Family 101


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Scene Title Family 101
Synopsis Keira interrupts a lovely picnic and snaps at an innocent someone just passing by. Learn some manners! Geez!
Date October 7, 2010

Central Park

Central Park has been, and remains, a key attraction in New York City, both for tourists and local residents. Though slightly smaller, approximately 100 acres at its southern end scarred by and still recovering from the explosion, the vast northern regions of the park remain intact.

An array of paths and tracks wind their way through stands of trees and swathes of grass, frequented by joggers, bikers, dog-walkers, and horsemen alike. Flowerbeds, tended gardens, and sheltered conservatories provide a wide array of colorful plants; the sheer size of the park, along with a designated wildlife sanctuary add a wide variety of fauna to the park's visitor list. Several ponds and lakes, as well as the massive Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, break up the expanses of green and growing things. There are roads, for those who prefer to drive through; numerous playgrounds for children dot the landscape.

Many are the people who come to the Park - painters, birdwatchers, musicians, and rock climbers. Others come for the shows; the New York Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theater, the annual outdoor concert of the New York Philharmonic on the Great Lawn, the summer performances of the Metropolitan Opera, and many other smaller performing groups besides. They come to ice-skate on the rink, to ride on the Central Park Carousel, to view the many, many statues scattered about the park.

Some of the southern end of the park remains buried beneath rubble. Some of it still looks worn and torn, struggling to come back from the edge of destruction despite everything the crews of landscapers can do. The Wollman Rink has not been rebuilt; the Central Park Wildlife Center remains very much a work in progress, but is not wholly a loss. Someday, this portion of Central Park just might be restored fully to its prior state.

New York, New York. The city so nice they named it twice.

It's a cool day - not cold in the least, but comfortable and Sunny. Lukewarm would be the definition if you were in a bath this temperature. It's only about 70 with a gentle wind coming from the west, sending a few leaves aflutter and rustling the hair of anyone in the park. The lawn is a little barren, considering the weather, but seeing as it's time before anyone gets off work and in close proximity to Downtown, where the bomb went off, it's a perfect place to hang out and just enjoy nature.

Jaiden is sitting there on a blanket with a basket of goodies very nearby, leaning back and watching the passing of folk here and there. A loaf of stale bread, picked up from a neighborhood bakery in Red Hook is sitting nearby, and every once in a while he pitches a few crumbs out into a barren area where it is descended on by crows, pigeons, and starlings before their trip south for the winter. He's trying his best to relax.

Really, he is.

Feeding the birds is what Delia does when she needs to think. She'll go to the park and find a flock of pigeons to scatter some sort of food near and watch them as they try to wrestle the pieces from each other's beaks. Right now, the redhead is simply watching while he scatters the crumbs.

The picnic was a nice surprise in the afternoon and since the clinic was slow, the nurse closed it up after seeing the few patients left. She's carrying her beeper in case anyone needs emergent care, a solution that she figures gives her the most leeway. "So… I told dad…" she begins quietly, not daring to look up at him.

It's rather nice out, really. Keira is looking as decent as she'll ever look today, wearing a pair of pants, a t-shirt with a fancy design across the front, and a jacket. Only a few of her tattoos show, from the sleeves of the jacket that are rolled up a bit. She carries a bag over her shoulder as she walks along, frowning quietly; it's not only a nice day, but it's also a good day for business.

And business has been lucrative, with the woman having set up shop near the borders of the mid-city ruins. She sold out, and is now toying with a rather pleasant wad of cash stashed in her pocket. At first, her 'sister' and her man go completely unnoticed by the woman, so happy she is to be running her fingers over the edge of the cash.

When blue eyes do finally discover Delia, the woman's brows raise, and a faintly bothered expression crosses Keira's face.

She told dad. That could mean many different things, all with different levels of 'oh shit' to have applied. Either she told dad about her and Jaiden which, to be honest, needed to be done, or she told dad about her impending trip to Vietnam via Hiro, which is something Jaiden really wishes she didn't have to do. At least not without him. Remaining nonchalant, Jaiden nods, tossing a few more crumbs to one of the thinner-looking crows, who flaps it's wings and drives off an interloping pigeon that tries to shank it's meal. "How'd he take it?"

The young woman just shakes her head and looks out toward the park, her lips downturned in a sad expression. "He… uhm… He doesn't want me to go. He was going to cancel his trip to go with me." Of all the bits of news that she had to impart this morning, the fact that Delia might be walking into her own death with eyes wide open was pretty much the easiest bit. "But I told him you wanted to go." The other part, which was a little more difficult, but it's out there and for all intents and purposes… The redhead turns and slides behind the Australian and rests her chin on his shoulder as she wraps her arms around his waist.

