Yamagato Industries
Leadership Interim CEO: Hayate Kawahara (formerly Kimiko Nakamura)
Yamagato NYC President: Role Vacant (formerly: Kin Egami)
Founded 1968
Type International Corporation Headquarters Corporate HQ: Yamagato Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Local HQ: Yamagato Building, Yamagato Park, NYC Safe Zone
Status Active
Contact Manhattan
Reputation Yamagato Industries is a global leader in future technologies. Yamagato is renowned for their advancements in robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence research, and environmentally-conscious civilian engineering. Yamagato Industries is solely responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and growth of the NYC Safe Zone, and as such get their fair share of praise and blame for all the good and ills the city faces.

Yamagato Industries is an extremely powerful and influential multinational technology and heavy industry corporation based out of Tokyo, Japan. Founded by Kaito Nakamura in the late 1960s, Yamagato Industries has been a world leader in technological innovations for nearly 50 years. Yamagato Industries is one of the few corporations owned by former Company founders not to be dissolved after the fall of the Company in 2010, due to its international status and Japan's unwillingness to comply with the company's financial dissolution. After Kaito's murder that same year, his daughter Kimiko took control of the corporation. Yamagato creates spectacular technological innovations by pairing the brightest minds in the world with some of the most advanced and skills SLC-Expressive humans available. Yamagato eagerly talent scouts SLC-E candidates for employment who possess abilities that can assist in technological or scientific research.

Following the Second American Civil War, Yamagato Industries was given an exclusive contract to rebuild New York City by establishing the NYC Safe Zone. Yamagato, in turn, was afforded a plot of international territory known as Yamagato Park where United States laws are not enforceable, effectively giving the company its own fiefdom on US soil which operates much as an international consulate but is beholden only to Yamagato Industries.

Yamagato Industries

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Yamagato NYC Membership

Administration of Yamagato Industries NYC facilitates operations between all departments.

Civil Engineering & Technology Division
Headed by Marlowe Terrell, the CET Division focuses on civilian and military technological advancements focused on the growth, protection, and improvement of the NYC Safe Zone. This department also furthers Yamagato's broader guiding principal of technological advancement, and is currently maintaining bleeding-edge research in cybernetics and artificial intelligence. As a part of their arrangement with the United States Government, the CET Division plays host to a liaison from the US Department of Energy.

The Yamagato Biosciences division primarily concerns itself with the development of GMO foods and synthetic meat for consumer markets. This small but well-funded branch of the company has grown in leaps and bounds since the foundation of the Safe Zone and works in coordination with Raytech Industries on the Raytech-Yamagato Greenhouse.

Yamagato Security
As an internationally independent site apart from the United States, Yamagato Park commands its own expansive private security force that polices Yamagato Park and all interior confines. These security forces have absolute authority within Yamagato's dominion and have zero authority outside of the bounds of Yamagato Park. As a part of their arrangement with the United States Government, Yamagato Security plays host to a liaison from SESA to help settle inter-jurisdictional disputes.

Yamagato Fellowship
The Yamagato Fellowship is a charity organization focusing on the arts and humanities. In the wake of the social and political upheaval leading up to and during the Second American Civil War, the Yamagato Fellowship has turned its charitable efforts to the future reconstruction of libraries, museums, theaters, and other such places of learning and culture within the New York area. The Yamagato Fellowship operates out of the Yamagato Fellowship Center adjacent to the Yamagato Building.

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