Fair Is Foul


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Scene Title Fair is Foul
Synopsis A witchy witch and a hopper meet.
Date February 21, 2018


Even in the ruins neither the few inhabitants nor those passing through frequently look up. The tops of buildings are nigh on unreachable by mundane means, but strolling along up there is Eimi. The hood of her hoodie is drawn up, her jacket is pulled around her shoulders, and there's a worn out satchel slung cross-body.

And the slight figure strolls along the ruined rooftops and the edges of buildings, using ledges that once served other purposes as a walkway.

More remarkable, though, is what happens when she gets to the edge, where there's no ledge left to walk on. The girl disappears, and reappears half a block down the street at a similar height, on a wire grate that was once the top of a fire escape. She pulls out a small scope from a pocket, uses it to look further, and then keeps going, disappearing again, and coming to the next was-a-fire-escape ledge.

There aren't many people looking up and there aren't many people usually just out in the open either. Or singing. Eve is doing all of those and more. Lounging in a pile of rubble her feet sticking out she sings with a smoky voice, it fits because there is smoke lifting from her hand. An almost finished spliff still going.

You wonder where you're going

You wonder who you've been

Your heart only knows worry

And you're breaking at the bones

Her midnight black hair is in a thick, long braid thrown over her shoulder. A few loose strands frame her voice. Her eyes are closed as she sings, brow furrowed.

Black it out, you know why you run

Run through, the shades into the sun

The older woman wears a long dark green sweater dress with black leggings underneath. Her knee high leather boots are cleanish. She's been running around the ruins today. The bartender taking care of things at Cat’s Cradle.

Singing? That's unusual enough for Eimi to change directions, towards Eve. The girl walks a few steps and then teleports, walks a few steps and then teleports, walks a few steps and then teleports, and it's the last one, across the street from Eve so as to better listen to the song that creeeaaaaks beneath the weight of suddenly supporting a person, bolts coming out from the brick at an alarming rate. Oops.

But what would be alarming normally doesn't seem to bother Eimi too much. Even as the step is tearing beneath her she takes a half-step, half jump into the air to teleport. And reappears in the alley behind the pile of rubble that Eve occupies. "You sing good," the teen says, before disappearing up to the rooftop right above.

Don't fall into the sun

Without breaking her singing, Eve waves her free hand at the teen. Finished with her song she takes a pull from the joint before popping one light gray eye open to spot Eimi on the rooftop nearby. “You hop good,” smoke billowing from her face.

The older woman smiles and waves up the teen, “Find anything interesting?”

Eyeing the teen’s satchel with a raised eyebrow. Scavenging isn't frowned upon, it's encouraged. It's how you survive. “Girls that scavenge live.”

It gets half a grin from Eimi. "It's better than falling." Or walking at ground level, given that bad neighbourhood doesn't even begin to cover most of the ruins.

One hand wraps around the straps of the bag, and there's a shrug.

"Not much today," she says. "Some spare clothes, a few books to read." Eimi shifts her weight from one foot to the other. "And then leave on the bookseller's table in the market as an apology for the one I took the other day." After this, Eimi falls silent and stares at Eve, recognition of the other woman's face there but just beyond her conscious grasp, and watches for a reaction.

“Knowledge is power.” How you get it is how you get it. Eve smiles before tossing the spliff to the ground near her. “You are a well behaved thief.” Eve likes. The seer sits up and swings her legs over and out the dip she's laid in, she wrestles a messenger out from the rubble and pulls it over her head resting now on her shoulder.

“What do you read, Hopper?”

This girl interests Eve and her ability is fascinating and amusing to watch. She's hopping.

Eimi shifts the bag so that she can look into it for a moment, and says, "Anything I can find," before reading off the titles. "Lord of the Flies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, uh… Mac… Macbeth?" The last one is stumbled over, momentarily. "Books are good."

She grins. "I'm going to return the one from the other day, too. I don't need to keep them after I read them." The bookseller would have probably been willing to lend it. But that would have required interaction. "You're Eve Mas." Recognition finally sets in. "Sometimes I read newspapers," what few of them were still printed, "and flyers, too." ——

“Lord of flies,” she chuckles softly the sound echoing off the buildings around them. “That tells you the story of not trusting everyone. When we’re desperate.. man does horrible things.” Look at their current history. “Books are good, they feed the soul. Keep them close,” Eve hums and raises her hands into the air.

“But you can already see the world in full view! Your gift allows you to hop hop hop on away. That is special.” The older woman is grinning up at Eimi and then she tilts her head and nods, “The one and the same.”

She narrows her eyes briefly, “You've seen my face.” A pale hand cups her cheek, “They said it would be harder to roam around with my face plastered everyone, HA HA HA. They don't look everywhere, not nearly enough!” She cackles and claps her hands together twice. “Ok!”

Placing her hands on her hips she looks up at Eimi, “Are you gonna take me for a ride Hopper?” There's a hand in the air.

"Macbeth is interesting too," Eimi says. "I started reading it earlier."

