Father Knows Best


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Scene Title Father Knows Best
Synopsis Brian takes Koshka home to her father, to paint over a coverstory for her disappearance. Elijah is suspicious, Yana tries to interject, drama ensues in the hallway of Dorchester
Date December 25

Dorchester Tower Apartments - Elijah's Apartment

Merry Christmas indeed. Christmas Eve certainly wasn't pleasant for Elijah. Indeed, it's the first time he's gotten drunk in a long time. He came home, called Yana, then got busy drinking last night. By the time Yana arrived, he was busy being a 'stereotypical Ruski drunk on vodka' (in his own words), and otherwise being miserable.

Yana was also treated to a rare display of emotion from the geneticist. He lamented his situation to her, told her how he would give everything up for Koshka, how he would do anything to have her just come back home. He lamented that she refused to spend Christmas with him, though he all but begged her to do so. And he even cried. On top of all of that, with the loosened inhibitions brought on by drinking the equivalent of five shots of vodka (lightweight!), he even dragged her to his bed and fell asleep holding her.

Christmas morning, he woke up with a hangover, to the smell of breakfast being cooked. Yana nursed him back to the best condition he could be in after binge drinking like he did. He even gave her a gift: a pair of diamond earrings. Along with the gift came mumbled remarks about how he had to thank her for her job, and for all that she's donw for him, and blah blah blah attempts to skirt around the real reason his got his assistant a pair of diamod earrings.

Otherwise, he's been rather silent today. Now, Christmas afternoon, he's standing, scowling at the pile of unopened Christmas gifts that he got for his daughter as if they are committing deadly sin by just existing. After a long moment of this thoughtful glowering, he suddenly begins to pick up the gifts, carrying them over to the coat closet and setting them back down within. Get them out of sight, so he can avoid dealing with this. It's way too much for him to cope with right now.

Take you to old papa's for Christmas?

Of course!

Unfortunately for Brian, his power was exerted to extremes the night before. So a very exhausted, and a very weak Brian makes his long way up the stairs of Dorchester Towers. Having insisted that they take a special entrance.. (the back) That he is accustomed to taking when entering(sneaking into) the big D.T.

Having leaned heavily on the rail, the young Winters does his best to hide the exhaustion that he bears. The weariness is mental. Having so many perspectives at once, and for a sustained amount of time, it can be daunting. And so, Brian now reels the next day with a telepathic hangover.

He's come armed, as per usual. Though his weapon is concealed well under his large coat, and he's only brought one weapon today. Shuffling in his jacket, Brian pulls the a black case from his jacket. Flipping it open, he reveals it to his companion. An FBI badge. "Should I be an agent today? Say you're with a witness protection program? It would be easy as pie."

Standing in front of Elijah's door, Brian leans heavily against the wall, waiting for Koshka's input. He motions her to the door. She should knock.

Yana's evening was no better. She almost got blown up by some vicious act of terrorism. Filthy animals, strapping explosives after drugging the stubborn 'labrat', and ruining her evening. There is going to be hell to pay, once she finds out where this originated. The evening started out so lovely too. She had the perfect dress, the perfect looking escort, and she was rather enjoying the festivities. And then everything went down hill. She has never been so embarrassed in her life! Especially when that slab of meat she bought for the evening ended up being a coward. Unbelievable! People will pay, and they will pay dearly. Probably with their lives.

Ontop of that, she got a call from Elijah while she was walking herself home. Initially she looked at the missed call with an angry 'What now?' as she wasn't in a very good mood at the time. Hearing Elijah's voice, it took her time to cool off before she became concerned enough to do something about it. She actually had to return to her apartment, take off her dress, sit in a tub full of bubbles and hot water with a glass of champagne, and stew in her thoughts of infecting whoever was responsible for the bomb with three diseases at the same time. They'll die. They'll die and they'll go to hell. But before that, she will see them suffer before her.

She will slow down the virus replication, and allow the sickness to ravage their body for a longer period of time, while she pushes the very rare and terrible symptoms into the area of common. She'll stretch it out until they plead and beg for someone to kill them, and then… she'll dig their heart out of their chest, and she'll devour the virus filled organ before their very eyes. This.. would be about square for her right now.

But she has other things to attend to this time, namely Elijah. If he stays depressed, he can't be useful. This is not something she can afford, so she stepped out of the tub, slipped on a casual dress, and went downstairs to his apartment. Drunken Russian men tend to be difficult to understand. She knows because her former husband used to get drunk, so she is pretty well versed at handling them. It is a good thing she calmed down before going though, she might have done something drastic, otherwise.

