Far From Home Part II


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Scene Title Far From Home Part II
Synopsis Nothing goes according to plan.
Date July 28, 2019

An Airbnb in Japan

The deadbolt turns, key slotted into place. There's the telltale scrabble of initially getting it aligned to the lock, a noise undisguised for the sake of announcing presence without words. When the door swings in on this week's rented abode, Asi announces an even-keeled "ただいま,1" into the home to make clear who it is. She steps in to the entryway, working off her boots with a rock onto her heel and a pinch with the toe off the opposite foot. There's a beat where she glances back behind her, and she works the bandana worn round her neck with one hand, back and forth to undo the knot. She takes the fabric into a balled fist and shoves it in the pocket of her leather jacket.

"I found something while I was out," she calls ahead as a warning to her housemates. The long shadows cast by the dusk lighting can't disguise she's being trailed inside.

Something, someone.

"It's a friendly face," is an addition more for the benefit of said friendly face than her own. She's on a warpath for her laptop regardless.

At the call, Monica steps into the front room. She's dressed for working out— yoga pants and a tank top— mostly because that's what she was doing. It's what she's been doing a lot of, lately. She sets down a wooden practice sword to rest against a wall, exchanging it for a bottle of water. "Do we know any friendly faces these days?" she asks with a wry smile. "Asi," she greets, her tone warmer there. "Who did you bring us?"

It might be noted by anyone paying attention that Monica does not look relaxed, despite Asi's reassurance. She hasn't been since the news dropped about all of them being wanted to one degree or another. Which might also be why she's been spending time studying martial artists, particularly one-armed martial artists.

What steps in behind the technopath doesn’t exactly look friendly. In fact, it doesn’t look friendly at all.

Two tall figures, clad head to toe in what could be mistaken as black tactical police riot gear, duck through the doorway. They are even still armed, though at least one has his rifle slung over his shoulder. In fact, this same one has on what could be described as a reaper's mask, as a grizzly skull grins from behind a pair of blackened goggles. That masked face swings one way, then the other and stops on Monica.

Straightening, the reaper’s arms fly out like they have just discovered a long lost friend… and they want a hug.


There is no mistaking Godfrey’s cheerful - if muffled - british voice, coming from behind the skull. Shortly after, the helmet and mask is pulled off with enthusiasm… and his identity is confirmed… though he had some serious helmet hair going on. (Don’t tell him though) “Marlowe sends her love,” is offered rather brightly, even though he hadn’t told the Tech Lead about his jaunt across the pond… still he delivers it with an equally cheeky smile. However, at the state of her dress, the smile falls away. “Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought. I do wish Ms. Nakamura had sent me sooner. Had I known, I would have brought you something more…” There is a wiggle of fingers at her person, “you.

"What's this??"

Eve bursts out from the back rooms, a pair of very large spectacles without lenses actually in them. A long, plain black skirt falls to pale bare feet, a strapless top of a deep purple and that's all folks. Her midnight mane of hair is unruly and she's running a hand through it. A hand that sparks with crimson light as the lightning crackles around her wrist and leaps into her hair vanishing from sight.

There's a guilty look towards Asi, she's not negated while in the house. Tip toe. Tip toe.

"Is this a strange face in a familiar land? A familiar face in a strange land?" Tip toe, tip toe there she goes at Godfrey's back. A hand snakes out and creeps over his shoulder as the former seer tilts her head, the hand is covered in charcoal. Even without the visions, she still loved to art. "Who are you?" It's practically a hiss though her eyes are wide with curiosity. Her brain registers the last name he just dropped.

She stiffens and then sniffs. SniffsniffSniffSniff Eve's upper lip curls.

The man at Godfrey’s side is probably six inches wider at the shoulders, broad and muscular even under the layers of body armor that make him look like he's thicker around the middle than he really is. Chin up in greeting, the block of a man brings thick, calloused fingers up to the skull-patterned bandanna at his mouth and pulls it down, and then slowly slides his sunglasses off and tucks them into a pocket on the chest of his vest.

Jaiden Mortlock has been missing for over a year since Humanis First attacked his family home in Minnesota. But here, the one-day would-be father of Monica’s son, stands alive and well beside Godfrey. “Evenin’ ladies,” is his drawled greeting as he sweeps his helmet off of his buzzed head, letting it hang in his empty hand. “This is kinda’ like old times, ain't it?”

It took a little extra time for Luther to stir from whatever spot he’d been occupying in the other room. When he hears the commotion of people coming in the front entrance, the man also investigates… for a brief few seconds, the first reaction upon spotting two masked men in riot police gear and bearing arms is to freeze. The next, however, is a snap toward action.