There's a little huff of air through her nose as the silent bit of laughter expels from her lungs. Keira isn't noticed, not yet. "He said you'd better take care of me," her murmur as she leans the side of her head against his is punctuated with a Mona Lisa smile. The fact that the Australian is good enough to protect the youngest of Ben's daughters, that might be the best compliment to receive from the gruff man.

It takes Keira a moment of indecision as she peers at the girl who she believes to be her sister, her fingers still playing over the wad of cash in her pockets. It's not as if she has anything that could be considered incriminating on her person, aside from that wad of cash.

With a shrug of her narrow shoulders, Keira slowly begins to make her way toward Jaiden and Delia, her hands shoved deep into her pockets. Aimlessly, one hand fetches out a pack of cigarettes, opening it and pulling one out, then quickly lighting it. A nervous habit, really. That, and it's always good to have a lit cigarette when going into situations like these.

Jaiden puts an arm around Delia's shoulders, giving her a squeeze. I'll be sure to live up to the reputation of the Ryans clan, then. I haven't heard much about the, but from teh way you dad talks, walks, and acts, and the company he keeps….He's a hard man, but cares for folks who need it." Jaiden reaches over to the basket, grabbing a bottle of water and taking a sip, offering it to Delia after a moment. "I've got a bit of stuff for you to work on, in addition to the vaccinations we'll both need. First off, say this. 'i am Uc' That's I'm Australian in vietnamese."

"I am ook?" There's the slight twitch of disbelief in Delia's eyebrows as she smiles at Jaiden. Shaking her head to the offer of the water, she half lids her head as she gazes out over the park. The few birds that have gathered around the two picnickers have started foraging for other scraps, one of them actually braving the humans to peck at the corner of the blanket. "I am ook. I am ook." The murmured memorization of the little phrase is audible only in a small sphere around them.

Of course, with all smokers, the smell that precedes Keira is something that ruins any chance of a sneak attack. The redhead's nostrils flare as she takes a quick breath. The faint odor of burning tobacco burning itself into her mind before the woman that's associated with it is actually seen. Slowly, Delia turns her head, curling her top lip a little when she first spots the armload of tats. "Keira… It's — seeing you again."

The slender, tattooed woman comes to a halt near Delia, taking a draw off of her cigarette as she thoughtfully regards Delia and Jaiden. She keeps a good distance between herself and the other two, puffing away at her cigarette. Finally, she sets the bag down on the ground, still peering at Delia. "Delia." She mumbles this out, her eyes turning briefly to Jaiden, then back to Delia.

"M'sorry I threw a cigarette pack at your dad's head." She doesn't say 'our' yet, like she wants to. "And, like, for ignorin' you. I was pissed off." She mumbles this out, barely audible across the distance between herself and the couple. Another draw from the cigarette, and the smoke is blown up toward the sky.

Jaiden Appears just a shade lost, looking from the tattooed, smoking woman to Delia and back again before tilting his head to the side. "Um….hello there." Jaiden gives a small, but welcoming, smile. "You a friend of Delia's?"

Pressing her lips into a thin line, Delia simply stares at the other woman silently for a few minutes before answering Jaiden. "This is Amadeus' — friend or girlfriend, whatever. The one he brought to our apartment before we had to move." Of course, Delia didn't move, just her father. "Keira, this is my boyfriend, Jaiden." There's nothing really toward Keira past the initial greeting, almost as though she's not feeling as sympathetic or charitable as she was during their last encounter.

For a moment or two, Delia remains quiet, not saying anything as she keeps holding onto the large man. Then her blue eyes flicker up at the other woman with something of an annoyed countenance and she grits her teeth. "So you just wanted to apologize to me for throwing your death sticks at my dad?" Cigarettes that she still has in the drawer of her nightstand.

Certainly it seems a day for walking, with the mild but comfortable weather. And really, it's just a good day to get out, look around, and enjoy some fresh air. At Central Park.

Okay, so the place still holds some memories, right? Gavyn can't help but feel haunted every time she ventures into the area. Perhaps that's why her attempt at a leisurely pace seems almost hasty instead. One hand casually pushes her sunglasses more firmly into place while she makes an attempt to take in the scenery. It really is nice out, calm and almost poetic with the people and the birds.

Keira turns to peer at Jaiden for a moment, before glancing back to Delia with a small frown on her face. "I might be Delia's sister. We'll see once the paternity tests come back." She narrows her eyes a bit, crossing her arms.

Then, she rolls her eyes up toward the sky. "Honestly, it's th'first thing that came to mind. I wasn't expectin' to see you on my way home from work." She shakes her head slowly, hands on her hips now. "And I wasn't exactly plannin' to initiate a fuckin' conversation with you today. So pardon a little bit of awkwardness." She reaches up, pinching at the bridge of her nose.

