Failure And Stitches


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Scene Title Failure And Stitches
Synopsis Magnes flies a wounded Carrie to Fort Hero for treatment for her gunshot wound.
Date July 23, 2009

Fort Hero - Infirmary

Fort Hero's infirmary is another incongruous clash between modern and antique. In out-of-the-way corners, bits of old machinery has been shoved — but so much else is shiny and new, or the next best thing to it. The various rooms, from patient beds to an ICU to an operating room and various labs are equipped with top-of-the-line instrumentation. There are some things the base doesn't have, but it has the infrastructure to practically qualify as a hospital in its own right. However, not even the pervasive use of antiseptics in this wing can quite get rid of the scent of damp stone.

With an arm firmly planted around her waist, having concentrated on trying to slow her bleeding with gravity and decrease the strain from the weight on her arm, before they even took off, he's carrying her very quickly across the city. They're very high, the buildings being a good 500 feet below them as he zips in the direction of Fort Hero. She doesn't have to worry about any feelings of falling (Except any obvious fear of weights), since she's being affected by gravity in the same way that he is. "You alright, Carrie?" he asks, flying with her in a typical cradled Lois Lane position. Oh yes, he is enjoying this.

It took some doing, but finally Carrie was convinced that flying was the best way to get where she needed before things got worse. So tossing aside pride, she let him take her flying… She's scared out of her mind.

Her good arms looped around behind his neck, Carrie's face it literally buried against Magnes' neck so that she doesn't have to see anything. Of course that means anything he's wearing will be soaked in blood from her shoulder and arm by time they land, but at least the bleeding was slowed down. An act that probably saved her from passing out like a weak girl.

When Carrie answers, her voice is muffled. "I'll be better when we land. Please say it's soon." There is no hiding the fear in her voice.

"We're here, don't worry." Magnes wooshes down into the trees, not landing directly near the base, then they go flying through the private area of the park, where they don't have to worry about people spying, eventually flying her through the building, and to the infirmary.

"Alright, you can open your eyes now. You're really cute when you're afraid of heights." he teases, then laughs and gently lowers her to her feet.

There is a lot of surprise from the infirmary staff as the scramble out of the way of the flying Magnes. Though not as much surprised as the condition of Carrie in his arms. Considering agents are not out dealing with cases, they are rather surprised to see a gunshot wound. A member of the staff is already on the phone calling in the on call doctor.

On her feet, Carrie sways a bit as she pulls away. "Thank god, I don't know how much more I could have taken." She gives him a bit of a glare. "I am not cute," she mutters as she directed to the table, and helped to sit on it.

The blood soak shirt is quickly removed, good thing she's wearing a sports bra underneath. "You took a risk coming after me, Magnes." Carrie says, starting to feel all that running and stuff hit her finally. She looks really tired. "Shoulda just sent the help like I asked." She's not yelling.. or upset… just weary.

"Help came, but they couldn't find you. I heard the gunshots, I had to go or no telling what would have happened. I was the only one who came that could fly. And I have police training now, well, I'm not finished, but I have enough to know how to safely enter a dangerous situation." Magnes explains, as if to say he's not quite a kid anymore… at least as far as police stuff is concerned.

There is a hiss of pain from Carrie as they start to clean blood from the wound, her shoulder hunch out of instinct. Glancing from where she's sitting on the table she gives him a faint smile. "No.. your right. Sorry Magnes." Closing her eyes, she looks defeated. "You did good. Just… your still training. It's on my head you get hurt or killed."

Her shoulder jerks and she gives a soft yelp of pain. "Be careful." She snaps at the attendant. Leveling a glare at the man, she finally turns back to Magnes. "Though… don't be surprised if they pull me as your trainer." She grumbles sadly. "Not my most glowing performance as an agent."

"They're not pulling you as my training." Magnes says with a firm nod, walking to sit next to her where he won't get in the way. "I don't want anyone else as my trainer, I trust you. And I know you have my best intentions in mind…"

Reaching over to pat his knee, Carrie sighs, "Just have to see. I'm sure Len's gonna have something to say to me. Since I did this without anyone knowing." There is a wince as they continue to work, doctor not there yet, to stitch her up. There is silence for a long moment only punctuated by pained sounds from her. "I'm sorry, Magnes. I spent all this time tracking down Minea.. and I failed at it. I couldn't bring her in."

"I'd rather have you alive than Minea captured." Magnes softly answers, moving a hand to reassuringly grasp her's. "Don't risk your life for me like that, just be here for me, and eventually we'll capture her."

Studying Magnes for a moment and opens her mouth to say something when the attendant prods at her shoulder, instead she yelps and turns on the person. "Look if you could not stick your fingers in it.. I'd appreciate it." The person backs away from the hurt agent, as Carrie glares after him.

About this time, the doctor, looking rather unhappy from being bothered from whatever he was doing, saunters in and preparations are started for the stitching of the front and back of her shoulder. Trying not to think about what she's about to go through she looks back at Magnes, giving his hand a squeeze. "Thanks for the save, Magnes. Though, I'm sorry I put you in that position." Her eyes drop to his bloodied clothes. "You should go change your stuff. No reason to sit here and watch them patch me up and slap a band aid on me, anyway." She gives him a grin, though the humor of what she says next doesn't reach her eyes. "Plus, don't want your girlfriend to see you sitting here holding another woman's hand."

"She's beat up too." Magnes says with a slight sigh, then gently releases her hand and stands. "I'm gonna go study, I'm sure we can watch a movie or something by the time you're done. And I'm sure you don't wanna scream in pain in front of me, so I'll leave you alone."

Brushing off the doctor for a moment, Carrie reaches out to grab Magnes' hand and pulls him back. "Your right. I don't. Call it a matter of pride." She says softly with a small smile. She lets go of his hand so that she can grab his collar and pull him down far enough so that she can give his cheek a chaste kiss. "Good work today, Magnes. Your gonna be a good agent." She says softly, before letting him go with a pat to his cheek. "Now.. go study. I'll talk to you later." She slump a bit and closes her eyes getting ready.

"S-sure…" Magnes says with a bright bashful smile, rubbing his cheek as he exits the infirmary. Yes, he enjoyed that too.

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