A roar of angry, wordless noise followed by Luther bumrushing out of the back room entryway aims for the first vulnerable looking man with open arms. The bear part of the bear hug Godfrey may have been hoping for speeds right towards the armored man.

Who steps that way behind Jaiden.

Who takes the punch square to the face and for all his height and size comes crashing down like a particularly dense pillar of bricks in the doorway, forcing Godfrey to hop out of the way of the tumbling tower. On the floor, Jaiden’s hand moves up to his face and Luther’s wrist is singing from the impact, like punching someone whose bones were made of stone.

Still, laid him out.

Asi steps right over him in the path she's cutting back across the rental suddenly.

"動く な.2" she tells him, perhaps unnecessarily. Perhaps his being laid out means he won't actually move by the time she makes the return trip. She walks to one of the walls, snatches up her headphones from one of the side tables in the living space. She's barely unplugged them in a rough tug from Kimberly's iPod before letting the device slip from her hand, it clattering back down to the table while she storms back in the direction of the low table her laptop is resting on.

She steps over Jaiden again, aux cable rippling over his form as it drags behind her. She's careful to avoid passing too close into Eve's orbit on the return trip, her very presence frazzling on her technopathic senses.

Her jacket is juggled off her shoulders, dumped to the ground, and the cable tugged closer to be plugged into the laptop. Asi crumbles to the floor in a deliberate, instantly-crosslegged squat that tucks her knees under the fabric of the kotatsu table in the corner by the kitchen. It's only not out of season because it also has a fan installed underneath it.

The headphones are pulled over her head, eyes fixed on the computer's screen as her fingers begin to fly over the keyboard. Asi's not here right now, or at least that's the impression she's giving off, plugged in and not appearing to give a damn who punches who while they figure out they're all friendlies.

She knows they'll figure it out. Her typing lags in favor of a flicker of her gaze while she reads the screen's details, eyes filling with an inner, neon-blue light.

She's been like this for a week.

The appearance of two armored and armed men is more than enough to put Monica on edge. They've been in this space long enough for her to have categorized entrances and exits— conventional and not— and her mind is in the middle of deciding the best one before she hears her former co-worker's voice.


He may have been the last person she expected to see come through the door.


Second to last. Her water bottle drops from her hand when the second figure reveals his face, and she stares a bit like she's looking at a ghost.


That's all she manages to get out, though, before Luther comes barreling into the pair. She starts forward after the collision, putting her hand on Luther's arm to stall him from hurting either of them any further. "Hold on, Lu. They're friends. They're okay." She looks down at Jaiden. It takes a moment before she offers him a hand back up to his feet. "I thought you were dead," she says to him, and she's clearly glad to see that he isn't. "Where've you been? Are you— okay?"

“Nah, not dead.” Jaiden says from the floor giving a thumbs up.

Godfrey stares down at Jaiden for a just a moment before looking up with a brilliant smile and a clap of his hands

“Well, now that is out of the way.”

Godfrey looks from one member of BOOM to the other; Eve is a bit startling in close proximity and he slides a little —-> away from her and over the sprawled out form of his colleague. It puts something between the liaison and the explosive red fart sprite. Now that his personal bubble has been regained, Godfrey takes a deep breath and returns his attention to the room at large.

“Yes, ‘Lu.’” The BOOM bruiser getting a once over with those dark eyes and an interested quirk of a brow, before continuing. “I’ve yet to introduce m’self. Godfrey Wells, Yamagato Industries business liaison,” he offers to those that don't know him and gives a bow of his head.

When he straightens again, Godfrey starts loosening the scarf around his neck, “Ms. Nakamura sent me to provide Ms. Tetsuyama with assistance with her endeavors, offer you a way home, and to bring a business proposition to you, luv.” The last directed at Monica, alone, with a gesture. “I even come bearing gifts, provided you agree with her… proposal.” There is a rather wicked twist to his smile that goes with it too.

"Hot hands!" Eve leaps out of the way as she notices the man Jaiden and they reveal themselves. "Mmmm."

"An offer."

Eve throws her head back and cackles wildly, "Has Kimiko realized that MoniMoni is one of a kind piece of the pie. Pie in the sky… have you seen it?" Ah she's getting ahead of herself, reining herself in is hard to do but she does it for her friend cuz this is something that needs to be thought out.

