False Starts


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Scene Title False Starts
Synopsis Dante catches up with Brennan as he's about to head out the door to inquire about bullets and armor impact.
Date December 10, 2010

Suresh Center - Brennan's Office, 3rd floor.

The hustle and bustle of the office is a hassle to many, and soothing to some. The chatter of talking, the rustling of papers, the ringing of phones, and the everpresent stench of coffee and stress in the air. So shortly after the big meeting with the Big Boss, everyone is working at a fever pace, keeping up with their tasks.

Dante Lupinetti in particular is wooshing about the halls like a race car driver, just barely avoiding running into people as he rounds corners at a tight clip. His tie has flipped itself over his shoulder, as he flips through a sheaf of papers in his hands, lips moving quietly as his dark eyes flick back and forth over the words. Without looking up, he knocks on Brennan's door, a quick ratattoo.

'Come in" It's brennan, and when Dante enters, it's brennan with his own nose in paperwork, phone pressed between shoulder and ear, looking at a file in front of him. "No, no, he's cleared. He's good to go. I'd like to have him come in in a week, make sure that everythings good, everythings going good with him. Make sure he's got that package for the support meetings and tell him to call if there's anything at all, that that's what we're here for"

Brennan nods, not that the other person can see him now and with a quick goodbye, he's flipping closed the file and looking up. "Lupinetti"

Dante looks up just for a moment, scanning for anything he might trip over before entering the office. "Dr. Brennan," he greets the man distracted, flipping his manila folder closed and tossing it onto an empty chair before taking a seat before Brennan's desk. "How are…" Glancing over, he frowns at the tie over his shoulder, and tugs it down to smooth over his chest, "How are you faring in this flood? Have a few moments?"

"If you make it quick, Michelle's paged me and she's pretty sure it's false labor but I need to tie ups tuff here and head over to St. Lukes. What do you need?" No man running around with his head cut off and hands flapping. Both he and michelle are old hat at this.

Dante's teeth clack shut and he looks to the phone in a moment of alarm. "Christ," he murmurs, more perturbed by the idea of a screaming infant about to be born than the experienced father sitting across from him. Clearing his throat, he starts to root around his in jacket pocket. "The Horizon armor you spoke of at the meeting. I was wondering how knowledgable you are of it? Have you ever managed to see some in person?"

"I've had occasion on a few times to be in the presence of individuals who were wearing them. November 8th, on the island here, I was with a detachment of FRONTLINE, the unknown mysterious unit earlier and then I've had occasion a few other times. Is this about the meeting?" Brennan lifts the corner of his mouth at the alarmed look. "She's a doctor, she's done this twice. She's pretty sure it's hicks. I trust my wife. I have time to get to the hospital Lupinetti, stop looking worried"

"I'll trust your expertise," Dante says, with a small apologetic curve of his mouth. "Babies aren't something I have any experience in, in any sense of the word. And yes, this is about the meeting." He pulls a plastic bag out of his pocket, setting it down on a stack of papers. A deformed bullet tips to its side with a silent rustle of plastic within the bag. "This is the bullet fired at the mysterious assailant who shot the victim," Dante says, staying leaning in, even as he drops his hands to his lap. "From what you've seen of the armor, could it have this kind of effect? And if so, what would have happend to the armor? Maybe a piece could have chipped off? I know this is a vague question to ask, but any help you can give would be useful. Even a simple "I don't know" can answer a few questions."

"I don't know" And it's the truth. "Lupinetti, I'm nto forensics. That's something else completely. I stitch up people, diagnose ebola and set limbs. I can't tell you the difference between a bullet that hit a frontline suit, and one that hit a barn door' He looks down at the bullet, looking at it then shakes his head.

"Well, that was easy, wasn't it?" Dante's not disappointed. On the contrary, he smirks a little as Brennan eyes the bullet. "Tell me a little about the Frontline suits, then? As detailed as you can manage, from what you remember. Even down to the colors they use, anything could be useful." He's already spent the last 24 hours brushing up on every bit of info the internet and the Institute's files have on the armor, and he just needs a little bit of that personal touch that only experience can bring to make the thoughts fall into place. He hopes.

"Agent Lupinetti. In the dark, the suits all look the same. I also, had a pretty vicious headwound" But, the man is here and so, Who is Brennan to not indulge him further. The suit details laid out as best he can recollect which in the end, frankly, sounds exactly like the other suits. No deviation, even a number rattled off that was on it. When Brennan is finished, he continues to watch Dante, waiting for another question.

The eager and hopeful look in Dante's eyes fades as Brennan continues on his description. And when he's done, no flash of inspiration has come. It leaves the agent sighing and sitting back again, rubbing a hand over his face. "Well, that's disappointing," he murmurs, frowning in thought, "Hmmm…tell me, Brennan. After some time to think, what are your takes on this case?" He plucks up the bag again, dangling it between them.

'That Mr. Zarek pissed someone off Agent Lupinetti and someone took advantage of the day to say hello" A gesture to the bullet. "And went prepared. I'm afraid Agent, I'm not a detective, I'm less Columbo and more house" He looks apologetically to the man, back to the bag with a minute shift of his head. "I pity the man who did it when you manage to actually find out who it is though. Or woman, who knows."

"And I couldn't tell you a roll of gauze from a roll of toilet paper. Don't be so down on yourself, Brennan," Dante says, tucking the bullet back into his pocket with a small smirk. "If I recall, House himself was quite the impressive detective as well. If I'm ever looking for a bullet in a body, I'm sure you'll be the first to go to, hmm?"

"Now that I could help you with. You need a ride somewhere while I'm going out?" Brennan assumes that all is done, no more questions and he's rising from his desk heading for the coat-rack behind the door so that he can slip into winter garb and start to leave.

"Nothing urgent. I have a few calls to make, I think," Dante says, rising from his seat and turning towards Brennan. "Thank you for your time, and good luck with your wife. I'm certain that's an area you'll fare far better than most."

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