Fairies Deliver?


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Scene Title Fairies Deliver?
Synopsis There is a surprising reveal when Kaylee goes to bring some things to the residence of Apartment 501. One refugee knows the Ferryman. Small World.
Date September 04, 2010

Gun Hill: The Ryan's Apartment

When she had gotten the bulletin, Kaylee Thatcher had been rather surprised that there were company agents in their building. The whispers around the floors were that one in particular had family. Many of the Ferry wouldn't be overly happy about the agents in a safe house, since these are the people that supposedly hunted their kind and locked them up.

However, despite who they were they had basic needs, so on her way home Kaylee stopped into the Ferrymen's supply depot, Grand Central and wiggled things from the operators. With a box of things for the family in the one apartment, Kaylee takes those last few steps to the top floor of the building.

She glances down the hall, even as she steps up to the door. Today Kaylee is wearing a pair of jeans with holes in the knees, a black tank that is topped with a dark blue flannel shirt. Her blonde hair has been loosely gathered at the back of her head, parts of her hair sticking out at odd angles and strands of the shorter hairs falling in loose curls around her face.

With a small smile, Kaylee reaches out and knocks gently on the door, there is someone there… she checked. "Ferry Delivery Services." She calls with a grin. "Got some shampoo… soap… cookies?" Stuff everyone needs!

With her dad and Huruma out of the apartment for a little bit on 'business' of some sort, Delia's been left to her own devices. It suited her just fine, since she's been recycling what little clothing she has. With one pair of jeans, she's been forced to wash them in the bathtub, only because she's been too afraid to leave the apartment. Dressed in a pair of jersey gym shorts and a lightweight white t-shirt that's a size or two too big, she scrubs out the socks and her own t-shirt in the sink while the jeans are soaking.

The knock surprises her to the point of splashing water all over the bathroom counter and floor. "Oh geez…" she breathes, an expression of concern washing over her face. She's going to get wrinkles if she doesn't start smiling soon. "Fairies deliver?"

Carefully removing the rubber gloves, she steps out into the hall and clips across the bare floor. There's still not much for furniture in the house, but they have the essentials: A book case, a futon, a bed and dresser in each room, and a little kitchen table with two chairs. Her father would have rather there be three, but Lucille hasn't been found yet.

Delia twists her unruly hair into a knot and ties it up at the back of her head. Carefully, she peeps through the peephole and gasps in surprise. It's someone she knows! "Uhm… uhhh… just a minute!!" She panicks and races into the kitchen, looking around for something, anything, to hide herself with.

When the door is finally opened, Kaylee is graced with the sight of Delia Ryans… or at least her hair and figure. The young redhead has covered her face in hummus in an attempt to disguise herself.

Amusement is clearly written on the young woman's face when the door opens. "I brought over supplies." The humor of the situation colors Kaylee's words as she doesn't out the young woman right away. "I figure you all could use stuff like cleaning supplies and…" She reaches down at her side and picks up a trashbag. "…clothes. These were waiting to be brought here when I went to pick up a few things."

Taking a step in, she drags in the bag and deposits it on the floor. Kaylee glances at the box in her arms and rummages around her the stuff and pulls out a bottle of shampoo and offers it to Delia. "I — think you'll need this." Her gaze flick up to the red smeared with hummus. "Not sure how good Hummus is for your hair." It's getting harder for the telepath to talk without a chuckle slipping through.

In her panic, Delia forgot that Kaylee was a telepath. "You can see right through it, can't you?" The question comes around the same time that the redhead plucks the shampoo from the blonde's fingers. "C'mon in… my Dad and Huruma are out somewhere. Probably getting into trouble." She's not worried though, not with Huruma with him. The giant woman has been regarded as a guardian angel for so long that Delia can't fathom her being anything else.

She walks into the kitchen and pulls her hand over her face, flicking the gobs of dip off of her with a grimace. "Don't worry, I'm not going to offer you any…" The hummus goes into the garbage.