"You're dressed for a dance with the devil himself. Sneaky little devils, what did you expect to find?" She was reigned in… but now she's prancing forward again. Bright crimson eyes boring into their very souls, if only she could see what the future held for them. For all of them. Shaking her head roughly it looks like Eve's trying to get a fly out of her ear. "I've seen enough." Is an audible outcry from the former seer though there's no context for those words now (many would argue were there ever?)

With a huff Eve slides over to a chair and peers over through her fingertips towards Asi. She's always so damned curious. Even though she knows she'd fry all of Asi's… motherboards.

She likes clicky clacking on the keys.

"Clicky clacky. Clicky," leaning in to shout at Asi whose headphones are in. "Clacky." Eve does this, Asi ignores. It usually works out.

"Did she send any sake?"

Slowly pushing himself up from the floor, Jaiden grumbles, “I’m fine, really. Don’t worry about me…” Hauling himself up to his feet, Jaiden offers Monica a sidelong look and a small frown, followed by a quick aversion of his eyes to the floor and then over to Luther. “Sorry t’spook you, big guy.”

With a quick look back to Monica, Jaiden’s expression tells of stories untold and regret for each and every one of them in the moment. “It’s a long story, but I’m okay. The kids are okay. It’s…” he shakes his head, scrubbing one hand over his scalp and looking over to Godfrey. “Ask him.”

The air hanging around Luther's shoulders and smarting fist sizzles with brief forewarning that usually tells of the man's immediate mood - aggressive - and imminent attack. It's only Monica's grip, her calm words, that likely keep the area from lighting up like a Christmas tree. And Eve, fortunately, providing a moment's distraction from the focus Luther has pinned on Godfrey. Jaiden may have taken the first punch, but the second strike may not have been as bodily delivered.

His chest rising and falling, nostrils flared in a grumpy snort, Luther roughly grabs for both men's firearms to confiscate the weaponry. But it's Asi who bears the brunt of Luther's residual anger, particularly with the technopath's manners in the moment. "What the fuck, Asi? Where the hell do you get off bringing these two here, armed and geared up like that, without clearing it first?"

All the years living in New York have long influenced Luther's manners. The war didn't make it much better. And whatever mood's he's been in since arriving in Japan hasn't been improved with the drinking. When Godfrey addresses him then Monica, Luther spins his storm-colored gaze at the Yamagato liaison. "You're with Yamagato?" The cavalier manner and introduction earns the businessman a deeply growled, "Go fuck yourself."

As for Jaiden, well. Luther does recognize the man behind the meaty face he'd just punched. But there's no words there, only a stare of suspicion.

Luther turns back to Monica and Eve. "I need a drink." And by drink, he obviously means something alcoholic. However, he's only offering to get one for the pair of BOOM partners.

Between Eve and Luther both yelling at her, Asi does look up from her work, even through the theoretical noise being output by the headphones. There's still a distance to her gaze as she leaves her hand on the computer a moment longer before letting her fingers slide away, allowing an array of subprocesses to take over sending the messages, updates, rallying calls that need completed.

The moment her eyes return a darker blue, they glance sharply in Godfrey's direction. Kimiko Nakamura knowing anything about her endeavors brings her to let out a scoff of laughter under her breath. Because, "Of course she does."

She leans back on one hand, pulling a knee out from under the table so she can rest her other forearm on it while she looks over the situation. Her gaze tracks Luther's way, but acknowledgement is the closest thing he'll get to an apology currently, and it's brief at that.

"They did me a favor," is the only explanation she provides, too.

Jaiden swivels a look over to Luther as he bends down to pick up the rifle he'd dropped to the floor. “Man, you know I'm Evolved, right?” He squints, “No idea what Godfrey’s packing, but, if you're short a rifle we got a half dozen more back at the— ” he half-heartedly adds with a jerk of his thumb over his shoulder, followed by a look to Monica. “The hell’s his problem, aren't we the rescue party?”

There is a lot for Monica to process just now. Some of it, she isn't sure what to do with just yet, so she focuses on Jaiden's question instead. "Well, you guys just stormed into the hideout of a group of people wanted by at least one government in tact gear and armed. And war vets, too, most of us. Be glad the building is still standing, yeah?" Between Eve and Luther, this could have gone a lot worse. Everyone is still breathing, so Monica is pretty satisfied with how it's going down.

"And you're not exactly flying a friendly flag," she says, her gaze shifting to Godfrey, "Pray tell what does Yamagato have on offer today?" She steps back, pulling herself onto a table to sit instead of more conventional seating. People who've known her since the old days know that means she's on edge, even as her expression and tone are easygoing. But she isn't tapping pencils or pacing the floor, so at least there's that.

