Shedda Dinu
Leadership Adam Monroe Founded 2008
Type Secret Society Headquarters Times Square Building, Rochester, New York
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Shedda Dinu is a cell of a little-known secret society operating with a seemingly inscrutable agenda. Underworld groups know them as a high-paying and dangerous subversive organization.

Shedda Dinu is an international secret society founded in late 2008 by Adam Monroe. The organization's ultimate goal is to ensure that the Evolved control civilization. Shedda Dinu's members generally believe the Evolved are a superior step in evolution and the rightful inheritors of the Earth. To this end, Adam quietly gathered powerful Evolved from around the world, working to build a cell-structured organization with these goals in mind. Shedda Dinu's greatest allies are the like-minded Mazdak organization, which counts Shedda Dinu leadership among its ranks. In the wake of the Second American Civil War, Shedda Dinu is moving to make their dream for an Evolved-controlled world a reality, and prepares to deal a final deathblow to the humans who sought to control and murder their kind.

Shedda Dinu

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Sheddu Dinu first appeared prior to the Second American Civil War as a clandestine organization led by Rupert Carmichael. Shedda Dinu's outward goal was the dismantling of the current US government and the formation of a powerful coalition of Evolved that could rise up and infiltrate the government. Carmichael was, at his heart, a disciple of a far greater threat: Adam Monroe. However, Carmichael was merely an arm of the greater Dinu organization Adam was building, setting the stage for Adam's growing agenda to place the Evolved in positions of power and overthrow the fearful and reactionary "mundane" humans. However, Rupert Carmichael fell prey to the very enemies he sought to defeat, abandoning Shedda Dinu and becoming embroiled in a government conspiracy and ultimately betraying his kind for promises of personal power. Rupert's ultimate reward was assassination, and the name Shedda Dinu faded from history almost as quickly as it was heard.

In 2016, after liberating the powerful Evolved known as Garza, Adam set about rebuilding Shedda Dinu using his now significant resources. Reaching out to allies and like-minded individuals, Adam slowly rebuilt Shedda Dinu under the cover of a privately owed financial institution. Now, they seek to lay the groundwork for a coming war.


Core (An Dinu)

New York (Shedda Dinu)



Shedda Dinu counts the Middle Eastern political movement Mazdak as close allies. Manu of Shedda Dinu's upper leadership holds positions of respected authority within Mazdak, and through Shedda's connections with Praxis Heavy Industries, moves military hardware into Mazdak's control. As such, Shedda Dinu sometimes calls on Mazdak to carry out its operations, even if they themselves are not aware of Shedda Dinu's hand at play.

Praxis Heavy Industries

Adam Monroe secretly holds controlling interest in Praxis Heavy Industries under an assumed identity. As such, he is able to manipulate and utilize their finances and production facilities to carry out his own agendas, from military robotics design, biotech research, weapons research, and financial blackmail. Two additional members of Shedda Dinu sit on Praxis' board. Praxis is Shedda Dinu's greatest financial and material asset and they guard it viciously.

Non-Evolved Roles

While Shedda Dinu is a pro-Evolved organization, they still utilize a significant number of non-Evolved allies and operatives. Many of whom believe that the outlook of Shedda Dinu is right, and that the Evolved deserve to rule, others believe that by displaying obedience there will be a place for them in the new world. Non-evolved operatives never rise above field work and are never given leadership positions, and this diminishing separates the dedicated from the opportunistic. However, Shedda Dinu leadership promises that they control a means to bestow Evolved abilities on non-evolved operatives, and that most loyal can receive this gift.


In Sumerian, the phrase Shedda Dinu can be literally translated as "Judge of Demons", though this is not an accurate understanding of the intricacies in the Sumerian language. Given full context, Shedda Dinu means "Wrathful Spirits of Judgment". Shedda (also translated as Shedu in Assyrian) refers to a protective spirit from Mesopotamian legend, also known as Lamassu (spoken of in the Epic of Gilgamesh). Shedda are celestial creatures represented in such heavenly bodies as the stars, auroras, or eclipses. Shedda are depicted as protective deities because they encompass all life within them. In the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, they are depicted as physical deities that house divine spirits. In this definition, Shedda Dinu are the executors of this judgment. In the eyes of its members, as its leader Adam Monroe defines, the mythological Shedda represent the Evolved of old and exist as an arm of their judgment.

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