When Delia's face is fairly clean, she looks over to the bags of clothing and then up to Kaylee. Her eyes are a little wide, her eyelashes still sport little grains of chickpea, and there's a few lines of dip where she didn't quite reach them. "There wouldn't happen to be facecloths or anything like that in there, would there? Because… it'd be really handy right now."

"Yeah… in the bag" Kaylee says still sounding overly amused. "Few bars of soap in the box too. If you could distribute it to some of the other Company guys living up here in the safe house?"

The blonde is curious to wander bit as she talks, eyes falling on the pictures on the wall, but she doesn't linger there long. "So.. your dad is a Company man." It's not a question, but a simple fact. Turning from glancing out the window, Kaylee flashes her a smile. "Don't worry. I'm not one of the ones that have bad feelings towards the Company.

"I know one of the Founders, even dated her son for a few months. They didn't like that at all." Kaylee flashes her a bright smile. "Use to work for another founder… which is how I ended up, eventually, being here with you." The smile slides away a bit, as she adds, "Lydia is worried about you, by the way… You know since you went missing."

"He… Yeah, Company man." Delia's learned so much about her father in the part month that it sets her mind reeling with how little she knew him. Perfect strangers to her seemed close friends to him. Her frown and long sigh telltale of the disappointment she's been feeling, how trapped.

Finding the facecloth and soap, she returns to the ktichen sink to begin methodically cleaning the rest of the hummus from her face. A smile touches her lips at the sight of the soap and she gives a very long sniffle, trying to blink the tears forming in her eyes away. Lavender… how did they know?

Gently, she rubs the bar over the cloth, bringing it to a small cloud of foam before rubbing it on her face. "Sorry…" a bit of soap gets in her mouth before she grimaces and makes a hacking sound. Sorry… You can hear me, right?

"When you scream like that yeah." Kaylee follows her and moves to hop up to sit on the bare counter to watch. "It try not to dig around in people head. I consider it.. you know… rude, but some stuff is harder to ignore." Hand rest on the counter while the back of her heels bump against the doors.

"Well, the fact that the Ferrymen took you in, it's a good sign anyhow." It's commented lightly, with a smile. "They took me in when I was on the run, as well, hid me and protected me. As long as you don't do anything to compromise what we have, they will continue to protect you." Kaylee glances out at the mostly empty apartment. "These are good people. They are mainly about those of us that are evolved.

"But, I guess they make exceptions." There is a small shrug of her shoulders, giving Delia a grin. "You're in good hands tho."

As she finishes washing the last of the hummus and soap away from her face, Delia gives Kaylee a rather meek smile. "How are things at the store? How's Lydia and Gabriel? And the kittens? And Huruma… and has anyone gone to feed Benjamin?" The collection of strays, big and small, had become the redhead's responsibility.

"I feel horrible that I left everything… I hope I'll be able to go back soon. I hate not doing anything. My life was always really busy before. Now… heh." She waves to the apartment which has been spotlessly cleaned and every polished as much as it possibly can be. With a heavy sigh, the redhead jerks her head toward the living room and raises her eyebrows in a silent question. Care to sit?

With a push of her hands, Kaylee hops off the cabinet to follow Delia. "Got the inventory done. Freaked Lydia out a bit when I tried to show her." That whole situation amusing the older of the two. "And Lydia is worried, since I went missing and they you did, too." There is a shrug of her shoulder, and a chuckle. "As for the cats… well.. they seem okay. I mean… I make sure to stay away. I'm — I'm more of a dog person.

"Oh.. hey, I live in Gun Hill, too." Glancing at the redhead, Kaylee grins brightly. "You get bored, or need something just flit on down to my place 202." A finger points at the floor and gives a little wiggle."You can meet Missy… just gotta ignore the growling she does to some people. She adores Joseph, but everyone else it's kinda… Case by case."

