Fatal Shelter Collapse
Date April 6, 2010
Relevant Logs Snowfall

CHELSEA — Just shortly after 8:00pm a disaster relief shelter in the neighborhood of Chelsea on Manhattan suffered a fatal collapse of its ceiling due to the weight of snow from Monday's blizzard. The shelter, located at the Barrows Memorial Gymnasium at the site of the now closed Washington Irving High School has been above maximum capacity for several days now due to inclement weather.

Over five hundred homeless and destitute people has sought refuge from the unnatural blizzard at the shelter. Reports from the scene indicate that some seventy people, including six children, were killed in the collapse and hundreds more injured. This is the first large scale disaster connected to the powerful blizzard and authorities are cautioning other shelters to utilize proper maintenance of roofs in light of this accident.

The death toll in this tragedy would have been even higher, were it not for the courageous actions of former NYPD officer Magnes Varlane, who's Evolved ability allowed him to shoulder the burden of a large portion of the collapsing roof, allowing terrified residents of the shelter to flee to safety.

The Washington Irving shelter will be closed indefinitely following the collapse and former residents of the shelter are urged to find alternative havens from the cold weather.

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