Eventually she got him to pass out, and it was already late, so she let herself sleep with him attached. She already knew how it would go.. And in the morning, she was able to slip away while he was still asleep, and fix food. Yana can cook at least, she has the skills, she just normally has other people do it for her. After breakfast, she thanked him for the generous gift, and then tried to get the story from him a bit better. The expression he gives the presents bring Yana to stand up, "Elijah.." she said as she almost floated across the room to him, the warm comfort of her hands settling upon his back, while she reached to pull him from completing his task, "Don't do this to yourself. It isn't your fault, she is young, and she doesn't know what she wants, what is good for her. It can't have been easy, raising her by yourself. Just.. give it time. I'll help you, when she comes around again. I have a way with children."

It was more than she could have hoped for, and the asking for the little field trip was the easy part. The hard part is actually knocking on the door.

Koshka offers Brian an absent nod, hearing but not listening to his question. Whatever idea he's come up with sounds good. She's returned to fretting over the meeting, the next meeting. It's not going to go over well, not after the first one, not after yesterday. The teen stares at the door as though it were a gate to Hell. Anxiety and fleeting hope gripping at her by turns.

Not once, but twice Koshka looks up at Brian, almost reaching the decision to turn away again. It's Christmas Day, though, and she'd really wanted to spend it with him. Worry for other things drove her to say no. If only her father'd understand that. A third time, the youth turns away from the door and paces, six steps down the hall only to return on those same six steps. On the return, she lifts a hand shaking with apprehension, raising it toward the door.

And then Koshka knocks.

It proves just a little difficult to pull Elijah from the task, but Yana manages to do so. He turns to face her, frowning. "«She certainly doesn't want me in her life.»" This is stated in Russian, carrying a tired, blunt tone. He does always try to speak his native tongue as often as possible, by force of habit from his own childhood.

He has no clue that the girl in question is standing right outside his doorway.

Then, he's gesturing to the gifts under the tree, then to the ones in the closet. "«I can't look at these any more. They just keep reminding me that I did something that made her hate me enough that she won't even come home for Christmas.»" With a heavy sigh, he leans against the wall by the coat closet, raising a hand to rub at his face.

He's silent for a long moment, and it's just as he's about to speak to Yana again that the knock sounds on the door. Eli blinks a few times, turning to peer at the door for a moment, before he makes his way over to it, peeking through the peep hole. After a moment, he braces against the door, letting his head hang between his arms for a long moment.

To Koshka, it may seem like he's not going to answer. To Yana, he doesn't say a word. Then, after a moment, the locks are promptly opened. Another moment of hesitation, and Elijah is slowly opening the door, brows raised. "Koshka…" Blue eyes dart over to Brian, brows furrowed.

Koshka is allowed to fill Elijah's vision for a milisecond before Brian is stepping into full view. Badge already drawn and hanging open for Elijah to inspect briefly. "Doctor Ruslan." He greets flatly, holding the badge out in front of him. "I'm agent Henderson with the FBI." The badge is flicked close. "Merry Christmas." He says dryly.

"Your daughter is in the witness protection program. Let's go over the ground rules very quickly, and then we can come in and you can continue your holiday. Your daughter is currently under the legal custody of the Federal Beaureau of Investigation. There has been an incident which she is not permitted to speak of. Please do not ask about this. Do not ask where she is staying. The amount of time she must be away is indefinite." Brian gives Elijah a firm look before it gradually melts into a smile.

"With that aside, a Happy Holidays. Koshka?" Brian steps to the side, his badge already disappearing into the pockets of his coat. He gestures for Koshka to enter.

Yana didn't quite get the whole story. The registration thing wasn't explained, but in her eyes, that doesn't matter. The girl should listen to her father, because that was how it was supposed to be. Whatever the reason, this girl of his is wrong. And in her family, for this girl to be running around at her age, being disobedient? It is unheard of! Her father would have had a fit, and Yana would have never seen the light of day again.

But that is just her. We're talking about Eli now, and he just doesn't seem to know how to be firm. But that is okay.. Yana can handle that part for him, if it has to come down to that. Perhaps what this girl needs, is— Hmm? What is this? Someone is at the door? Why.. who could it be? She doesn't ask him if he is expecting anyone. Instead, she reaches out, taking the sides of his face into her hands, steadying him to look at her. "Stop this, now." her voice is a mixture of a command and a comforting coo. "You're only destroying yourself. Give me these, and go answer the door. You will get through this.." One way or another…

She is reaching to pull the presents from him and set them back where they were initially. Already, a plan is starting to bloom in her mind. It may require some preparation.. but it could work. But for now, she'll simply head her way back over to the kitchen, where she gets out a mug, preparing a cup of hot water for Elijah.

A dark brow is raised up as she hears Koshka's name spoken when the door is opened. Oh fantastic.. this could not have played better if she planned it herself. The girl is here now.. with in range of Yana's claws. Where she could reach out, wrap her hands around the girl's pretty little throat, shake her vigorously and— Ahem.. Anyway.. tea.. Yana is stirring a teabag into the water by the time Brian enters. The woman is without her former gorgeous dress, but Brian probably remembers seeing her. Remember the lady you had your eye on? It's her!

