String Theory MUX: Degeneration
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A fanmix for 2009.

Download version coming soon. All tracks were contributed by players of String Theory MUX.

Track Listing

1. "Kings and Queens" - 30 Seconds to Mars
2. "American Eulogy" - Green Day
3. "All Systems Red" - Calexico
4. "This Is War" - 30 Seconds to Mars
5. "O Freedom" - Billy Bragg
6. "Dirt" - Kate Nash
7. "Well Well Well" - Grace Jones

By Hook or By Crook

8. "Bloodsport" - Skold vs. KMFDM
9. "Prayer of the Refugee" - Rise Against
10. "Lapdance" - N.E.R.D.


11. "The Bottom of Everything" - Bright Eyes

A Sound of Thunder

12. "I Saved the World Today" - Eurythmics
13. "Air Aid" - Menomena
14. "Running Up That Hill" - Placebo
15. "Science" - System Of A Down

The Good Fight

16. "Times Like These (Acoustic)" - The Foo Fighters
17. "Hope On Fire" - Vienna Teng
18. "The Resistance" - Muse


19. "New American Century" - KMFDM

The age of man is over,
The darkness comes and all
These lessons that we've learned here
Have only just begun.

We were the kings and queens of promise,
We were the victims of ourselves.
Maybe the children of a lesser God
Between Heaven and Hell.

Policeman broke my door down,
Dragged me from my bed.
I asked them what was happening,
They just ignored the words I said.
They waved their guns in my face,
Kept screaming out my name,
Something terrible had happened and somehow I was to blame.

O freedom what liberties have taken in thy name in thy name.

While politicians is soundin' like strippers to me,
They keep sayin' but I don't wanna hear it:
"Ooh baby you want me?"

I am a one way motorway,
I'm the one that drives away,
Then follows you back home.
I am a street light shining,
I'm a wild light blinding bright,
Burning off alone.

It's times like these you learn to live again.
It's times like these you give and give again.
It's times like these you learn to love again.
It's times like these time and time again.

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