Familiar Faces


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Scene Title Familiar Faces
Synopsis Lighthouse Kid runs into one the moms!
Date February 23, 2018


She finally managed to obtain several sketchbooks and even some charcoals. Brynn was ecstatic at the find, promptly finding somewhere to sit that would allow her adequate view of the people in the Marketplace. She loves to sketch people. Their faces, their hands, all of these lines tell a story. And she is thoroughly engrossed in the image taking shape on her page beneath the pencil — the old woman selling coffee at the stall is always busy. She's clearly seen hardship, like everyone else, but there is a kind of happiness to her that Brynn wants to capture.

It's probably a really good things she's sitting on her backpack. If anyone could be considered a country mouse in the big city — and a prime target for all kinds of trouble — its a petite, pretty teenaged brunette totally oblivious to what's around her.

One of the best things about being part owner of a business, is that you can make your own hours. Tonight, was Kaylee’s night to cook, but she needed a few items first. Things that were best picked up from those who enjoy a little free trade. Namely, actual honest to goodness herbs.

Plus, the setting reminded the telepath of another time and place in New York.

If Brynn stands out, so does the COO of RayTech Industries. Pointedly ignoring the glances of people who might recognize the former member of the Ferry, Kaylee picks up little jars of herbs to study them… even give a little sniff.

Finally, after most of the afternoon working on it, Brynn smiles. She feels like she captured the expression she was going for. Joe abandoned her ages ago to trawl through the Market, and the teenager is a little stiff as she moves to stand. She bites her lip in indecision, and the approaches Eleanor, offering the drawing wordlessly.

The older woman seems flattered, and when Brynn gestures for her to keep it, there is some awkward back and forth with Brynn’s silence creating a bit of consternation. But a note and a smile later, Brynn is on her way with a cup of, of ALL things, mocha! Eleanor's been holding out. And it is bliss!

As she makes her way back through the Market and spots Kaylee, though, The teenager gets very excited. She Haitians to the crowd, stopping at the counter and knocking on it three times, just like she would do at home if she needed someone’s attention.

Ever since they left the Lighthouse, Kaylee had thought of all the kids often, maybe with a touch of guilt that she couldn’t take them all. The knock pulls her attention and it take a moment for the woman to register who she is looking at. She brightens, a smile touching her lip. “Brynn.” She says fondly. The herb jar is set down again to free hands for talking.

She could just communicate with the young girl, but Kaylee likes to stick with sign language. It’s been awhile. There is an excitement to the motion of her hands. Then the concern, You seem to be doing okay? That is the mother in her.

Brynn’s hands fly, her excitement to see the older woman bringing a genuine grin to the teen’s face. I’m doing great! Me and some of the kids came down to go to school, even though we’re not starting just yet. But it’s a pretty cool place! I just got here, but Lance and Hailey and Joe’ve been here a while. How are the kids?? Are you doing okay? I heard you had a business or something, but… She trails off, looking puzzled. I thought it was something else?

Really? Kaylee answers when the young woman mentions the other kids. There is a thoughtfulness to hear features, but is falls away to allow a smile to return.

The kids are great. The telepath digs out a wallet and pulls out a picture – like any mother would — and offers it to Brynn to see. You all should come by the house. They and Joseph would be thrilled to see you and everyone else. Especially, Emily… I know she thinks of you all. Of course, Kaylee would know… There is a fondness for all of the Lighthouse Kids, with the family. There was history there.

Brynn looks delighted at the pictures, setting her drink on what passes for a countertop and taking them to look through. Se gasps at how big they are now! Pointing to Emily, she signs short version of the girl’s name one-handed, and then boggles. Setting the pictures down, she grins. Good grief, they look so tall! Are they all here in the city? I would love to see them, and Pastor Joseph! Her excitement is clear in her face and she enthuses, Lance and Joe and Hailey are all here. Some of the others might be scattered around. I’m not sure if they came to the city when they left the houses or not. But OMG, Kaylee, it’s so cool! Joe decided to hold off on school ‘til Lance could go too, and I’ll start in the fall. I hope. She rolls her eyes.

I’m finally hoping I get to do something with my art, she admits. I’m getting pretty good, I think… Joe thinks I might even be able to sell pictures and stuff.

Head slowly nodding, Kaylee watches the girl’s fingers, brightening at the mention of so many of them going to college. That is wonderful! She reaches out to touch the girls shoulder, this time speaking out loud, knowing the girl can read lips. “I’m so proud of all of you.” Maybe it was a relief that they seem to have turned out alright. Both her and Joseph hated leaving like that, but they knew it was the best choice for their family.