She is still impeccably dressed, however. The little designer dress she has on is both classy and sensible, with her hair, swept to one side in the front of her shoulder. She is just licking the spoon when Brian makes his introduction, and she peers a little dryly. FBI? Seriously? Witness protection program? Umm.. Hrm.. Everything Brian just said? Is not okay with Yana. Maybe not everything, but the fact that they aren't going to tell Elijah what is going on? This does not sit well with the good Dr.

"Wait a moment. I beg your pardon?" she speaks up, taking the mug of tea in her hand, and stepping around the counter to gracefully drift into the room, handing Elijah the tea while looking at Brian, and then an inspecting eye is given to Koshka. She keeps herself from narrowing them. "Firstly, agent Henderson, please come in, both of you? No sense in hanging in the hallway. Would you care for anything? A cup of tea? Some coffee?" Like the perfect hostess, and like it is her apartment, Yana flitters back across the room to the kitchen to prepare more refreshments, "Surely, you must understand how much of a shock this sudden development sounds. I mean.. I personally feel that Elijah deserves some kind of further explanation. Going by what you are saying, you are taking his daughter away from him indefinitely? You cannot just drop that on someone, and expect them to be alright with it. It doesn't matter who you are. It's terrible.."

Oh good. He opened the door. Koshka, however, is staring at the floor and possibly wishing it were otherwise. Or that she'd called. Ever so carefully she takes a little step, allowing Brian to take the fore while he explains things. Yes, witness protection— but that might not work now that she's actually hearing it. It could, something could have happened between dinner yesterday after her dad left and then this meeting today. Really, it's possible.

"Hi, Dad," the youth mumbles, akin to yesterday's surprise greeting but in truth still bordering on reserved angst. She's fairly certain he hates her now, after her refusal to join him for the holiday, and she wouldn't blame him if he did.

Further greeting is abandoned, and even the shift forward to step into the apartment is halted as Yana speaks up. Koshka's head lifts slightly, blue eyes darting from the woman to Eli and then to Brian. Wariness creeps in, and rather than moving forward or simply standing, the teen retreats a step.

The confused look on Elijah's face is replaced by something else: mostly, suspicion. For moment, it's as if he doesn't notice his daughter, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "Agent Henderson." His voice is flat. "I'm sorry, but I don't believe you." A scowl is suddenly on his face. "When my supervisor, a doctor and definitely not a Federal Agent, brought her and I to his home for dinner last night, I have a little trouble believing you." He pinches his fingers together to emphasize.

"And to be quite honest, you make a pretty pathetic FBI agent. Intentionally not showing me your badge for long. And refusing to tell me anything about the situation when I am her legal guardian and I have a right to know. I am not a stupid man, 'Agent Henderson.'" His lip curls at Brian as he speaks in that heavy Russian accent.

Then, he turns a scowl down to Koshka, angry now. He's quiet for a long moment. Then, in a much smaller voice, he says, "Knock again when you are ready to tell me the truth. I will not have lies in my house, and I am disappointed that you thought you could lie to me now, on Christmas, of all times."

And then, the door is promptly shut very quickly, the locks turning. Perhaps he could have handled that initial meeting a bit better, but he always was very strict about lying.

The door closed, Elijah turns and rests his back against the door, staring at the wall with a deep-set frown etched into his features. This also gives him a chance to regroup, to center himself for what might be to come. Or might not, after that outburst of his.

Gray blue eyes flit over to Yana. Recognition does not register on his facial features, though it does sound off alarms in the internal Brian-Brain control center. Red flags are thrown, sirens are sounded, and all hands on deck are called. This lady was talking about bombs before the bomb guy came! Outside though, his features remain emotionless. His eyes dance back to Elijah, head tilting to the side. Hmm. Well it might have been good at a community theatre performance. Or something like that.

Then the door closes. His lips twist to the side, eyes knitting some. "Your dad's a douche." He comments quietly. Bringing the badge out from his coat again. Flicking it open he holds it in front of Koshka. His picture had been super imposed on the badge. "That looks real, right? I spent hours on that." The murmurs are hushed. His badge being flicked away and pushed back into his coat. "Your douche dad. Your call. Try again, or go home?"

Winters folds his arms over his chest, looking down at Koshka with a sympathetic smile. "I'm good either way. Though.. I'm not letting go this FBI thing. You know how much work it takes to make this thing look real? God damn." He glances back at the door then back to Koshka. "What's it gonna be Kosh?"