Eve’s antics simply get an arch of a single well groomed brow, Godfrey might even look like he is going to say something. Which may or may not be a request for clarification on what the former seer, but the way his mouth snaps shut again, he thinks better of it.

The attempted grab at his weapon, has Godfrey twisting back and away from Luther. “Monica, luv, please do call off your man. Really, if I had planned to kill you all, I would not have simply waltzed through the front door.” That last is flat, with a mild look of annoyance leveled at Luther.

Godfrey may look pretty, but he’s smarter than that.

Regaining his composure, a hand grips the gun strap where it hangs on his shoulder and gives Luther a once over when the other man turns away in search of a drink. “You, Mr. Bellamy, are certainly not as advertised. S’pity.” Brows furrow in disappointment, a brief frown on his lips. “Though..”Godfrey’s head tilts to one side and eyes narrow at the grumpy man. “While ’m not one for the shaggy lumberjack look…. you…” Luther gets looked over, yet again. This time with a sort of mock interest. “For you, I might have to reconsider.”

There is a bit of wicked smugness to the smile he levels Luther, before swinging the rifle off his shoulder and holding it out to Jaiden without taking eyes off the BOOM enforcer. If he wants Godfrey’s rifle, he’ll have to go through the brick of a man with the Brit. Good luck with that, his smile says.

However, this isn’t what he is here for, his attention turns to Monica again, brightening considerably. “The offer, yes.” Godfrey tugs at his bullet proof vest, like it was a suit jacket and starts to tug off his fingerless gloves. “Would you like me to blurt it out here for all? Or in a much more private setting?”

Eve snaps out of her daydream to slam a foot on the floor.

"Hot Hands. My dearest Sun God." Eve looks to him first and shakes her head roughly, do they really want Yamagato to know just how much ill will they had for them? Eve trying to be the voice of reason without voicing much of anything is ironic and also, short lived.

Favors, the notion of a favor or a exchange entices Eve. She respects those deals but there is the problem of arriving so… ready for battle. They must have arrived in a pinch.

"Connections, pieces, spun together." The pale woman pushes herself off from the chair and comes to stand directly in front of Godfrey. "Ah ah ah, Curly." Pressing a finger to his lips, a finger that pulses with red light and a streak of lightning that spidercrawls, leaps from the crook of her elbow, up and along her arm… all the way to Godfrey's luscious lips. "Oh oh I'm sorry sorry." Pulling her finger away with a coy smile and a shake of her head. "Still getting use to the kinks," a sly wink now for the man. Eve's standing pretty close to him, her ass to his crotch. She smells faintly of marijuana.

"Now," Eve claps her hands and turns her head to regard the new arrivals. "You, Curly. Friends with my Moni, working for the Head Honcho of YamaYams. Rest in Piss Kam." Some might think Eve had a slip of the tongue.

She didn't.

"Here on an errand. Curly, the errand boy. That's sweet." She does look like she believes it's sweet. Coming to help a friend. "And you," Wagging her finger at Jaiden. "One of Richard's boys… your wife. Ahhh I keep my eyes to the ground and sniff sniff, you'd be surprised what's laying there." Or what's in the media circulated around the Safe Zone. "I'm sorry for your loss. And you…" looks from Monica to Jaiden. Then back again and pauses. "…are friends with Moni too." AHA! She laughs as if that was a eureka moment, meant to overshadow the awkwardness she just created. Probably didn't at all. "Makes a lot of sense for you to show up here. In our private abode, lucky lucky we weren't taking our communal bath together." For various reasons.

Eve turns around suddenly and grabs Godfrey by the back of the neck, "But," There's a raise of her eyebrow. A twisting of her limbs as they all come to face the same way. Her crimson red eyes staring so deeply into Godfrey's eyes. She's looking for something. "It doesn't make much sense for you to arrive together. A team, buddies. Bros."

"Connections, pieces, spun together." Eve cackles and throws her head back shrieking with laughter and there's an abrupt stop. "What are yours."

Though Godfrey manages to avoid his rifle being snatched away by Luther's swiping hand, Luther shoots the Yamagato liaison an would-be withering, testy look that actually tells the businessman that he's struck a nerve with the comment about not being as advertised. Luther's brow furrows in return, and he watches the transfer of rifle possession warily, distrust readily apparent.

As Monica pointed out, they should be glad the building isn't in worse condition.