I remember you being quite the little artist. A knowing look on the telepath’s face, giving her a wink. A few walls. I believe, too. I have some contacts, I’ll keep an eye out for part time jobs for artistic type.

The clear pleasure in Kaylee’s face makes Brynn feel a warm glow inside. For someone to take pride in the simple things she can do — not the fighting or the gardening and babysitting that must be done, but the thing that speaks to her soul — makes her nearly wiggle with embarrassment and pride. That would be primal! And yeah… I did a few walls, and some people too. Hair takes color really well! She grins cheekily. Lance put me up at his place so I don’t have to stay in the camps until I get a place of my own. It’s really cool to see everyone again. And … I’m really glad to see you.

She wouldn’t have thought to look the other woman up, not after all this time. But her pleasure in seeing the telepath is brutally obvious — there weren’t as many mother-figures there, and Kaylee was an immense help to her after the traumas of Beach Street and Pollepel and nearly dying of the flu. She reaches out and touches her hand, though she pulls it back quickly only because it’s breaching Kaylee’s personal space. Do you really think it’d be okay for us to come see Em and Hannah and Carl? She doesn’t even know if they’ll remember the older kids.

Absolutely. Kaylee can’t help, but chuckle at the other girls enthusiasm. Of course, the kids could come see them.
Noticing the vendor staring at them, the telepath offers him an apologetic smile. She holds a finger up to Brynn. Hold that thought, so that she can get what she came for. Leaning over the table a little, Kaylee points out a few jars, with money changing hands. While the little old lady packages the herbs, the telepath turns her attention back to the girl.

I am glad I decided to come down here today. Giving the girl an appraising look. Sometimes when life seems to be dragging you down, it gives you a little pick me up.

Fishing in her purse again, Kaylee pulls out a pen and a business card. An address is scrawled on the back, before it is handed over. The card is her own personal one for RayTech.

Brynn reaches out to take the card, clearly with no idea of who or what RayTech is — not exactly something she’s ever needed to know. But she grins at Kaylee’s title and stuff on it. Wow, you really did start a business! When she looks up, her demeanor is happy. The years of reconstruction and deprivation have been hard on everyone, but in the years that Kaylee hasn’t seen her it appears that the girl has managed to retain the gentle heart despite the disputed training. I’m so happy that you’re doing good, Kaylee. I… missed you. She doesn’t mean to make Kaylee feel guilty — she understood enough about why they left, but it was hard to see their family split up like that.

There is a soft chuckle from Kaylee at the revelation, though there is no doubt, she works in an office. She is still dressed as such, only with some sensible shoes right now.. I had help from my brothers and sister. A family affair really, with her older brother the idea man. Though she doesn’t say it. If you see solar panels anywhere, those are probably ours. We are helping make the city better. They hope to anyways.

A hand goes to her heart at the sentiment that she is missed. Even after all this time. “Oh Brynn. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed all of you.” Kaylee moves to hug the girl, finally, unable to not.

The teen wraps her arms around Kaylee’s waist and buries her face in the telepath’s shoulder. Such affection isn’t completely absent… but it’s rare enough that Brynn’s emotional reaction is easy to feel. She trembles a little in Kaylee’s hug, basking in the feel of being held like this. All of the kids are sponges for affection, and this one perhaps more than some others. When she draws away, finally, it’s to wipe at damp eyes. I’m sorry — didn’t mean to get silly about it. She grins sheepishly, and then gestures to the old lady behind Kaylee. I think she’s trying to hand you stuff. TEEN EMBARRASSMENT!

There is a brief tough of the telepath’s palm to Brynn’s cheek, her mouth opening to protest it being silly. Kaylee understands. She was a teenager one. However, before she can attention is drawn to the patient vendor. The old woman is offered a sheepish smile, “My apologies. Thank you, I’ll see you next week when you get that oregano in,” she is clearly a regular of the herbalist.

Stepping away from the stand, tucking the herbs away and the photo of her family, Kaylee glances at the girl again out of the corner of her eye. Don’t lose my address, I expect to get a visit now and then from all of you. There is a touch of mischief that glitters in her eyes as she adds, I look forward to the surprise.

You might regret that, when we all show up at once, Brynn retorts with a laugh. And then she waves a little bit. I promise a visit soon. It’s … turning into a really good move, being in the city and finding them again.

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