"Elijah!" Yana gasps out in pure shock as he slams the door in the girl's face. The woman's hand drops to smack on the counter to express her displeasure over his action. He has got her worked up now, as Yana doesn't approve of rude behavior. Once again, she is zipping from behind the counter, giving Eli a very vicious eye, tossing shame in his direction. "Go! Go! Over there and sit down!" she comments, flipping her hands at him as she wiggles her way between him and the door, pushing him off towards the sofa. This situation merits more of an inquiry than he is willing to make. So she'll do it herself.

Once she gets to the door, she adjusts herself a little to put on a bit more composure, before she reaches to open it back up. Brian and Koshka are greeted with a warm and welcoming smile, completely different from the slightly sweet and suspicious woman they saw just a few moments ago. "Koshka, Agent Henderson, I am so sorry for Elijah's behavior, he has been under so much stress lately, and this… Well, I am certain that you can understand how it might cause him to react that way. The man has such a difficult time when it comes to expression and dealing with his emotions!" The woman chuckles, like one of those women who try to explain away troubles in the household as being no big deal.

She moves to sweep out her arms, and try to slip one around Koshka, stepping out to retrieve her kindly, and usher her into the apartment if she'll let her, "Please, please.. both of you come in, let us all be adults and discuss this properly. Koshka, dear? Do you like French toast? There is still some left over from breakfast, you simply must have a few slices. I'll make you some fresh, you look famished." She is trying to not give them a choice in the matter. But ohhh if you could only know what this woman is really thinking.

Returning to the doorway, her father beyond and Yana, Koshka blanches at the reprimand. Shit, he's not buying it. As far as the hall will allow her, she backs away, until shoulders press into the opposite wall. All she'd wanted to do was show up, spend a little time on Christmas day and hopefully, hopefully make up a little bit for her decisions last night.

Obviously that isn't happening now. It was too much to hope for, and she royally screwed up. Koshka winces as the door is shut and locked, getting beat wouldn't have hurt nearly so much.

Koshka glances up at Brian, grasping for some reasoning. This was home, or it might have been one day. And he's worried about a badge? "Yeah, looks fine," she says, the lie coming naturally. She didn't really look at it. Her head tilts forward, chin coming to rest on her chest. "I don't know what to do," she tells Brian. "Sami Sami said he'd be happy to see me; now he hates—"

Further words down that track are cut off as the door opens. It's too much to hope that Elijah would be standing there, and so it's with deeply seeded guardedness that Koshka looks up to find Yana instead. Even as the woman is coming toward her, despite the friendliness of the gesture, an arm around the shoulders and food, the youth is ducking away and moving to place Brian between herself and the woman. No touchy.

Elijah is pushed away from the door, but he hovers over the much shorter woman, scowling over her head at Brian. It's really not his daughter he has a problem with right now, it's the man with her that Elijah doesn't like. He remains silent, perched behind Yana quietly. The tea mug she gave him is gripped in both hands as he gives the other man a cold stare.

Then, he closes his eyes, and lets out a small sigh. As Koshka is stepping away from Yana, Elijah is slipping around the woman, mumbling something about taking care of it, please make tea. Then, he pushes the door open, quietly offering enterance. He points a finger toward his daugher, then makes a gesture for her to enter. "I'm sorry, Koshka. Please come in."

Then, a level glare is cast up to Brian. "If you want to tell me the truth, then I will happily admit you into my home. Otherwise, you can stay in the hall while I spend Christmas with my daughter." He frowns.

Glancing down at Koshka, Brian's lips fold down momentarily. "I'm sure he is, Kosh. He's just a protective alpha kinda guy. A strange man comes with his daughter.. Even if he does have an impeccable badge. He might get angry." Would Brian slam the door on his daughter? Probably not, no matter how many fake FBI agents she brought with him. However, "He'll be—" The emotionless look immediately recaptures his features, his attention swinging to Yana.

"Thank you Miss… I believe I saw you last night. At the gala." Might as well get it out in the open. "The bureau was doing an investigation on a suspect there." That part is true. "I was the one with the earbud." He gives a little smile, pointing to his ear as if to indicate where earbuds go. Then the glare is delivered unto him. Which is okay. He's used to angry men glaring at him. Returning the look easily, Brian motions to Koshka. "If she wants me to stay in the hall while you spend Christmas with her, that's fine. If she wants me in here. That's where I'll be. But there's enough stress in this environment enough. Suffice it to say, my name is Andrew Henderson and I am protecting your daughter." His hands clasp over his front as his eyes flick to Koshka. That's all the truth Elijah will be getting from him at least.

Why you little wretch..

The inner megalomaniac that is Yana wants to grab the girl by the hair and teach her some manners, while the actual response is a look that is filled with confusion. Her eyes blink as Koshka scoots away when she was trying to be so kind, and she looks from her to Brian, and back to Elijah, "Oh… Well.." she says ruefully. She was just trying to be nice, and helpful… on the surface. In reality? She was looking to unlock the truth. It could be beneficial. Look, now Koshka has gone and hurt Yana's feelings.