The question is considered, briefly, and then Eimi appears in front of Eve, considering the woman briefly before there is a nod. "My name's Eimi, technically," she says by way of introduction, and then there is a slight smile. "But I kinda like 'Hopper'." There's another nod and she holds one hand out to Eve, the other digging in her pocket until she comes out with the monocular scope she has with her.

"Take a deep breath," Eimi says, by way of instruction, when the older woman has taken her hand. "Hold it and count to five in your head."

“He’s so depressed.” Eve means about Macbeth. “Poor guy, married his mother- Ahhhh Odeipus Rex… have you read it? The mother didn't want to see.” The older lady claps her hands over her eyes before peeking through her fingers. “Hopper it is.”

There's a moment of pondering as she takes the younger one's hand and takes a deep breath. Eve is determined to keep her eyes open though. She's gotta see.

Eimi also takes a breath in, although it's a normal one for her, and her fingers twine around Eve's hand. She looks through the glass, about a half a mile down the road from them.

And then there is nothingness, dark, not even the actual sensation of motion. Not even necessarily a lack of air, but better to be safe.

That's all that there is to see.

On that fifth count they reappear in the street standing just like they were, in a clear slot amongst the rubble, in the afternoon sunshine such as it is. But it's almost impossibly bright compared to where they just were in between. Eimi smiles, and then glances up, at a wall and what little remains of what used to be a skyscraper, and says, "Take another breath. We can go up there, this time." That is, if the other woman is still up for it after the first experience.


The older woman looks around in wonder at Eimi’s talent. Hopper indeed. Gray eyes survey the area around them. She has been teleported before and they have all been different. Kent’s might have been her favorite but Eimi’s is a rush! She can see why the young woman does this often. She would too. “Oh good I wanna see up there.”

She squeezes Eimi’s hand and nods before holding her breath again.

Eimi giggles a little bit, and looks up towards the other woman even though Eve is actually only slightly taller than her. Eve's enthusiasm is contagious, it would seem.

Again, there is a brief few seconds of darkness, no more than five seconds, and when they reappear they are on a small section of concrete that was part of the roof. Without teleportation, flight, or some other means, it's a section that's nearly impossible to get to on foot, connected to the wall and the rebar and not much bigger than five feet square. This one, at least, is stable although the teenager doesn't let go of Eve's hand, and from the ease of which Eimi finds their footing she's been up here numerous times before.

The older of the adults gasps as she sees the sight that Eimi’s ability has afforded her. She clings tightly to Eimi’s hand. “Makes you wonder,” the woman grins softly her hair whipping in the wind as she stares up and ahead of them. “How we ended up as second class citizens.” Not so much now but…

“You are immensely talented. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Ever.” Eve waves her finger in Eimi’s direction and then spreads that hand open wide, wiggling her long, delicate pale fingers. “Hopper is a Hopper.” She likes that and she snickers, Eve often seems not her age. Maybe she's timeless. She said that once to a friend.

“You don't have a home.” It's a statement not a question.

The skyline is different than it used to be, before the repeated destruction. But it's still impressive in its own way.

"I don't have a lot of things," Eimi says, but it's not an upset statement, just an acknowledgement. "I haven't… in a long time. As long as I've had this." Her ability.

She's entirely at ease at the height where they are, and the way that her gaze flicks over the ruins is obvious that she's got several destinations nearby in mind should there be a reason to move.

"I don't know… I've been. A lot of places. But this is New York." Eimi pauses to think, choosing her words carefully. "There isn't anywhere further that way." She points east towards the ocean. "And… I like the people I've met." Eve is afforded a small but genuine smile and tacitly included in that statement. "I've been thinking I should stay."

“Yes you do have that.” Her ability, her gift. Eve continues to cling to the woman's hand. She doesn't so much look nervous as she does curious. “What a long fall down,” she comments absently. The seer listens to Eimi’s words with a look out to the skyline as well. Her home, oh how it's changed. She weeps inside for it, it was a hub of activity once. A place of power in the world. Now reduced to rubble oh how they mighty have fallen.

“Maybe you should, ruined or not. The city has.. always been exciting.” Not a dull moment to be had here she thinks at least not for her.

“If you want,” She waves her free hand before fixing Eimi with a stare. “I have space in my loft for a Hopper. Just when you need it,” Eve figures that the young capable woman ever really needs help but the offer is made.

There's another small smile, and Eimi nods. "I… I might take you up on that. At least sometimes."

A pause, and Eimi adds, "Fair is foul, and foul is fair," quoting Macbeth, "hover through the fog and filthy air." And then she says, "C'mon," not that there's any other option down. "There's another view I… I think you'll like. It's a little bit that way."

“Those Witches knew some things.” Eve comments absently as she grins over at Eimi. The older woman looks up at the sky and closes her eyes. She's envious of Eimi, she can just go, whenever, wherever.

The older woman can go places too, in her head and those places hurt her brain more than help. But this ability, this hopping. It gives Eve something she hasn't felt really in a while. An escape, an easy one. No consequences on her end.

“Lead the way Hopper.”

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