You ever have one of those conversations where you see the bad things coming, yet don't have any way to stop it. There's really nothing Jaiden can say that will defuse this situation so he just puts on a smile, keeps his arm around Delia's waist, and nods slightly. "Well…ahem….beautiful day, innt it?"

Delia sort of balks at Keira's little tidbit of information and looks at the petite woman with a stunned expression on her face. it come complete with a slack jaw and eyes widened in disbelief. "You — have a job?" It's exactly the type of thing Delia hadn't pegged Keira for. Seeing how she's hooked to such an unsavory character as Delia's stalker.

Shaking her head as she processes the very thought of it, the redhead glances back up to Keira with a little bit of a placating smile on her lips. "As for being my sister, I just… sorry. I can't see it, at all."

Gavyn gives herself a shake, a firm shake, and makes an honest effort to appreciate the day. It's just a park, afterall. Not like the grass is going to open up and eat her.

With an exhale, and another nudge of those sunglasses, Gav continues along. Her cadence settles into a more relaxed state, still just a bit uneasy but not everything is so easily shaken off. Her route takes her around, nearer to some and further from others. Just so happens that one of these nearers draws her toward the picnickers and tattooed woman.

Keira frowns down at the younger girl. "Of course I have a fuckin' job. Ain't nobody gonna take care of me and my dog but myself." She rolls her eyes, shaking her head and shoving her hands into her pockets, to finger at that thick wad of cash. Soon, she'll have a bigger place for her and Odin.

The woman's face wrinkles in a sneer at Delia's last comment, shaking her head. "It don't fuckin' matter if you can't see it or not, little sister. My mom says that your dad is my dad. If the paternity tests say I'm your fuckin' sister, then it don't fuckin' matter what you think. I'm pretty sure you and I got the same fuckin' blood runnin' through our veins. You can't fuckin' ignore that. She crosses her arms, scowling at Delia. "In any case, if I'm your older sister, I wanna do it right."

She's quiet for a moment, before she suddenly sighs, seeming to deflate slightly. "If you an' I are blood, Delia, then I wanna fuckin' be there for you. You fuckin' call, and I'll stand up for you, 'cause that's what blood does for each other. I don't give a shit about competin' for daddy's attention or any of that crap. I just…I want a family. One that doesn't fuckin' hate me for breathin'."

The tattooed woman glances toward Gavyn, her brows raising slightly, though no words are offered.

Jaiden looks over to Delia, then to Kiera, then back to Delia again. One can almost see the wheels turning in his head after hearing the declaration that Delia has another sister besides Lulu. "Well, I can't speak for Delia, but if that's the case….it won't hurt to give it a try, will it?" He looks to Delia. "She seems rather sincere, and she's not asking for anything besides respect and a few roots. God knows I have very few of 'em."

Leaning into Jaiden a little bit, Delia tightens her hold. There's a little bit of a fearful expression on her face as she regards the other woman. She swallows audibly even as she hears the other woman making her way toward them. Maybe a random witness is better for an event like this. "If you're my half-sister, fine. I'll try to be…" There's a pause as her blue eyes drift out toward one of the waddling birds as she tries to find the right word that would appease both her boyfriend and the woman in front of them. It requires a delicate touch. "… welcoming."

Taking a deep breath, Delia tries to swallow her bile as she finishes. "BUT!!" One hand quickly strikes up, her pointer finger jutting straight at the tattooed woman as a narrow eyed glare happens. "The second you bring Amadeus around… that's IT."

It's a passing look that's directed toward the three conversing, nothing to be read from it as the eyes of the looker are hidden behind dark shades. However, the glance from the tattooed woman doesn't go unnoticed. Gavyn's attention turns away, suddenly enough that it might be cause for notice. The oh crap, caught line of thought. Or, with luck, it was slowly enough that maybe she wasn't staring at all.

Whichever, Gav's head tilts downward and she steps a little to one side, to go wider around the small grouping. She's just passing through, after all, enjoying a walk.

Keira regards Delia quietly as she speaks…then, she offers a small nod. "An' I'll try not to do anything too…crazy." She tilts her head to one side. Less with the bringing out the knife in front of a large group of people in a crowded place.

"And don't fuckin' worry about Amadeus. I ain't bringin' him anywhere near you, and if he fuckin' follows me, I'll beat the shit out of him." Despite this statement, her expression softens just a bit as she says Amadeus' name, in the way that only fondness could show. She loves that scuzzy bum. "I can't promise he won't come around, but if he does, you fuckin' let me know. Fucker is supposed to be stayin' away from you, and if he breaks my trust by fuckin' botherin' you, I'm gonna beat the shit out of him." She grins faintly to Delia.

Blue eyes catch Gavyn's movements, the woman arching a brow. "Th'hell is your problem?" This is said softly, but loud enough for Gavyn to hear.

