Raytech Industries
Leadership Richard Ray
Kaylee Thatcher
Valerie Ray
Warren Ray
Founded March 2014
Type Corporation Headquarters Raytech Renaissance Center, Detroit
Raytech Industries Campus, NYCSZ
Status Active
Contact Richard, Kaylee
Reputation Raytech Industries has an excellent reputation as a company; they're known for working closely with the areas around their offices and working to improve standards of life there, including hiring locally whenever possible. They deal fairly with other corporations as well, and their innovations tend to be highly sought after.

Company Profile

Raytech Industries is a light manufacturing company with official branches in Detroit (home branch) and the New York Safe Zone; they focus on prototyping rather than production, innovating new technologies and then selling the patents to other companies. They have known business connections to Yamagato and to the government, as well as some other, smaller companies interested in the technology they’re pioneering. They're a relatively small fish in the corporate pond, but what they do produce tends to be cutting-edge for its field.

They're best known for their infrastructure and automation technology, as well as their eco-friendly approach to the former. The Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse project to prevent further food shortages in the Safe Zone was just the start of the transformation of Jackson Heights, as the Raytech Industries Campus continues to expand throughout the area. Their Spottm robots have become a common sight in the area and in Detroit, and between the FETCH and Pryr apps, Raytech technologies are becoming a more frequent part of day-to-day life.

Their other well-known projects are in non-lethal security weapons, many of which are known to be field-tested by Wolfhound in their activity before being propagated to law-enforcement and other security companies.

Raytech Industries

Additional Info


Board of Directors

Management Team


  • Babar "Bob" Barazani - Head of Physical Security (RIC)
  • Diana Hahn - Executive Field Guard Captain
  • Lou Marconi - Security Communications Lead
  • Mike Gordon - Bodyguard for Elisabeth Harrison
  • Alessandro Molina - Bodyguard for Elisabeth Harrison

Department Staff

Biotechnological Research

Infrastructural Research

  • TBA - Director of Infrastructural Research
  • Seren Evans

Automative Research

Anomalous Research

this department does not exist


  • Sera Lang - Front Desk Administrator/Secretary


Outside Liaisons

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