She doesn't have to call Luther off, though. He turns and steps back, ejects the rifle's ammunition into his hand with a smoothly practiced understanding of the firearm, tucks the clip into a back pocket and then… He closes a hand on the muzzle of the rifle, focused until the metal suddenly starts to glow with intense heat. Luther bends the piece into a limp curve. Once that's done, he drops the ruined rifle down onto the table, narrowly missing Asi's laptop with the weight of it.

Luther stalks away after he's made his 'comment', headed for the kitchen area of their small quarters.

The laptop is only just swiped out of the rifle's way, Asi glancing up with a terse look as Luther drops the blame for the situation literally before her. She takes in a slow, deep breath and sues herself for calm as it's deeply exhaled away.

Eve's potshot at Kam's expense makes her narrow her eyes though. "It is not like anyone expected you," she answers Jaiden offhandedly, slanting a look Godfrey's way. "Despite there being a method of contact available." She's not mad they're here, just letting Luther's mood affect her.

Asi places aside the laptop to let it continue working, looking up in Monica's direction with as much focus as she can. She's interested in hearing what exactly the Yamagato executive has to offer, but it's her call to make.

"I'm not his mother," Monica says as far as calling Luther off anything. Of course, she doesn't have to, since he drags himself off.

"Eve raises a good point." Apparently, she doesn't find the women difficult to understand at all. "How did you two end up here together?"

As for the offer, she spreads her hands out in front of her. "These are my people. They'll find out sooner or later anyway. And you," she says with a quirk of her head as she addresses Godfrey, "are keeping all of us waiting."

“Bloody hell…” Is the reaction to the zap, the man’s head snapping back away from Eve, turning away when she backs that thing up. Gingerly pressing fingers to his now tender lips, the former seer gets a mild look of annoyance. “I’m all for kinks, luv, but I prefer a bit more foreplay before hand.” He checks his fingers like he’s expecting a bloody lip, only to have Eve in his face again. Turning in her grip enough, he stares at Jaiden accusingly for even letting that happen… did he even see that. She zapped him!

Of course, Luther is ‘commenting’ and Godfrey is dismissing it in favor of Asi’s comment. Hesitantly, he detaches Eve from his neck and gives her a bit of a pat on the top of the head, uncertain how to deal with a firecracker like that.

“What was it you told me, luv?” Godfrey asks, looking past Eve to Asi, head tilting ever so slightly with interest. “Don’t go digging. Don’t put m’self into needless danger? Let’s be honest, the same conversation would have repeated.. So.. “ His dismisses the comments with a flick of a wrist, “I just bloody well showed up. Luck would have it that Ms. Nakamura needed my assistance and helped fund this expedition. So I called in some favors and hired Mr. Mortlock here, since I couldn’t very well take any of Yamagato’s security with me.” How would they have handled this?

“The sheer number of coincidences are just that, I fear. No conspiracy. Just here to protect m’ friends and get them safe. If the rest of you get swept up in that…” Godfrey glances at Luther, “then lucky you.”

When it comes to Monica, Godfrey’s chin tips up, looking rather offended. “Me? Keeping you all waiting?” He looks confused about that. All that just happened? That was clearly not his fault, surely. There is a heavy sigh of tolerance. “Fine. Ms. Naka…”

At that moment, Godfrey catches sight of the condition of his hair in a mirror. “Oh… bloody… would you look at that?” There is a look of sheer horror and his immediately makes his way to it. “I should have never agreed to the helmet…”

It’s only a brief stop, as he works on fixing his hair and continues talking. “Ms. Nakamura asked me to come to you under the radar to let you know that she didn’t terminate your employment. Not really. She deeply regrets that she had to make it look so, but she had hoped that you would catch the eyes of a certain gent…” Godfrey pauses looking at her through the mirror, “Adam Monroe? Get pulled into his organization and become a spy for her and Yamagato… I guess?”

Godfrey brushed off that information with a wave of a hand, “Well that clearly didn’t happen and so she’d like to have you come back and take up your position again. Should you agree, I have brought a replacement… ” He turns - hair now back into place - and motions to Monica’s missing arm. “A new model that you can self install here even. And.. a connection to an old friend.” There is an arch of a brow, for she must know the one he is referring too.

"Curly… Curly…. CurLyYyyyyy."

Eve just shakes her head as she looks from Godfrey to Jaiden. "Your hair is the least of your problems my suave lil peach you." There's a moment of consideration, something just isn't.. Godfrey's words do less to put the woman at ease. "Hire.. from where?" Confusion. "Aha ah ah tick tick, no no." Shaking her head as he walks.