It's the most open, the telepath has been since they first met in the blonde's dreams. Amazing how something as hiding from the government will open people up.

"How can— But they— I jus— " Delia can't form a complete sentence she's so baffled, on the other hand her mind is absolutely screaming KITTENS. "Seriously?! You don't like kittens? They're kittens! They're like… kittens!" Letting loose all the breath in her lungs, she wrinkles her nose and shakes her hair loose in a big curly red poof.

Slumping against the counter, she wiggles her bare toes and looks over at Kaylee. "Really? You live here too?" Her eyebrow dart up with curiosity and she even manages a little bit of a smile. "Missy… is that… your dog?" That's when it becomes painfully obvious that Delia is more of a kitty person than a puppy person. "How big? Not really big, right? I mean… Terrier as opposed to great dane?"

"Don't get me wrong, their cute." Kaylee says with a chuckle moving to drop on the futon couch. "Then they grow up with foul attitudes." Her nose wrinkles a bit, not really liking the grown up part of it, but with a flick of her wrist it's dismissed. "Missy is my dog, she was hand raised with her siblings by someone else in the network. Her parents were feral dogs that had to be shot."

She studies the girl with amusement, "Not a dog person, huh?" A grin spreading across her lips, it almost seem mischievous. "Several in the building. Joseph and I tend to help each other with our dogs. He's got two. Missy's brother and then one that is like… huge, but the sweetest dog you'll meet." There is a fondness in her voice as she talks. "Much like the guy that owns her.

"Being here, you'll probably run into him at some point." Kaylee leans back in her seat and folds her hands together against her stomach.

Quirking one eyebrow upward, Delia's eyes rake in the tall blonde before dropping down on the futon next to her. "Joseph, huh? Is that your boyfriend?" The wistful tone of her voice would certainly indicate that there's something, and finding a new joy in romantic tales, the redhead's curiosity is piqued. Drawing one leg up against her chest, she leans her chin on it and watches Kaylee closely. "Because if he is… or even isn't… we should go on a double date or something sometime."

There's a little wrinkle in her nose at that point and she glances over at the window. "I mean.. unless this whole hiding business totally destroyed my chances with this guy that I like. I wouldn't doubt it, I mean… you know what I mean? It's hard to get to know someone when you're supposed to not exist."

Those blonde brows lift high on her head, "Ah… no." The last word drawn out, even though there is a light coloring of her cheeks. "No, he's not. He's a… a friend. Pastor Joseph Sumter." Kaylee feels the need to stress that point, like that explains why he's not and can't.

"Anyhow…" Desperate to change the subject away from Joseph and latching into hers obvious affections for someone. "It can be, yeah. I mean… right now it's important to keep your head down." Kaylee says softly, "I think… and don't quote me, but they may look at getting you a new identity." Of course as she says that, she wrinkles her nose. "Just… make sure you have a say in the name. Anyhow, get that and you should be okay… maybe." Brows furrow a bit.

Pastor not Priest~, is sung through Delia's mind as she latches onto every inflection and drawn out syllable from Kaylee's lips. "Man of God, huh?" Her brilliant white smile is stretched out over her features. "You can't go wrong with that, I mean… he's not Catholic… so it's not like he can't have a girlfriend or anything." Already the redhead's wheels are turning, the forbidden love affair between the girl she works with and the pastor. There's a long sigh as Delia gets a rather dreamy and far off look in her eye. "It's just like The Chance of the Angel, the story of a young nurse who falls in love with a handsome young man that's destined for priesthood."

Pastor not Priest~, is sung through Delia's mind as she latches onto every inflection and drawn out syllable from Kaylee's lips but mostly the blush on her cheeks. "Man of God, huh?" Her brilliant white smile is stretched out over her features. "You can't go wrong with that, I mean… he's not Catholic… so it's not like he can't have a girlfriend or anything."

