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Scene Title Fancy Job Titles
Synopsis Former teammates catch up and discuss what the future holds…
Date November 27, 2010

Pollepel Island

"I'm pretty sure it was one of the first times we met."

Bringing his spoon to his mouth, Brian sips gingerly at his soup. Lowering the metal spoon back into the bowl he smiles roughly. The two had met for lunch, the replicator sending one copy to deal with Paul, and another CLOTHED Brian, to deal with Monica. Deal meaning hang out with. Wearing only a t-shirt and jeans, a blanket is bundled over his shoulders. Holding the soup over his lap, the young replicator leans against one side of the hallway.

"You were doing these hand stand push ups making me think it was no big deal. Being all intimidating. And then that…" What was his name. "That older guy came. Talking about bad movies." Church! The guy that died. HIs tone takes on a more sober direction. "Church." He reflects quietly. Trying to find out more about this woman, to find out where she fits into his past. Sometimes pretending like you know someone from a handful of memories is difficult. But Brian is getting pretty good at it. Finding out her name would be awesome.

"Was I being intimidatin'?" Monica asks with a light chuckle. "Sorry, back then, I was still real impressed with my ability." Is that a little sheepishness? Maybe so. "I swear I won't be tryin' to this time around." The good news is, she doesn't seem to notice anything amiss, but then at the same time, she also doesn't offer up her name, either.

"I've only been back in town a few months. Just in time to get those vision back in June. I haven't really hung out with any of the others from Phoenix very much," she says, her smile still there, but maybe a little sad there.

"Something like that." Brian laughs a little bit. He gives a little nod to her solemn swear. "It's alright. I was like that for a while too." Or maybe still is. "I would trade you abilities. Or maybe like half ability. I could learn to do stuff real fast and you could replicate.. half of yourself." Brian nods. "That's a good idea."

"Kind of scattered." He notes, giving a light shrug. "But I mean. What can you expect. Our leader was like the youngest. She's a good kid, but when it came to real strategy and like… legitimate planning. We got lucky." He gives a jerk of his thumb over his shoulder. "The ferries have a lot of old people, so that makes them pretty legit." He falls quiet for a long moment. "Phoenix did good. But.." He splays out his hands as if to say whatya gonn do.

"Does that mean I could end up with four arms? Or like, The Thing from the Adams Family? Just a hand runnin' around?" Monica's smile turns crooked there, spoon stirring her soup a little. "Yeah, I noticed the scattered bit. We did get lucky for a while there… but nothin' lasts forever, right? I went and did my own thing for a while… but that didn't work out so well, either. But then, I'm not very old myself, so."

Looking up from her soup over to him, her smile turns warmer again. "It's good to see you with the kids, though."

"I was picturing more like a shoulder. Just bouncing around. Or maybe an earlobe." Brian nods affirmatively, taking another spoonful of soup. "Yeah I guess I've been doing my own thing for a while. My own thing is the kids, I guess." He gives a light shrug. Looking to Monica. "So I guess this recent Island thing has caused me to become more active in the Ferrymen."

"And don't think it's because I don't have a choice. I totally want to have my kids on an island with a whole bunch of wanted fugitives. This is best possible scenario for me." He pipes cheerily. "So. What are you going to do now?"

"I do have world-renowned earlobes. Or… something." Monica shakes her head at herself, or at her terrible joking skills. There are some things even she can't learn. "Oh sure. I can see that, all part of their education, yeah?" she asks, smirking a little.

But as for her, she lets out a bit of a sigh. "I… I'm really not sure. I suppose I need to find my boss, see how badly I'm fired now that the Ferry broke me out of prison…" She drops her spoon to run her hand over her face before she looks at him again, expression a little tired, but she still manages a crooked smile. "I don't suppose your kids need a gym teacher or somethin'…"

"We're always looking for people to help." Brian murmurs. Though he tilts his head to side with a bit of a grimace. "We can't exactly pay you right now. You need income to pay people. But.. I mean. We're going to have to get money eventually. So if you want to start as volunteer staff. That would be awesome. Eventually we'll have a way to provide for everyone. I was going to have a meeting soon with all the Lighthouse staff.." Which is like.. three people. "If you want to sit in. Maybe help us think?"