"Your friend here, the jock looking one. Jaiden!" Eve's buzzing gaze slides over to Monica as she makes her way over to him, humming as she skips. "Missing for awhile? Off the face of the planet. What company employs them?" She doesn't really think there's an answer for that. "And why the bloody hell would Kimi think anything like that. Moni ran with Pariah but jesus!" Adam. And without any sort of directive. Eve shakes her head rougher as she comes to stand right in front of Jaiden. "Hey hey, you're tall and all but… where did you meet this strapping young man and… ah nevermind. Just the first question." Asking if the two were dating didn't seem like the best time. "Make it makeeee senseeeeeee. Jumbled jumbled, like the visions I use to have in my head!"

Jaiden bristles, visibly, at a lot of things. He watches Luther and levels a side-long look at Godfrey that implies his patience for this entire circus is growing thin. When Eve gets on his face, Jaiden presses a thick finger in her direction. “People disappear,” he says with disinterest in making it make sense. “I can go,” he motions to the door, “if you'd prefer. But I figure you wanted your pet technopath back.”

With a wave of his hand, Jaiden motions to Asi, but keeps his eyes focused on Eve. “She can send me a bottle of whiskey through Godfrey whenever she wants to thank us for saving her from the cops. Or, you know, I've got some McDonalds garbage in the car if Bellamy is looking to incinerate some more shit.” Based on his tone, Jaiden’s had enough.

But given the nature of their hideout, Jaiden doesn't walk out the door, just steps away and lingers by it. “I didn't have to come out here,” he says flatly, angling a look to Monica, “but I was asked. I can take a hint when I'm not wanted,” is a little more personal of a tone than perhaps he'd intended to take when he started talking.

Luther's not gone for long or far, given the tiny living space of the rental. The brief disappearance is only that. Following the sound of a refrigerator door's closure and bottlecap clinking noises in the sink, the man reappears into the room with beer in hand. Too late to see the initial shock from Eve, he nonetheless glances side-long to the former seer when she's up in Jaiden's face.

At the other man's hostile response getting more personal and the physical movement for the door, Luther steps forward to put himself within a protective shielding distance to Eve as well as cut off the avenue of primary escape. "The fuck you goin', Mortlock? Don't fuckin' think so.” The renewed challenge in Luther's gaze lingers even as he tilts back the beer for another drink. “You two went through all the trouble to get here… Why don't you have a seat." It’s not really a request.

Godfrey's verbal offer to Monica noted, Luther tenses at the Yamagato liaison's remarks about Adam. And about a replacement? His gaze sweeps from Jaiden to Monica.

Asi keeps a deadpan silence until the offer is voiced, at which point she shifts, weigh rolling from one hip to the other while she sits. The two she's brought with her are like oil to the water of the BOOM group, that much is clear. She doesn't blame them entirely for it, more the set of assumptions that brought them here. (Looking at you, Kimiko.) She's not going to go shooting the messenger.


"The arm."

She lifts her head just a touch, all the better for letting her voice cut through the other chatter. "Did Marlowe make it?"

Asi has a feeling the answer is no, but she wants to hear it directly. She'd also delicately like to steer the conversation away from lingering on her brush with the authorities, but that's a secondary motive to seeking clarity for the concern she's turning over in her head.

"I need everyone to stop talking," Monica says, running her hand through her hair. There's a lot to take in all of a sudden and she's mildly regretting not asking Godfrey to keep it between them. She slides off the table and falls into pacing the length of the room. Whether the others actually quiet or not, she seems to need a few moments.

"JJ's alive."

That's what she starts with, even though it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. On the surface. But her future-son's apparent death was a major factor toward her accepting her position within Yamagato in the first place. The two aren't that far apart for her. She looks at Jaiden, since he's the only other person in the room who has reason to care about JJ the way she does. "He doesn't remember much, something happened to him during the war and he lost his memory. But he's alive."

Getting through that seems to help her come around to the other matter at hand, and she turns her attention to Godfrey. "I'm afraid Kimiko handed you a load of bullshit, Godfrey. I was already her spy and I was already looking into Praxis and Adam Monroe. There's no chance he would have let me into his organization and she knows that. I'm not sure if she was trying to convince you that she isn't as cruel as she appears, but she should know it would be difficult to convince me." Maybe his pretty face was supposed to help. Maybe Kimiko thought she would be eager to come back. Monica can't imagine what was going through her head. "I don't— " She pauses, her fist clenching and unclenching while she tries to get the words out. It's hard; the connection to Jiba is an alluring one. She's tried not to think too much about them since the surgery, staying focused on the work instead of letting herself feel that particular heartbreak.

