any hour of the day and on any day of the year, with backup often not available in a timely fashion. Scenarios FRONTLINE is intended to address include high-risk and hostage situations, apprehending violent Evolved individuals, counter-terrorism operations (particularly involving Evolved), and providing security against Evolved attacks for high-profile events.

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced September 5, 2008
Leadership Matthew Parkman

Homeland Security

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security pledges itself to preserving the freedoms of the United States of America, and ever since the revelation of the Evolved in 2007 and the subsequent actions the government has chosen to take, many might consider this an irony. The DHS works within American borders, to respond to natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and most recently, outbreaks of dangerous Evolved activity. It is headed by the Secretary of the DHS, Everett Hicks, who responds directly to President Nathan Petrelli.

Originally formed in 2001 as the Office of Homeland Security, and later reestablished as the Department of Homeland Security in 2002, as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks, its presence has been felt by the American public more than ever since the infamous Bomb of 2006. It acts as the strong arm of the government in dealing with Evolved problems, all in the name of America.

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Leadership Non-Centralized

Humanis First

Humanis First is the name pro-human anti-evolved individuals have united themselves behind to protest and fight the encroach of Evolved persons upon society. Members are typically self-declared and only loosely organized, as there is no official leadership or command structure to regulate the roster. Most communication and recruitment occurs online in Humanis dedicated message boards and chatrooms.

The vast majority of Humanis First is comprised by everyday bigots who act in a limited capacity or not at all, content to take out their frustration on the internet among like-minded associates. Some members are more aggressive and try to take matters into their own hands via violent confrontation or lawful protest. Only a few isolated groups, such as the paramilitary sect led by Danko, actively participate in terrorism. These few exceptions to the rule are responsible for most of the murders and fear tactics that make Humanis First a valid threat to the well-being of Evolved everywhere.

Inaugurated June 2009
Introduced PR.1NC3-55
Leadership Simon Broome

The Institute

The Commonwealth Institute of Science and Research originally began as an independent, nongovernmental public policy research center located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Institute was an operating program of the Commonwealth Foundation, an unendowed nonprofit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2008 the institute was publicly sold to the United States Government and became a part of a research and development branch of the Department of Defense, publicly researching the Evolved and technological and scientific breakthroughs relating to the Evolved.

Under the surface, the Institute performs secret experiments relating to the Evolved and contains potentially hundreds of captured Evolved for scientific research and experimentation, though this facet is only speculated by those whom have begun to fear the organization's true intentions.

In 2010 the Institute seemed to have revealed its true purpose as the US government's answer to the Company. The Institute worked to replace the Company and eventually unseat their base of power and overtake their infrastructure systems across the United States. But there is something going on beneath the surface of this organization that has yet to be revealed…

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced August 12, 2008
Leadership Karen Lau

Law Enforcement (NYPD)

The New York Police Department is the largest of its kind within the United States, responsible for keeping the peace within, currently, four of New York City's boroughs. While already tasked with an extensive array of specialized areas such as counter-terrorism all the way through to public transportation, the NYPD has, in recent years, been faced with the need to adapt to a new a new dynamic in New York City's crime climate — the public emergence of Evolved. They assist in enforcing Registration, the Evolved blood test added to the standard procedure of an arrest, as well as turning over unregistered Evolved to the appropriate authorities when required.

One of the biggest adaptations made was the forming of a task force named Special Counter-terror Operations and Unconventional Tactics, or otherwise known as SCOUT. Originally the Special Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Force (SCIIF), the SCIIF was granted an even bigger role in the wake of the terrorist activities of a pro-Evolved group then named PARIAH. Once renamed, the members of SCOUT were hand-picked by the Police Commissioner, and tasked with dealing with specifically Evolved cases that arose. However, in the summer of 2009, SCOUT was more or less disbanded when direct confrontation with Evolved criminals seemed to overlap into the territory of Homeland Security, although the NYPD are still required to deal with such as they are any citizen of New York City.

'Law enforcement' also acts as an umbrella term to include most government authority within the same field, such as agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other associates of the NYPD.

Inaugurated pre-game opening (Heroes canon)
Introduced August 26, 2008
Leadership Daniel Linderman

The Linderman Group

The Linderman Group is a major business empire in the hotel/gambling industry, having branches out into charitable affairs and social enterprises following the 2006 devastation of Midtown. The Linderman Group has poured millions of dollars in revenue into the continued efforts of reconstruction from that devastating tragedy, as well as into charitable organizations helping those displaced by the Bomb.

