Familiar Names and Faces


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Scene Title Familiar Names and Places
Synopsis Brian and Veronica share more than Chinese food.
Date August 30, 2009

Dorchester Towers Veronica's Apartment

"Yeah, push this one over there."

The dining table has a number of photographs on it. Little labels attached to each one, with strings running and connecting some to others. One particular string heavy picture is that of Adam Monroe. Resting in the middle of a cluster of photos, Brian is motioning to a picture of Daniel Linderman. "Yeah. Adam wants all the founders of the Company dead. Linderman is one. Adam wants him dealt with specially." Winters gives a roll of his eyes.

Holding carton of Chinese food, Brian wheedles through it with a pair of chopsticks. He's wearing only a pair of basketball shorts, and his necklace. Pulling a piece of beef up he chomps down on it. The couple is working, mostly. Having Vee sit on his lap, Brian leans forward to rest his head against her back, letting out a sigh.

"When does he plan to do that?" Veronica asks, dabbing a potsticker in some soy sauce before bringing it up to her lips. "All of the founders? Isn't he a founder? Is he going to commit hari kari when he's all done with it?" she asks with some disgust. Adam Monroe does not evoke happy warm feelings in her, despite Brian's snuggling against her.

The company agent is dressed in just a t-shirt, one of Brian's, her bare legs dangling. Lazy Sunday afternoon. It would be almost enjoyable except for the topic at hand.

Brian gives a full shouldered shrug. "God I hope he does." He whines quietly against her back. "And then… this fella." Reaching forward, his chopsticks touch down on the picture of Liu Ye. "Remember him? Chang's boy. He wants me to kill Linderman as well. And the idiot made a stupid arrangement. If I get the job done, I can have an associate of mine be in the leadership of the Flying Dragons. So.. all I have to do is get my face changed to a Chinese guy, and bam we have considerable control over one of New York's most powerful criminal syndicates." Reaching back into his carton, he lifts his head off her back. Chompchomp.

"Oh yeah." He mumbles over a mouthful."Does the name Seth Grimalkin sound familiar to you?"

"All you have to do is have a face change?" Veronica says in a disbelieving voice. "I'm assuming that only changes the one replicate's face and not all of yours." She nods though. "Yeah, I remember him. And his evil sister." She shudders at the memory of that night, the night they took Tyler Case into custody — for all that was worth.

"Seth Grimalkin? Yeah, he was a company agent. Disappeared a few weeks back. We're supposed to take him in if we know where he is," she murmurs. "Why, have you seen him?" she asks, frowning at him.

"Company. I thought so." Brian muses to himself, going to give her side a little pat-pat with his free hand, indicating an 'up' request. Setting down his carton on the table, he shrugs to her first question. "Would be changed, and if that one makes any more the result would look like the first. Just like how all of me replicate with the little tattoo." Putting two hands on her waist, he goes to lift her up off his lap.

Standing, he steps around the table. "He's gotten himself involved with Adam's little group. For reasons I have not yet ascertained. Is he evolved or not?"

"Yes. Be careful of him. I'm not sure… I never really knew what to think of him," she says with a shrug as she stands. "He's an illusionist, so that can be very dangerous, if you're on the wrong side of things." She shivers a little. Illusionists freak her out. "He's working with Adam? And he's going by that name?" she asks with surprise. After all, he's on the Company's wanted list.

"Yes. Illusionist. So he can change what he looks like, you're saying." Brian murmurs quietly, watching the table and the photographs as if they might come alive and start doing things on their own volition. "I'll have to be careful with him then. But I can gently engage him, pump him, see what the hell he's up to." Winters says lightly coming back to slide his arm around her waist.

"Just be careful. He's trained by the Company, so he's not as easy to surprise as some of them. And… well. You'll never know if what you're seeing, hearing, smelling, whatever, is real, when you're with him. He showed me what he can do, and it's amazingly real seeming. Just be careful." She frowns again, not liking this news at all.

His hand drops away from her waist. "Don't have faith in me?" Winters psshaws, retreating away from her to his chinese food carton once again. Bringing out another piece of beef, he takes another bite, before tucking his chopsticks back in the carton. "I can be careful. Just watch."

"I know you can. But just realize he's probably got more training than you. You were still a rookie when you left," Vee says, turning to him, some affection in her eyes. "Any reason why he's working with Adam? Or is it just for cash?" she asks curiously. She didn't see Seth as the traitorous type. But who knows. Maybe he has a deep hidden secret like she does, something to plant seeds in his minds that actually flourished.

"There are more of me. I could be trained in ten different areas at one time." He brings up his arms, flailing in argument before dropping them once more. "I don't know what he's doing. Didn't I say that? That's why I need to ask him." He goes to plop back into his seat heavily, leaning back. "I'll be careful."

"Promise," she says, leaning down to offer her lips to his. her own curving up against his. "I know. It's hard to promise things when you live the lives we live." She stands erect again and wraps her arms over his shoulder from behind, watching him play with his photos and strings.

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