But she also has a memory of a young girl on a train, proudly showing Monica her own missing arm. That little girl was enough to make Monica ashamed for what she agreed to do to try to be "normal".

"I don't want my position back. Or anything else she has to offer."

Godfrey looks at Eve like she’d grown another head or… just plain crazy. Cause, clearly she is. “Ms. Mas,” his words are clipped and finally showing a touch of annoyance. “Do you really expect me to know the backstory of every mercenary I hire? Who has that sort of time?” He motions at all of Jaiden. “How am I supposed to know he went missing. All I really bloody, damn well care about is that he can keep me alive.”

Seriously! She was being unreasonable!

Or that is what his face says.

Asi’s question gets a shake of his head. “Not that I was told, luv, but I think no. I doubt Marlowe even knows ’m even here.” Godfrey explains to her.

“And while I don’t know who this JJ is,” His attention finally shifting to Monica, “I know you’re turning down a very generous offer.” He wouldn’t be doing his job, if he didn’t try shifting tactics. “It is not m’ place to judge what Ms. Nakmura is or is not being honest about, but I saw no real reason to think she was deceiving me. Nor do I know anything about this Monroe business. ‘M simply the messenger, Monica, luv.” Godfrey says without even giving Luther’s insistence to sit any mind. In fact, the big man is ignored. “I do know that you’re turning down the resources and support that Yamagato has to offer to protect you and yours.” Godfrey studies Monica, before sighing. “I might not know everything going on behind the curtains between the two of you, but Ms. Nakamura was insistent that I get you to take the offer.”

Holding up his hands to stall all comments or protests from anyone in the room, Godfrey adds quickly, “Not that ‘m going to. You are a big girl and make your own choices, but if you still say no, you’re on your own, luv.” There is a touch of an apology in that. The tied hands of a businessman.

Godfrey glances at the rest of BOOM and then gives Monica a bit of a smile, “Not that I think I’ll have to worry about you.”

"You talk to much Curly," That's ironic, "Round and round. Circling the drain but you aren't talking what we're asking." Eve's voice lowers and she looks down to the ground, "Rude…rude…rude… rude." Shaking her head as her body begins to glow from within, that crimson light spreading like a crack in a mirror down her arms and up her neck, eventually red hot lines are burning on her face. Eve knows the dance of Dancing Around What People Ask. Quite well.

She can't speak for Monica on if she would accept the deal but she still eyes her friend before again turning to Jaiden. "I believe this needs to be made. Very clear." There's an impish grin on her face again but it falls just as soon as it is plastered on her face.

"Nobody asked for Curly to give the details of Mister Jai's whereabouts while he was reported missing, so missing that Richie Boy couldn't find you himself. No, no no." The former seer taps her fingers on her arm and tilts her head, Luther has the door. She's not worried about that, she also isn't gonna comment on JJ. Though it's a tender moment. "It's simple like your ABCs, Where. Did. You. Hire. A dead man."

"Bringing our," looks over at Asi because did the woman not take offense to the hydrokinetic's nickname for her? "Pet technopath back doesn't excuse you from answers my dear jocky boy, neither does having your thing with Moni." Eve shrugs, "I'm sure you've heard about what a nut job I am, loosey goosey, murder imp ehe, did you know…. I can boil water rather well." A dark grin, "You should start acting like its 2011 again, you're in a room with severely trigger happy people who need answers and that.. What is it… broody attitude, awkwardness with my friend?" Eve shakes her head, she doesn't care.

"We're here on very, life altering business. SO. Indulge us."

There's that smile again.

“Touch one fucking hair on his head and we’ll find out what happens when water and electricity mix,” Jaiden says out of the side of his mouth to Eve. It’s the first sign that what Monica told him didn’t straight up kill him where he stood. Because he’d been a statue since. Between what Monica said and the generally aggressive tone in the room, it’s clear he’s feeling more and more like a caged animal.

“It’s like you fuckin’ people forgot how we did things back in the day, like you forgot I was fucking there at Natazhat fighting the Institute. But sure, you all want t’go a round and see who isn’t fucking dead when the dust settles? It isn’t what they paid me for but I’m starting to think it’s what I’d prefer,” Jaiden says to Eve with a motion in her direction. “And will you shut the fuck up for five fucking seconds so we can actually do what we came here t’do?” He raises his hands into the air, pacing away from where he’d been standing by the door. “I’ve had about enough of your shit, too, grandpa,” he flings at Luther as an aside.