A quick glance is given to Jaiden as though conveying, Do you see what she's like?, when Keira snaps at the woman just taking a walk. "Leave her alone, God… What is it with you and being so mean?" Turning her head toward Gavyn, she offers an apologetic smile and a tilt of her head. "Sorry, she was raised by wolves, you'll have to forgive the lack of manners." Then the gives Keira the same look that she always used to get from her mother when she acted out in public. Family 101, Keira… welcome to it.

She gives a little shudder that courses the length of her spine as she processes the rest of Keira's verbosity and grimaces. "Good, because the first time I have to look at his face on a holiday I'm going to lose it." Pause. "It being my lunch… or breakfast… or whatever. And if you have to bring him around? There are ground rules. One, he needs to take a shower. Two, he needs to not swear. Three, the rapevan has to go. He can get a nice bike or something."

Feet slowing, Gavyn looks back at Keira and then to Delia. Just keep walking, take the apology and go with it. Really it's no big deal. "No problem," she answers both, watching the pair from behind her tinted glasses. Her body turns as she finally makes her way past, now walking backward. No need to be undercautious. "Just passing by."

Keira would protest at the speculation that she was raised by wolves, but…well, that's not so far from the truth. She simply opens her mouth, then closes it thoughtfully, offering a small nod to confirm Delia's words. "I'll explain the mean part later.

She plays around with that wad of money in her pocket again, her hands deep in her hoodie. "I'll make sure t'work on him. If he comes around of his own will, though, you better believe I'm gonna fuckin' kick his ass. You should yell at him too. He's s'posed to be talkin' to me, not other women. 'Specially not my fuckin' half sister." She scuffs her boots against the ground.

Her focus on Gavyn slips away, or seems to have, thanks to Delia's scolding.

Delia's grimace only grows as the pedestrian backs away from the trio. Then she turns sharply toward Keira again and points toward Gavyn. "You should apologize, I seriously don't want people to judge me as a doctor with your attitude, young lady." Sure, Keira might be almost a decade older than Delia, but she acts something like a fifteen year old that needs a good spanking. "And stop smoking, it's bad for your health."

It's the same bit of advice she gave Keira's thing's father on his first visit. "If Amadeus shows up anywhere near where I live, I'm moving. Period. You need to get better taste in guys," she says with a roll of her eyes.

With a nudge of her sunglasses, Gavyn begins to turn away and continue her stroll. Seems the few steps that have carried her past the others might well be enough to extricate herself from the situation. Good thing, too. Intruding on others' dysfunctional families is not high on her priority list. "Don't worry about it," she says as she turns. "I had a crazy sibling once, too."

Keira rolls her eyes. "Fuck that. How old are you? You don't even look old enough to drink. I was probaby already gettin' beat up in school before you were even an idea." She puffs at her cigarette, if only to be ironic. Then, she turns her blue eyes toward Gavyn, offering a soft sigh. "Sorry for bein' a bitch."

Then, she glances to Delia thoughtfully. "Alright then, cool. He ain't allowed to come near you. I'll tell him as much, though I don't think you have much t'worry about." She frowns. "He's not that bad. He's like a little cat, or somethin'. He an' I are tryin' to date or somethin'. I don't know if it's gonna work, but…I think he's tryin' t'be good t'me." As if Delia will care.

"Oh.." Is all Delia can say to that revelation. Giving a quick glance to Jaiden she turns back to Keira and nods once. "Well then, I think that uhm.. we should be packing up. I've got some packing to do and uhm… yeah." She doesn't mention that the other woman's possible father is leaving too. That's something for him to deal with when he feels the need. It's not exactly her business what sort of relationship they have.

Gavyn stops then half turns back. She knows, really, that she should just keep walking. She looks back at the picnickers and tattooed woman, maybe even on the verge of retracing her steps and confronting Keira. Sure, she earned an apology and pressing the issue just isn't worth it. So, teetering on the edge of indecision she instead watches.

Keira waves a hand toward Delia. "Nah, stay. Enjoy yourself. I have some apartment huntin' to do, in any case. You have fun with your man." She gestures toward Jaiden. "He's cool people, I can tell. You got better taste in men than me." She offers a weak smile to Delia, before stepping away, moving to step past Gavyn and make her way toward the exit.

At least she can identify when she isn't wanted around.

Allowing Jaiden to lounge on the blanket until the very last minute, Delia packs up the last of their antless lunch and puts it into the basket. The couple shares the chore of folding up the spread as they smile at each other, even sharing a little peck when he passes it off to her to finish. Once everything is put away properly, the rest of the day old bread is scattered around the ground for the birds to eat. The two of them chatting in low voices about the trip she has planned and what sorts of preparations she needs to make. He as well, if he's going to be joining her.

It's not that Keira isn't wanted around, it's just that there's really nothing Delia has to say about it until the results are conclusive.

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