Fortunately, Elijah is there to relieve the situation, reaching out to lead Yana away so he can deal with it. "Yes, of course.." she keeps with that rueful tone, and after a final 'innocent and confused' look to Koshka, Yana is off to the kitchen. But the pleasantries return as she goes, "Ah! Yes, I do seem to recall you, Mr. Anderson. It was such a lovely event in the beginning. A shame that it ended the way it did. There are just so many terrible people in the world. Which.. I'm sure you can understand why you bringing dear Koshka home rouses some suspicion, and needs a bit more explanation that what was given. How do you like your tea, Mr. Anderson?" she adds, as she is back behind the counter again, preparing.

"Agent Henderson is assigned to the place I'm staying," Koshka interjects, scowling at Yana though it's Elijah she's addressing. "Remember, Dad? Doctor Brennan said I was staying somewhere and I'm safe." She's still not going to tell him where that place is, or give him any details beyond that. "He needs to come inside, Dad. I'm not allowed in without him." Could be true, for all she knows.

Koshka glances up at Brian, or the back of his head since she's not moving until he does. "Please," she continues, blue eyes returning to Elijah. "It's the only way I could come for Christmas." That much, she knows for sure, is true.

Elijah frowns at the man, scrutinizing him for a long moment. Then, he shakes his head, frowning at the man. "You come to tell me that I might not see my daughter for a very long time, but you give me no explanations?" He snorts, shaking his head. "Nyet, I do not believe you, and you are not welcome in my home." Stubborn Russian, he is.

Then, he turns his eyes down to Koshka, frowning. "No. He is not coming into my home." The man turns toward Yana. Much as he loves her company, she's making his daughter uncomfortable. After a moment, he switches to Russian. "«Yana, would you mind giving us some time?»" Subtle way of saying 'please go away so I can spend time with my daughter.'

He looks back to his daughter, that frown still present on his face. "«Please, Koshka…just let it be you and me. You can open your presents, I can make you dinner, we can catch up…you don't have to tell me anything that you don't want to, but…please. I can't handle having a stranger who I do not know witnessing what could, for all I know, be the last time I get to see you for months or even years or even ever.»" He frowns to the teen, offering a hand out to her.

Now or never.

"Henderson." Brian corrects conversationally when Yana calls him Anderson. A light smile playing on his lips. "Of course I understand.. I'm sorry, what is your name?" Pleasantries are exchanged easily. But then his attention is grabbed by old Grumpy over there. Arching a single brow at the man, his head cocks to the side somewhat. Really? "I apologize, Doctor Ruslan. The situation is what it is. And I am required to be with your daughter." The other man's paranoia has his own flaring internally. His eyes flick from Elijah to Yana skeptically. But one last attempt at diplomacy is the least he could do, "Really, Doctor Ruslan. There is no need for this amount of drama. I can be in the kitchen, you and your daughter will have all the time you need. Don't make this harder than it needs to be. I have no ill intentions for your family. I am here for Koshka' safety first and foremost. I apologize if I had offended. But you have no reason to be wary of me. I am not against you."

His attention sways down to Koshka, subtly motioning with his head towards the door. It may be time for them to get the hell out if Elijah continues to make this difficult. "I may be overstepping my bounds, Doctor Ruslan. But this is very difficult for your daughter. Please try to take a minute and consider her wants. I do not mean to teach you parenting.. But she really wants to spend the day with you. And I really have to be here." He gives the other man an apologetic look. He really is trying now.

The girl seems to scare easily. From just being nice to her.. This could be a good thing. She will have to inquire later to Eli about the girl's general heart condition. The depravity that Yana has in mind for the girl could kill her if her heart can't take the stress, and that would defeat her purpose. She may be a problem now, but if Yana has her way.. she will ensure the girl shapes up her act.. Even if she has to go to extreme measures. "Dr. Elvira Blite." she smiles to Brian, "But please, call me Yana." she continues to make more tea and listen to the things that Brian has to say for a while, until Elijah speaks up to her. Eh? He is telling her to go away? Hm.. We are not amused. A transgression like that would normally get anyone else banished from her kingdom, but she might over look it this time.

"Oh. Of course, Elijah.. I should really be going anyway. So much to do today, and I should really get started. Listen, call me if you need me, alright? I'm just right upstairs." the woman smiles and moves to head on her way out. "Mr. Anderson, Koshka." she nods to each of them, "I hope everything works out for everyone. Good afternoon."