“You think Godfrey just hatched out of Kimiko’s head and joined Yamagato? He fucking cut his teeth in the Dead Zone before the war ended. That’s how we met. Where the fuck do you think I went off the grid after Humanis First tried to kill my kids? He still has contacts out there, I still have contacts out there. Now we have mutual friends. Friends who I am going to fucking strangle when I get back stateside after having to deal with you fucking— ” clenching his jaw, Jaiden furrows his brows and slides his tongue across his teeth and clamps down on any more incindiary commentary.

Exhaling a sigh, Jaiden looks over to Monica and just shakes his head. “I can’t have this conversation right now,” means the conversation about JJ. Not here, not around everyone else. But he was clear to define right now. It’s the first invitation he’s ever given to there being a future since Mount Natazhat, when the very concept was in question.

Asi's eyes narrow just before she pushes herself to her feet. Eve's looking ready to splinter into a frazzling cloud had caught her attention already, so she'd already been facing the seer's way when she cast her that look. Pet technopath was far from the worst thing she'd ever been called, even in her professional life. It had rolled off of her, but it was clear a lot of this was not rolling off of anyone else.

"悪い3," comes from her clearly. She puts herself between the escalating parties, hands lifted by her side in a gesture for peace. Pointedly, she faces neither more prominently than the other. "This is my fault."

"I am sorry, Eve," Asi looks after to: "Luther." Her gaze lingers on him longer before it returns to Eve. "I brought them here. Without them tonight, I would not have made it back. All Godfrey wanted to do was speak with Monica. In return for what they did, that seemed fair."

"Fair, but selfish."

Her gaze tracks next to Jaiden, a bit sharper. "I implore you not to do anything that would set off a flare to our presence here. The guard from earlier will be nothing compared to the Mugai-Ryu. If a neighbor calls the police; if the walls have holes in them when we leave here." Asi settles a nod in Godfrey's directions, her hands still held placatingly. "Monica gave her answer. Will you accept it?"

The beer bottle in Luther's hand twists as his fingers curl tighter as the rising tension of the room climbs towards the sky. Asi's call of his name shifts his stare minutely off of Jaiden and Godfrey and onto the technopath, and her step into the middle of the standoff forces a break into the sightline.

Luther snorts heavily in release of some of the tension off his shoulders, a humorless laugh for the situation. "Fine." He growls at Asi, the word in a deep rumble that squeezes out from gritted teeth and steps off from the door.

The man moves away around the new arrivals and over to Eve's glowing self, reaches his free hand out to stay on the former seer's shoulder. There's no fear on his part in case of shock. His message to the sparking woman is silent, but clear: Enough.

But, that doesn't mean he's giving the two men or Asi as big a break as he could. Because his next words are aimed, pointed, and practically snarled. "You got your answer. Go fuck yourself back home to the Dead Zone."

Godfrey’s pleasant demeanor falls away as he watches Eve interacting with Jaiden. His face clearly saying, WTF is going on here? and then it all flattens. He’s done with this place and these people.

Of course, Asi is trying to make nice and then forces a sigh from the Brit. “I came here on the insistence of Ms. Nakamura and saw an opportunity to help you.” His focus intently on the technopath. “This here… “ His hand makes a circling motion to include everything happening. “Was just a means to get here, but I had hoped my associations would allow a small measure of leeway. Clearly, I was wrong and admit to that.” He hadn’t even known about Eve… always a wild card that one, if the rumors were true.

There is a shake of his head at it all, not even giving Luther the time of day with that insult. Instead, Godfrey offers Asi an apologetic smile. “My offer to you has not changed, luv. You know how to contact me if you want to talk about what’s next in your little plan.” Godfrey presses a hand to his heart and gives a dip of his head, with an added bit of a bow. Though he adds with a mischievous smile. “Or wish to indulge a friend in a drink.”

But then, Godfrey straightens and abruptly turns on his heels, moving to join Jaiden at the door, “We’re done here, Mortlock.” his tone light, despite the thin press of his lip. His back to the others, only Jaiden sees the darker look in the man’s eyes. “Yamagato, doesn’t pay me enough to put up with this. I want out of all this gear and into some sake”

Eve stands there with the bear of the man and her eyes close as she waves her hands off, "Off off, deeds are done. Ground salted, in the old days someone would have gotten shot and we laughed about it!" There's a mad cackle, Jaiden and Godfrey AKA Curly, she just blindly smiles towards as she swings herself towards the back of the place. "Looks like we're moving!" Another hoot of laughter, another cackle. A stern look given to Luther and a sympathetic one towards Monica.

"We're all as jumpy as a pack of freshly gassed buzzing bees."

Some offerings are left… wanting.

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