However, the taint of criminal associations and underworld manipulations played by the group's chair Daniel Linderman has left many with a sour taste in their mouth centering around this business empire many see as a modern day criminal empire, corporate ruthlessness mixed with the thugish intimidation of old-world mafia. Despite the Linderman Group's good deeds, they have gathered many enemies on many sides.

Inaugurated Summer 2009
Introduced January 26, 2010
Leadership Peter Petrelli and Rupert Carmichael


Born of the fires of revolution, Messiah is the violent result of the world's reactions to the Evolved. Following the destruction of the most prolific militant pro-Evolved organization PARIAH, the organization that has come to be known as Messiah had already begun taking shape. While groups like the Ferrymen are content to live outside of the boundaries of the law, they are a largely reactionary organization whose sole purpose is the safeguarding of Evolved who wish to escape Registration under the Linderman Act. Messiah is the sword to the Ferrymen's shield, even though the two do not directly associate with one another.

It is uncertain exactly when Messiah was founded, though the groundwork for the organization is believed to have been laid sometime in the summer of 2009 after the destruction of the Moab Federal Penitentiary in Utah. Messiah operates under the notion that nothing will change the way the world is turning save for an all-out war between the Evolved and the United States government. They are planning something massive, and if Messiah is allowed to fulfill its plans, there will be change.

Former Factions

Inaugurated pre-game opening (Heroes canon)
Introduced September 2, 2008
Retired August 31, 2010
Leadership Bob Bishop (chairperson)
Sabra Dalton (interim supervisor)

The Company

The Company was an organization with no initials, no name, and no obvious agenda. They were not affiliated with the American government, or at least, they never started out that way. The Company was established fifty years ago by a group of people known now as the Founders, the Company was devoted to keeping the secret of the Evolved from the general public for everyone's protection. They used methods that operated outside of the law and morality in general, such as the 'bag and tag' system of kidnapping Evolved and tagging them with isotope trackers through to imprisoning the dangerous ones completely.

In the wake of the Bomb of 2006, and the public's discovery of the Evolved in 2007, the Company had to work against the fact that the Evolved are no longer a secret, and neither are they — at least not to the highest of authorities within the American government. Operating within an uncertain allegiance with Homeland Security, with a limited sharing of intelligence, the Company had since rethought its strategies and priorities, and remained one of the most capable and secret forces when it comes to dealing with the Evolved.

In late 2009, a government agenda to remove the Company from power began with the founding of the Institute, a Company-like organization beholden (apparently) to the United States Government. At the end of August 2010, the Institute performed Operation: Hammerdown which severed the Company from the American government and branded those of the Company's ranks that did not bend a knee to the Institute as traitors and fugitives.

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced August 31, 2008
Retired December 14, 2008
Leadership Cameron Spalding (deceased)
Karl (deceased)


PARIAH's membership were the people who didn't agree with government policies against the Evolved. They came from all walks of life and followed all manner of ideals, but what PARIAH was and still is most notorious for were the individuals who chose to express their disagreement through acts of terrorism. PARIAH announced itself to the public on March 26, 2008, claiming responsibility for the arson of a Homeland Security Evolved Holding Facility eleven days prior. The group's slogan, Fortis et Liber — "Strong and Free" — soon became prominent amongst New York's collection of graffiti art, and the group carried out several other terrorist acts later that year — including the August 2008 confetti bombing of Crown Heights Police Station, a public statement at the 2008 Explosion Memorial in protest of Homeland Security's actions, and the November 2008 bombing of CitySoft, Inc. PARIAH was also deemed responsible for the destruction of Washington Irving High School in November 2008.

After the death of its original leader, Cameron Spalding, in October 2008, PARIAH's membership split, those who disagreed with terrorist tactics ultimately forming Phoenix to further their ideals. PARIAH itself was damaged beyond recovery in a December 2008 raid by SCOUT which killed two of its then-current leaders. The surviving members of PARIAH went on to found Shedda Dinu.

Although the faction has gone silent and is presumably no more, PARIAH remains a household name in New York City and across the nation. In the public eye, PARIAH is the representation of those who protest laws and lawful actions with excessive fervor and force; dangerous, reckless terrorists which pose a threat to everyone around them, even the most innocent.