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Koshka looks up at Elijah, pleading silently for him to act on faith instead of reasoning. That anti-emotional Vulcan-ness can be so infuriating at times. "Dad, it's for your safety and mine. I can't be here unless Agent Henderson is here, too." She pauses, grasping for some compromise. "What if we left the door open. Then Agent Henderson's doing his job but he's not in the apartment." Ah, kid might be on to something there.

From scowl to wary look, Koshka's quick to keep Brian as a human shield. She watches Yana with unhindered caution, certainly not trusting of the woman who can't even get Bri—Andrew Henderson's name right. "«We can speak in Russian,»" the teen adds after a moment, eyes going back to her father. "«But you cannot get angry if I can't answer questions.»"

Elijah frowns down at Koshka. "We close the door and leave it unlocked. He can still do his job from there." The man sighs quietly, closing his eyes and reaching up to rub at the bridge of his nose. "He is not welcome in here. That is how it will be." Blue eyes turn to scowl at Brian, before he turns a still somewhat hard expression onto his daughter.

"«Why are you so scared to be alone with me, Koshka? I was the one who told you to run when your ability manifested. I was the one who waited three weeks for my injuries to heal before calling the police and reporting you missing. I've given you everything that I can, and you are still scared to spend a holiday alone with me.»" Suddenly, he's looking much less angry, and much more…sad?

"«What have I done to you to deserve your fear, Koshka? To deserve to lose you like I have?»" Eli frowns down at his daughter.

"«And how do I fix whatever I've done? I miss you, Koshka.»"

"That is not how it will be Doctor Ruslan. The door stays open, and I will stand just a bit down the hall. I need to be able to hear. I won't be watching you like a hawk if that is your hesitation." He glances over to Koshka widening his eyes a bit. God this guy is anal.

Looking after Yana, Winters purses his lips for a moment. "Henderson." He corrects again before looking back to Elijah then Koshka.

"Frankly all this negotiating is making me nervous and feel like we should leave now. I'm being more than fair." Winters attests, holding up his hands as if to display how fair he's being.

Dr. Blite pauses for a second in her egress, and she turns to look at Brian. She offers him nothing but the sweetest and sincerest of smiles. He only sees the skin suit that she is wearing, the monster that lies behind it simply wriggles it's claws behind the safety of the pleasant mask she wears. "Henderson.. of course." she offers, "My mistake.." Just testing, Bri, just testing… And if that wasn't enough of an apology, Yana brings her eyes to look at Elijah, and she softens them just a bit further,

"Kraseevy.." she calls him, "Please, let us remember our manners? It would be rude to make Mr. Henderson stand outside of your door. You are better than that. Remember hospitality. You know how much I abhor rude behavior?" Yana, pulling a card from her deck. Playing on Elijah's affection for her. For him to be rude could very well give her a lower opinion of him. And he doesn't want that does he? Besides.. if Brian goes outside.. she can't listen through the door. "Please?" she requests, and smiles to him, "I'll be upstairs if you need me."

"«Things have changed, Dad.»" Koshka, wary of that look on Elijah's face, grips at the bluff that had always saved her in the past, the very self-assured attitude that kept her these last few months. "«I came to spend Christmas with you, but things can't be just how they were before.»" And she can't explain why, why Brian agreed to go with her, where she's been. Nothing's the same anymore.

Koshka looks up at Brian, her face a mix of apprehension and pleading. It's not her father she's afraid of, but herself. He can agree to not getting answers to her secrets, but can she stop herself from getting carried away and not telling all anyway? Man, grown up decisions suck.

With a sigh, Koshka turns from the door and walks away. She needs to think. She wasn't expecting to see her father again, ever. Picking up the pieces and returning to normality just doesn't fit with her world view anymore. Hands cram into her jacket pockets as the youth heads toward the far end of the hall, trying to rebuild that wall, block out Elijah's anger with her.

Elijah's expression suddenly turns angry as he turns a sharp glare toward Brian. "No. The door will not be open. You said only moments ago that it was my daughter's choice, and that you could stay out in the hallway." His eyes narrow. "What you are doing is illegal, Mister Henderson, and I could easily have the cops called on you to determine if that badge is real. The only reason I have not is because it would harm my daughter." He glares at Brian. "You act like I am dangerous, when I am the one who has supported my daughter even when what she does hurts me to no ends. So no, that is not how it is going to be. It is going to be you, outside, with the door closed and unlocked, or nothing will happen. I want Christmas with my daughter, not with an unwelcome stranger in my home."

He's incised, now, so much so that Yana's words are brushed off. "I don't care. He is a liar, and he is not welcome in my home. I offered him the chance to tell me the truth, and I would be more than happy to welcome him into my home if I really know what is going on. But I will not be fed lies. Especially not on Christmas. I don't even mind omitted information, so long as I have the truth." Yeah, he's in grumpy mode now, thanks to Brian. "I am being more than reasonable in this instance."

