Failure to Share


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Scene Title Failure to Share
Synopsis Josh has noodles. Krystal does not. Ethan smirks.
Date October 21, 2008

Outside Exotica, Brooklyn

It is late in the evening, one of the dancers from the Exotica stands outside of the club a cigarette in her fingers. She draws on the thin clove lightly, the scent of sweet smoke ebbs along the wind tides. A soft sigh escapes her lips as her eyes flicker over the passing people.

Josh is one of those passing people, dressed casually since it's after work hours. He has a box of Chinese food in his hand and is scooping up noodles in a pair of chopsticks. He is also making a mess; one greasy noodle drops onto the front of his shirt, and he stops to make a face at it.

Parked on the side of the street is a black Lincoln Town and Country. Sitting on the trunk is a balding man in his mid-thirties. A cig is in between two of his fingers, as he takes a deep pull of it and puffs the smoke out, Ethan is just watching people on the streets.

Krystal smiles softly as she watches Josh drop his dinner and she seems to target him for something or another. Her eyes they settle on him and she pushes away from the building. Her steps gear the young woman to walk beside him "you look as if your enjoying that" she says in a soft tone. As she steps closer to him her desire for his food is noted by her eyes, she is focused upon scoring herself a free meal.

Josh flicks the noodle off his shirt and onto the ground. "And so's my shirt," he tells Krystal amiably. "Cool hair." He seems oblivious to her hunger for his noodles.

For now Ethan simply watches. Sitting on the trunk of his car he continues to smoke as his deep eyes set on the two interacting on the other side of the street. He tucks his free hand into his coat pocket as he relaxes.

Krystal smiles softly her head tilts slightly to the side as she watches Josh, a soft smile adorns her lips as she moves her way closer to him. "ahh yes yes it is." she moves her fingers lightly through her curls and she smiles "But it is a good look for you really" she says as she reaches up her slender hand softly "mind sharing?" she asks with a wry smile, her eyes dancing

"Noodles are a good look for me?" Josh repeats, sounding a little puzzled, brow furrowed. He gives her a funny look, glances at the building she was leaning on, noting the sign, then at her again and what she's wearing, and then at his noodles. And he looks very briefly amused, but he hasn't answered yet.

Smirking a little bit, Ethan leans back on the back of the car. Folding his arms, he takes another drag from the cig as he watches the stripper and the man speak.

Krystal licks her lips softly, the woman shifts her foot softly as he has not answered reaching to collect a few noodles with her fingertips, her eyes watch his own and she flirts shamelessly. "thanks…" she says as she takes the noodles to her lips, "they probably wont do a thing for my complexion" she says softly before taking a drag off her cloves. This is one girl used to getting things handed to her.

Josh pulls his box back a little late and glances down inside it. She just touched his food. With her fingers. Which have been who knows where? "Uh. That was kind of gross right there," he points out. "Also, I might be getting a cold. Just so you know."

Sliding off of the trunk, Ethan throws his cigarette to the ground. Stamping on it, he takes his other hand out of his coat pocket. He smirks as Josh has trouble warding off the stripper thief of his food and then makes his way to the drivers side door of the car. Opening the door he slides in, giving them both a final look before he shuts the door. Just watching.

Krystal shrugs "A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do" she says "most folks wouldn't mind sharing".. she pouts, actually and gets sad. So sad that her emotions get the better of herself and start lashing out at people around her. She turns from him, her heart broken as he takes the food away with such menace! The small temper tantrum is shared, as her pheromones wash over the people nearby and she turns back to her wall to finish her cigarette looking completely put off.

Josh looks down at his noodles again, shoulders slumping. "I was really enjoying those," he mumbles. "And now they're ruined." A sigh, and he walks over to the nearest trash can and drops the carton in. Ethan's given a sorrowful look. Did you see? With the noodles?

Being on the other side of the street, Ethan is saved from the sadness. And it is lucky for Krystal that he is. He gives Josh a nod as his car starts to drive off. The car rumbles off away from the pair.

Krystal frowns deeper as he simply dumps the noodles into the can, she finishes her cigerette and turns to head inside the joint .. with hopefully some better luck on getting dinner for free.

Josh shoves his hands in his pockets and looks both ways before he trots across the street.

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