Inaugurated pre-game opening (Heroes canon)
Introduced February 25, 2009
Leadership Arthur Petrelli


Inaugurated December 2008
Introduced December 16, 2008
Retired June 2009
Leadership Rupe Carmichael

Shedda Dinu

Shedda Dinu was founded by Rupe Carmichael following the final death of PARIAH when SCOUT raided the remaining group members' hide out in one violent and swift blow. While many PARIAH members scattered, Carmichael sought out those that remained within the city - a former member of the terrorist group himself, though he acted namely behind the scenes as a benefactor.

The intention was to take the passion that PARIAH wielded and transform those intentions from blunt action into much more subtle and pervasive methods. The name, Shedda Dinu, would only be spoken amongst those that were within the faction, rather than advertised as any sort of freedom fighter terrorist group. They would influence media and public perception while taking no claim for their acts and deeds, simply attempting to pull the strings between the existing tensions so that the public and the government in kind would see the harm behind anti-Evolved sentiment.

And much like the faction's formation, Shedda Dinu's dispersal was just as silent. Following the arrest of one of their field leaders, although whether this has any direct affect on the group's formation is up for debate as opposed to simply being fortunate, activity within the group came to a halt.

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced October 4, 2008
Retired January 28, 2009
Leadership Kazimir Volken (deceased)


The Vanguard was formed around an ideal, the ideal of a madman who desired to see the world cleansed of abominations and monsters — the evolved. Originally the ideal of the Vanguard was carried out solely by Kazimir Volken, little more than a man with murderous intent and a life that spanned over a century.

Upon the chance meeting of Amato Salucci, Kazimir would come to realize that his goals were larger than one man, larger than one country, or continent. After that day, Kazimir united the fractioned individuals he had met and made acquaintance with over his many long years, unified them into a secret organization of killers whose sole goal was the eradication of all Evolved, eventually, even themselves.

Initially, the Vanguard's culmination was a secret operation known as "The Final Solution" which purportedly involved nuclear weapons housed at a decomissioned military silo in Nevada. However, upon learning of the Shanti Virus, Kazimir Volken's plans changed, and soon it was not just the Evolved, but the entire world that would be cleansed. When a small faction of Kazimir's followers realized what his ultimate goal was, they banded together and broke away, vowing to not let his insanity continue.

Ultimately, Kazimir Volken was destroyed and his plans to release the Shanti Virus forever ended. However, some goals are bigger than merely one man, and some legacies live on in unexpected ways…

Inaugurated pre-game opening
Introduced November 29, 2008
Retired October, 2009
Leadership Chang Ye (deceased)
Liu Ye (missing)
Song Ye (deceased)

The Flying Dragons Triad

The Flying Dragons are a branch of the Chinese Mafia located in New York City. Originally a struggling crime cartel all the way through to the early 21st century, it took the cataclysmic upheaval of the bomb for an opportunistic and charismatic leader to arise in Chang Ye who turned the once declining Flying Dragons into a source of criminal power and enterprise as New York City struggled to recover from the bomb.

However, in early 2009, Chang Ye was murdered by agent Brian Winters of the Company, allowing Chang's two deranged children, Liu and Song to take a strangle-hold of the organization through strong-arm tactics and their evolved abilities. Ruling with fear and ruthlessness, their mad ways threaten to undo all of the hard work Chang put forth to the organization, and yet of Liu and Song's bid for power has even the mighty Linderman Group in its sights.

Unfortunately for the Flying Dragons, the Linderman Group proved too cunning, and a spy within their organization named Ling Chao successfully infiltrated the organization and gained Liu-Ye's confidence, and in turn with Hao-Tung was able to broker a deal with the Ghost Shadows to crush the Flying Dragons and take over their operations.

Inaugurated October 2008
Introduced October 29, 2008
Leadership Helena Dean (current)
Catherine Chesterfield (assistant lead)
Teodoro Laudani (former acting) _


Phoenix is a pro-evolved organization loosely associated with the former pro-evolved terrorist organization PARIAH. They were formed by members of the aforementioned organization who wished to take a more non-violent approach to Evolved issues in the wake of the death of PARIAH's leader Cameron Spalding. However, Phoenix has suffered many difficult instances where it was forced to use force for the "greater good" and earned themselves a bitter reputation as terrorists and trouble-makers in the media. Their catch-phrase, "RISE UP" can be seen spraypainted across many places in New York City, along with imagery of a mythological Phoenix.

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