He splays his hands out. "You don't have to but we always could use another set of hands. Especially a set of hands that knows how to do everything. And perfect earlobes would make an amazing addition to our staff. He purses his lips then takes a gamble. "Where did you work again? I forgot." That's not a big deal right? Everyone forgets.

"Don't worry, I didn't really think the orphanage was gonna be the ticket to big bucks and livin' the high life," Monica says with a little smile. "But really. I like helpin' out. And the kids are a good cause, after all." She does chuckle as he goes on, though, giving one of those lobes a little tug.

"Oh, well, it's a new thing. I sort of… left school and quit the whole waitressin' thing and I've been working as a bodyguard. Security. I figure I was a pretty good match there. But I ended up gettin' arrested for falsifyin' my registration and then tossed in prison on the eighth and I have really no idea where that's left me out there." Which might explain why she's still… hiding on an island.

"You could help as a bodyguard too.. Evolved kids get picked on a lot. And when I say picked on I mean brutalized and hunted by the government." He smiles brightly. Tilting his head back to lean against the wall he lets out a small yawn. "Don't worry. We're all wanted. I've only been arrested a few times. The kids though. They're all hardened inmates. Lucy actually started a latin gang on the inside." Brian smiles brightly.

"Well if you want to. You can be our physical education teacher slash black ops commander." He gives an affirmative nod, placing his bowl down. Stretching his arm out he offers her hand, to seal the deal.

"Oh, a lady crime boss. Very progressive!" Monica smirks a little, but she reaches out to start to take his hand, but stops just short to look at him. "Does this mean I get to see the basement?" Oh, negotiations. "Assuming it's still off limits."

As far as places to lay low, maybe a house full of kids the governments likes to hunt down is not the best idea. But finding something good to do with these abilities of hers is a higher priority.

"If we ever get back into that building.. Of course. I'm pretty sure everything in there has been completely swiped and taken off." The young man shakes her hand before bringing it back. "It was just full of guns. And drugs." He smiles and gives a light shrug. You know! "So as leader of the Lighthouse Black Ops division. You're going to have to find us some more guns." He gives a little nod. "And don't complain because that's what we don't pay you for."

"They got to it, huh? That sucks. Sorry, I'm a little behind on the damage reports from the raids." Monica's shake is actually fairly soft and girly, but then, she did say she wasn't trying to intimidate anyone. "Oh, drugs. Tsk tsk," she says with a light smile. But his last words get a chuckle and she nods. "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I can work somethin' out for guns. I'll just have to make a run to the mainland for a bit."

"We'll have a meeting next week. Or sooner. I don't know. Then we'll try to decide where we're going, and what we're doing. The Lighthouse the building might not be the safest place. We'll decide though." Digging back into his soup, he lowers his chin. "Well. Welcome to the crew, Monica. We also have Doyle.. He's the puppeteer guy. My sister, Gillian. I think you know her? And this girl that's intangible and invisible named SamEye and some people don't believe she exists." He shrugs lightl with a bright smile.

"Alright, next week. Let me know…" Monica nods as he goes on, though. "I remember Gillian. I… don't think I've met Doyle. And I've always wanted to have an imaginary friend on a team," she adds with a crooked smile. Her hand touches his arm for a squeeze as she starts to stand up. "I'll be around the place. I really should go see how hard it'll be to get out there tonight with one of the boats."

"Careful with your footyprints. They're getting real anal with all the horses and ish. But perhaps you've learned to skip on puddles." Brian informs quietly. Continuing into his soup, he gives a little two fingered wave. "Good seeing you. See you again soon."

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