A frown is cast after his daughter as she steps away, the man's face falling just a little. He's silent for a long moment, then he shakes his head. "«Koshka…isn't it enough that I've given everything to you? Isn't it enough that I would happily give up my entire life to make sure you are happy, and safe? I'm the one person who will always respect your wishes, no matter how badly it hurts. I would do anything to protect you, Koshka…why won't you let me?»" His Russian fires off at light speed at his daughter, his words betraying the hurt that he's trying so hard not to show. "«Please…just spend Christmas with me. Just you and I. I will respect your secrets. I just want my daughter, and not some stranger who lies to me the first time he meets me. I just need you…please…»"

"Doctor please calm down." Brian states firmly. Taking a step forward. "We came here because Koshka wanted to see you. Being unreasonable will ruin both of your holidays. I am telling you that I am here for Koshka's protection. Her safety, not just in your apartment, but in general is my concern. That is my truth. You can consider the rest omitted if that satiates your value system." His hands remain clasped in front of him. He doesn't respond to the accusations or the threats.

His eyes instead go to lock on Koshka, his brows forming a sympathetic and apologetic look. "Doctor Ruslan. Please. Swallow your pride and spend Christmas with your daughter." It's said almost pleadingly, his hands spread out, bargaining with the man.
'Mother'(internal Yana) has to chuckle at something Elijah says. It manages to not bubble to the surface and hit her lips, but there is definite 'Mmhmhmhmhm!' going on inside of Yana right now. Fed lies? Why Elijah.. Yana has been replacing your usual Folgers brand with delicious secret lies for years! You have no idea how terrible and frightening the truth is! It is just a little amusing to her lurking personality that he refuses to be fed lies.

Because lies make you fat.

Lies make you fat??

Of course! And Elijah has put on a little weight from Yana, if you catch the drift. Well.. okay.. they're not lies— All of the time. She just has things hidden from him, and everyone else. One day.. Oh yes, one day, when she develops her virus, the world will tremble at her name, bow at her feet and beg for benediction! And perhaps.. if Elijah plays his part good enough, he'll have a safe place in her world, where he will be expected to kiss her hand whenever he greets her. Not much different from now, but she won't have to rise up from her throne for him to do it.

But that is only if he behaves. Right now, he's being a bit of a bad, bad puppy. There is a distinct possibility that he might need to be punished for a short bit.

Elijah! Doghouse. Now.

She'll decide when she gets upstairs. "As you wish.." offers to him simply. By the time that Koshka is heading down the hall, Yana is at the elevator, pushing the button and waiting patiently. She is hoping that this is one of the time the device takes its time. She can watch the drama unfold.

Trying to simply clear her mind and take another look at the situation, find a sollution instead of just facing the problem, Koshka doesn't react to the conversation still flowing behind her. That is, until impored yet again by her father. Rather than succumb to guilt, choking the feeling back to make room for a bite of anger. "Don't you dare," she says quietly, a sharp edge to her tone.

The teenager turns around slowly, any thought or common sense to keep it down have just been thrown to the wind. "Don't you dare," she spits out again, louder this time. "You have no right to hold anything over me. You could have left me to my mother and her asswipe of a boyfriend, let your guilt mull over the fact that I could be dead for these last five years easily. Or addicted to God only knows what." Good thing she's not the one with the gun, but if she could shoot from her finger then the one now pointing at Elijah would certainly be cause for concern.

"You gave everything to me," Koshka implores, her voice raising another octave. "You tried to force me to register even though you knew I'm against it. You taught me to think for myself but shit on me for doing it. Now you try and guilt me into something else because you can't hack that there are things in the world that you can't know where my safety is concerned!"

Slapping the palm of her hand against the wall, Koshka beelines for the stairwell.

That girl… she is beginning to unimpress Yana more and more by the second. Such a thankless girl who obviously does not know her place as a child, nor does it seem like she has had proper training. It makes Yana sigh, when she speaks to her father that way. In her time, especially at Koshka's age, she wouldn't so much as dream of speaking to her father like that. Talking back was harshly dealt with in her family. And that word! The word describing excrement! Such a filthy little potty mouth. It makes Yana's lips purse, and her nose wrinkle with a twinge of disgust.

But alas, now that they are out in the hallway of the building, Yana isn't getting in it anymore. This would be terribly embarrassing, if she were apart of it now. A teenager, two doctors, and a federal agent step into the hallway… You'd be all over that story, wouldn't you? Don't lie.. you know you'd be riveted. Well forget it. Yana will not be privy to this kind of scene.


Oh look, there is the elevator. Loud heels clatter against the marble floor, and then inside of the car of the elevator as Yana comes to turn around and push the button. The last thing anyone sees from her is her pristine poise standing in the center of the elevator, looking a bit disenchanted. As the doors shut completely, she shakes her head.