Already the redhead's wheels are turning, the forbidden love affair between the girl she works with and the pastor. There's a long sigh as Delia gets a rather dreamy and far off look in her eye. "It's just like The Chance of the Angel, the story of a young nurse who falls in love with a handsome young man that's destined for priesthood."

She's snapped out of her reverie by the blonde's chance to subject, "New identity what? But… Are they going to split me and dad up? Are we still going to be family? I know we'll still be family but on paper? It'd just look weird if I was living with some random old guy. Don't you think?"

It takes everything in Kaylee's being not to make the redhead stop, he cheeks pink with embaressment. It would only take a word and a little push of her ability, no one would be the wiser… right? Right? It's like another Colette, except this one reads romance novels.

"Yes." Kaylee says a touch more forcefully, ready to get far FAR from the subject of her love life… or lack there of. "New identity. I don't know what they will want to do. A lot of these places will have groups of people living in them. When I first went under the Ferry's care, I shared a room with a family.

"If it's necessary, they will split you up, but they try not too." Kaylee's cheeks slowly go back to their normal colors. "I wouldn't stress out about it."

"I thought… well can't we just stay in this place?" Delia's eyebrows furrow in worry and she presses her lips together, rolling them inward between her teeth. Turning her head, she looks down at the bare floor and chews on her lower lip for a little while. Unconsciously, she begins to pick at the cuticle of one of her thumbs, pushing it back as far as she can with her other thumbnail. "I don't know if I like the thought of not being with dad… they already can't find my sister."

Again, she falls silent and breathes in a very long sniffle. "Can I ask a huge favor?" She turns to look at the blonde for a while, her lip hitching up to form a little grimace. "When my dad told me that something might happen… I started packing some of my things up and putting them in the basement of the store." So that's why she was so determined to clean the basement. "In one of the boxes, there's a stuffed pink rabbit… do you think you can get it for me?" I think I need him again.

"Pink bunny?" A brow arches, but Kaylee doesn't judge, she likes having the bathroom light on at this point, to push away the shadows. Seems more comforting to know there is fewer places a person can jump out of. "Ah… yeah… I can do that.

"Hey, why don't you also write a note to Lydia. I… can't hand deliver it."There is a self-conscious look about her, finding an interesting spot on the floor to stare at. "But if you address it to the store, I can dump it in a mailbox for you. That way you can tell her you had an emergency. Just…." Her bottom lip is caught in her teeth for a moment. "Just don't mention me or the network."

Eyes openly plead with Delia, as she look up at the woman again, "We have to be careful, with all the familys. Kids, babies… we have them all."

"Yeah, sure… I was going to call her when things settled down enough that I could walk outside. Someone gave me a throw away phone, I just wanted to be away from here when I used it." Delia grins meekly, her other knee is drawn up to her chest and she hugs her long legs tightly. She wiggles her toe a little more as she stares at her feet, willing something to be on them instead of just the chipped polish on her toes.

"I've never had to do anything like this before, my life was normal, you know?" She rubs her chin restlessly against her knees, she can't seem to just sit still. "I don't even know if I'll ever be able to go to school again and if I can… I'll have to start all over. It'll take forever." School is easy to focus on, it's so vastly different than abilities which are their own little bucket of worms.

"Honestly?" Kaylee says with a grin. "You'll be fine. I had to go undercover and hide and wasn't able to do anything for… well… months" A bright grin is flashed at the red head. "I just got back into it this semester. Even changed to Columia so I could work towards law school."

Kaylee sits up and scoots to the edge of the futon, "Anyhow…" There is a soft sigh, as she says, "Speaking of college, I have some homework to do. Then Missy needs to be walked, I think I'll see if Joseph wants me to walk his two." It's something comical to see as the two puppies try to weave in and out the giant Alicia's feet. "Or… see if he… wants to go along. So I'll see you around."

Pushing to her feet, Kaylee glances around her at the sparse apartment. "It'll be okay." The telepath assures her. "Your in good hands and if you need anything… you know where I am."

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