Far Too Vague


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Scene Title Far Too Vague
Synopsis Hiro's opinion on something he was told about.
Date March 19, 2009

The realm of electronic communications

Later on that Thursday evening, not so long after she got home from the auction on Staten Island, Cat is in the office area of her residence. The iPhone has been plugged into the computer and the image transferred from it, placed into a folder for such things. A copy of Pause magazine was snagged along the way home and brought here, it lies open on the desk to the area Cat intends to scan into her computer and place near the other image. Her mind isn't on these things right now, however.

It's been days since she's seen and spoken with the sword wielding traveler, touching base would be a very good thing. So the phone is lifted, numbers are tapped out, button pressed, and she waits for the other end to pick up.

The phone rings and Hiro picks up. "Cat? Is everything all right?" he asks, as if it might not be Cat. After all, it MAY be Teo.

It is, indeed, Cat. "Yes," the female voice answers with a chuckle. "I'm all good. How about on your end?"

"Oh I'm okay." affirms Hiro on his end, betraying the noise of computer keys tap tapping away. He's doing something online, or at least on the laptop Cat helped him get. "I told Teo you had my number so I thought he might call sometime. After I helped him retrieve that kid from Minea Dahl."

"Glad to hear it," she offers, and a look of curiosity settles onto her features. "Kid?" Cat takes a few steps, shifting subjects as she walks. "Glad to hear you met Teo, anyway. I was at an auction he asked me to check out earlier."

Then comes another shift. "But the reason I called is to say I'll be taking a flight soon, with the guy who piloted that rescue op out on Staten Island, to do some recon."

"Yeah, some kid who was in a trunk. Young man, I guess. Early 20's? He thought I was a cosplayer of Hiro from the Ninth Wonders comics that Isaac Mendez wrote." That description has Magnes Varlane written all over it. There is a measure of audible amusement to Hiro's voice as he describes all this. Not TOO long ago in this timeline he wasn't too different from Magnes. "Where are you doing this recon? Did you need me to come along?"

"No," Cat replies, while still laughing a bit about the description of the kid, "it's a two seater aircraft with long distance camera gear on board. He'll fly, I'll be taking footage to show people later when we get back, so we can all have a look at the place and what we'll face there. At Moab."

And she backtracks a bit. "I've never seen Ninth Wonders. Precog art? Must've been, given the artist." And this gives her a speculative pause. "Have you ever met Zoe Porter?"

"Yes, I know Miss Porter." Hiro replies simply. "Remember the stolen Brill Paintings? I went to her first since she had access to them. I've had to deal with precognitive art before. It can be very important." The way he talks about that sounds as if Hiro's already seen or even gotten the things. He sounds rather final about those paintings. "If you're flying at Moab I think I'd like to come. For safety."

"There's more than one?" Cat replies, sounding a bit surprised. "I'd like to see them, if I could. I'll tell Fedor you want to come along with the Moab recon, but I don't think three people fit very well into a MiG-21 jet."

"Yes, there was a collection. I never got to see them myself but I'm comfortable saying they don't predict anything we could take action on. They're all far too vague to give us any useful information. Nostradamus could have drawn them." that's Hiro's official opinion on the Brill Paintings right there. Take it or leave it. "If it's on a jet like that I guess you're right. I can't come for the ride. But I want you to be careful out there, even if it is on a fighter jet."

"We will," Cat replies, "I can't imagine they want to have the place scoped out, we won't be getting close enough to notice. The camera system works well at distance, can pick out features nicely. I've been up and tested it once already."

And she's still curious. "I've got one of the paintings here. Photographed it during the auction. That's where I saw Zoe Porter, she was there bidding on it for her boss. Linderman. Seemed very determined to get it, too. Paid twelve thousand for it."

"Linderman collects things he has no use for at all. He collects them just to keep them. Where do you think I first got the Kensei Sword? He just had it sitting in a drawer. Miss Porter showed me a lot of other old things that used to belong to me." Which of course neglects the fact that Hiro hasn't really TOLD Cat that he's been to the distant past and was for a time himself Takezo Kensei. "She's a nice girl. It's not her fault her uncle is an evil man."

"I see," she replies. "If she even has any clue he's what he is. People often want to believe the best about family members, after all, even to the point of ignoring massive evidence stacked right in front of them. Linderman involvement just makes me wonder in general, given his connections. Arthur Petrelli, father of the President, for example, is his lawyer and is currently pretending to be dead. Or an impostor has convinced Carmichael and Goodman they work for him." Cat pulls up the image she got of the auctioned painting and looks it over while speaking. "I'll send you the picture I took of the one he had her buying."

"Thanks. It'll give me a better idea of what the others actually look like. I have subject descriptions of the rest and they're not really striking. Except for the prison one, which…" Hiro trails off. "It will be a tough fight when we take Moab." That's all he says to that.

"There's a piece of precog art about the prison?" Cat asks. "I never imagined it would be easy. We'd need to hit it with everything we can bring, including the kitchen sink."

"You didn't get to see photos or copies when you visited Zoe Porter, Hiro?"

"No, she didn't have any, or claimed she didn't. It doesn't much matter. I can tell you from experience the artist was not as talented as Mendez. And even with Mendez the paintings were never useful until it was too late. I did everything I could to change the outcomes of them. It amounted to nothing. Fate cannot be changed, take it from me." And with that, Hiro spells out so many reasons for what he is now.

"Thank you," she offers. "I'll have the one I saw along in a few minutes. Talk to you after I have the Moab footage," Cat adds, by way of concluding the conversation.

"All right, Cat. Again, please be careful." Hiro cautions, hesitating before hanging up.

The call ends, and a short few moments later an image is transmitted. She steps out of the office area then and takes up her guitar, opting to spend some time playing. Remembering simpler days when Dani was alive, a time she played onstage at the Surly Wench while Dani and Helena were at her table.

September 24th, 2008

"I left my baby and it feels so bad; guess my race is run. She's the best girl that I ever had" Again Cat gestures toward the crowd, hands moving up to prompt them for the chorus.

"I fought the law, and the law won!" sings out Helena, who despite the fact that it's more hollering then singing, has a rather musical voice.

"Not for much longer, Stormy," Cat tells the remembered image with determination.

The memory of the performance is skipped forward in.

Danielle is well through her first drink and started on a second, actually. The reporter is under more than a little stress at this point in her life (gee, who would have thought). She smiles at Cat as she comes back down. "Good job, Kit-Kat." she says, affectionately.

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