"So, you need a badguy? Alright… I'll give you a badguy."

For a geneticist who stands in front of a counter all day looking at DNA sequences, Elijah sure is fast. That's one benefit of having the Kinect. He's gotten a bit more fit. He darts after Koshka, and his longer legs win out over her shorter one, the man reaching out to catch his daughter by the arm, gently. Then, using momentum, he's attempting to spin her around and pull her into a hug, without giving her a chance to get away.

Then, he's mumbling into her ear in Russian. "«Koshka. I am not holding anything above your head. I simply want some time with you. I tried to register you because there was a new law coming into effect. One that requires everyone to register. It's in effect now, Koshka. I only did that because I didn't want you to get in trouble with the law. I didn't want you to be on the run like this. If I had known that it would have ended like it did, I would have found another way.»" He pulls back slightly, frowning at his daughter.

Then, he lets her go. "«Please, Koshka. Your friend just told me that I might not see you again for a very long time. I have the food in the fridge, waiting to be cooked. Just…fulfill this one last wish, before you disappear again. Please, just let me show you that I love you one more time before you leave me.»" His eyes are glistening, his hands clenched to his sides. "«Please don't be angr at me for wanting one last happy day with you…please don't hate me, Koshka. I love you.»"

As Koshka starts to flee, Brian steps back to allow her room to run. But when Elijah pursues her, he tenses. He doesn't attack or draw weapons, but he watches… VERY INTENSELY. He's hugging her, as long as it stays at that he doesn't need to interfere. After all, he's been much more involved than he thought he would or would have wanted. This was supposed to be about Koshka, but for some reason Elijah put him on the center stage.

Watching the pair, Brian clasps his hands in front of him, watchin Koshka with a sympathetic look.

The hand that grabs her is met with little resistance, Koshka doesn't have the weight behind her to stop her father's attempts to hold her. That doesn't mean she gives in without a fight, though. Hugged she may be, but she pushes against the embrace at first. It's short lived, and though the teenager doesn't return the hug, she stands mostly still in the embrace. Mostly, except for a tremble.

But once she's let go of, Koshka pushes backward. "I tried," she states flatly. She'll be back again, one day. But for now she needs to go. Needs to be who she is now. "I'm sorry, I wanted to come here, wanted to spend Christmas with you when I was told I could. But—" You just couldn't play along, Dad, for one day when I needed you to.

Koshka sighs, not bothering now to mask the hurt she's feeling, and turns away again. "I'll see you later, Dad," the youth calls over her shoulder before heading down the stairs.

Eli's hand snaps out, catching Koshka's wrist again. His face is desperate. "«Please, Koshka. Don't leave me again!»" His voice cracks. "«I'll get over my fear of strangers. Your protector…he can even come in. Please…don't do this to me, Koshka. I miss you, so much…don't leave me…»" Still holding his daughter's wrist, so close to the stairs, he slumps down to his knees, pressing his daughter's hand to his forehead.

I need you. That's what he wants to say. He wants to tell her that he's been dying, worrying for her, for five months. That her disappearance is killing the 32 year old man in ways he didn't even think possible. It's like losing his sister all over again, except worse, because his daughter is leaving him by choice. "Please…please don't leave me…" He even switches to English.

Koshka doesn't pull her hand free right away, but she's still clinging to her wall. It's safer there, right now, no matter who it is that's trying to get in. Don't let anyone see you're weak or hurting, and that's what she's been taught, after a fashion. But then she pulls free even of that grasp. As much as she's loathe to ruin Christmas again, after she'd found the courage to come again, she can't stay right now.

"«I'm not leaving you, Dad,»" Koshka explains to the stairwell, though she's yet to move further away. "«Not forever. I'll be back when I can, hopefully by New Years.»" She can hope, corner her current guardians and find out what she can do. She points a question to Brian, silently asking his opinion on that wish.

"«Yes, you are…»"

As she pulls away, Elijah slumps, seeming to just…collapse in on himself. She's leaving. She's not going to spend Christmas with him. She's abandoning him on the one day that he needs her the most. He doesn't hear her words, her assurances. All he sees is that she is leaving him today. Abandoning him. Making him spend Christmas alone.

His face cold, features scrunched as if he's in great pain, he raises to his feet without a single word. He doesn't even look at Koshka. Much like a dog that has just been struck wrongly, he turns, walking back to his apartment with his head hung low, completely silent.

Finally, once he steps inside, he chances one last look toward his daughter, fixing her with the saddest look on his face that she's ever seen. Then, the apartment door is shut, and the locks can be heard clicking shut. He doesn't even bid her goodbye, or wait around for Brian's answer to Koshka's inquiry. He just…removes himself.

Bethany Faith Ruslan, or Koshka as she is known to everyone, just broke her father's heart.

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