Favors For Friends


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Scene Title Favors For Friends
Synopsis Jennifer and Brian talk about favors, and Jennifer gives Brian a present.
Date December 1, 2008

New York Public Library

Once upon a time, the New York Public Library was one of the most important libraries in America. The system, of which this branch was the center, was among the foremost lending libraries /and/ research libraries in the world.

The bomb changed that, as it changed so much else.

By virtue of distance, the library building was not demolished entirely, like so many others north of it; however, the walls on its northern side have been badly damaged, and their stability is suspect. The interior is a shambles, tattered books strewn about the chambers and halls, many shelves pulled over. Some have even been pulled apart; piles of char in some corners suggest some of their pieces, as well as some of the books, have been used to fuel fires for people who sought shelter here in the past.

In the two years since the bomb, the library — despite being one of the icons of New York City — has been left to decay. The wind whistles through shattered windows, broken by either the blast-front or subsequent vandals, carrying dust and debris in with it. Rats, cats, and stray dogs often seek shelter within its walls, especially on cold nights. Between the fear of radiation and the lack of funds, recovery of the library is on indefinite hiatus; this place, too, has been forgotten.

Silence still prevails around Brian's room. People still visit him, many members of Phoenix taking shifts on who goes and stays with him. Though he has been slowly recovering. Though he is not healing, he has been morphing his pain into anger, his anger, into hate. And his hate into.. more anger. Though right now he sits dumbly on his mattress, his hands on his knees. Eyes downcast they are still rimmed red, obviously he has been weeping recently.

A small pile of presents and food have been laid near him in the room. Most food he hasn't eaten. Though next to him on his bed are a few wallets. Though he pays no attention to them.

Jennifer is the Little Miss Sunshine of Phoenix, so she comes by to see what she can do, of course. She's heard everything only second-hand and third-hand, thus far. She makes it up to the door, and raps at the doorframe, looking in with concern.

"Come in." Come the flat words of the young man as those soft grey eyes move slowly to the doorframe. "Who is it?" He asks quietly, not much caring. Unless it's Peter Petrelli and he's here to cut his own head off, it doesn't much matter.

She comes in. "It's Jennifer." A few steps in, and she looks over to him. "How're you doing?" she asks, softly.

"Jennifer. Haven't seen you in a while." He notes dully. "How have you been?" To his own question he gives a bit of a shrug. "As good as one can be after death. Trying to keep busy, keep projects in mind. How's school?"

Jennifer nods. "Yeah, it's been a while. Been keeping busy. Plus, the whole Miracles thing wore me out; I couldn't get out of bed for a couple days. I'm sorry; I heard what happened. Is there anything I can do?"

"You get tired from your ability?" Brian asks inquisitively, turning a little bit to look at her. "How tired do you get? How hard is it for you to use?"

Jennifer answers "Little things, or only doing it once in a while, those don't bother me. Which is all I really need to do most times. But those were big boxes, full of lots of stuff, and I had to make a lot of them. I had some bad nosebleeds, and my whole body felt like someone went over me with a bat."

"How hard is it for you to print money?" The young man asks curiously, tilting his head the other way. He looks very interested. Or as interested as a post death depressed man can be. He laces his fingers over his lap.

Jennifer answers "Pretty easy, actually…I try not to copy actual money too much; the serial numbers are the same, and so duplicating mass quantities might get noticed. Usually if I want money, I duplicate jewelry and sell it. But I've been known to clone up a few Benjamins here and there. Why?"

Brian gives a little shrug. "Has Helena given you any restrictions on how much money or whatever you clone up? And.. Like.. Can you duplicate stuff, on to other stuff?" Brian asks softly, looking up at her intently.

Jennifer looks even more curious. "No. I'm pretty much at my own discretion for what I whip up. I don't understand though…what do you mean, stuff on to other stuff?" She seems confused.

"Like.. You know my power, right? I make my own boy band. But the problem is, I can't do what you do. So, when I pop up.. I'm showin my naked bits and all that.. Could you replicate clothes onto me?"

Jennifer looks curious at that. "Maybe? I mean, you'd have to hold still while I did it…but I've never tried replicating anything into a position that wasn't just on a convenient surface. It never came up."

A little shrug is given in response. "Maybe we could try it sometime.." That might be awkward. "So.. Like.. how do you feel about doing favors for friends?" The young man asks arching a brow at her. "I could do something for you, if you need anything done. I'm awesome at doing chores around the house."

Jennifer just smiles. "I'm happy to give it a try. And I don't charge for doing favors; if there's something you need, just ask me." Her expression and tone are warm; she's a nice person inherently.

"I.. I'm working on a little project. And.. I need a little extra cash." Brian says softly. "Just trying to get my mind off the whole death thing, so you know just trying to put a little project together. Get busy. And.. I just need some extra cash. I was wondering if you could help out." Brian asks with a pleading smile.

Jennifer nods. "Sure! Happy to." Heck, anything that helps pull him out of his funk. She rummages around in her purse, and pulls out a trio of $100.00 bills. "How much do you need?"

"How much can you make?" Brian asks inquisitively. He looks a little excited now. Hopefully she won't find out he's getting the money to buy instruments of death. But that can come later.

Jennifer replies "It's just pieces of paper. A few thousand easy. More than that, and we'd want to get some other "root" money so there's not too many duplicate serial numbers."

"So three thousand? Four thousand?" That will be more than enough. It could even get him extra. Brian asks, leaning back on his mattress.

Jennifer nods. "Sure…" She lays the bills down, and touches each one in sequence. With each touch, a twin of it appears above the original. From there, it's just a cycle of touching. Each bill, ten times, makes for 30 bills. Three thousand dollars. It seems easy for her; despite the value of the money, it's still just scraps of paper and ink; nothing complex. She stacks it all up and hands it over to him. "Here you go."

Grabbing the stacks, his brows arch high. "Thank you, very much." He murmurs with a broad smile. Taking the stacks, he places it by his side with the wallets he has. "Thanks so much Jen. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Jennifer smiles. "Hey, no problem. If it gets you smiling again, that's all it really takes. Tell you what. Are you any good at cooking?" she asks.

"No." Brian answers with a blink. "I can read a recipe book and figure it out though. I can make really good sandwiches. I'm awesome at that. But I'm sure I could make something taste good if you gave me enough time."

Jennifer laughs. "I was just trying to get out of having to cook tonight. It's no real worry, honestly." She pauses, then asks "How tight are you with Helena?"

A little shrug is given. "From 1-10 or what? Why? You want me to talk to her about something? I think she trusts me. I don't know. She likes me, I think. She always ruffles my hair." A little fond smile perks up at that. "Why?"

Jennifer nods. "I've been trying to get a friend of mine, Ygraine, recruited. Helena's talked to her, but then it's just kind of…stalled out. I kind of want to give her a polite little nudge to do something about it, but I don't feel like I know her that well. I was hoping someone might talk to her."

A little chuckle comes out of Brian's mouth. "Ygraine. Your girlfriend." The young man comments, looking up with a quirk of his brow at the woman. "Yeah. I can talk to her. Maybe she'll have me recruit her or something."

Jennifer nods, blushing. "Yes, my girlfriend. Makes it easier when I don't have to keep secrets. And we've started the recruiting…I just need Helena to take the next steps, that's all. And I don't feel comfortable nagging her."

"Don't you want to know how I know?" Brian asks with a little smirk. "I can drop a line. And.. I can work Ygraine, if Hel gives the green light."

Jennifer says "I figured it was sort of the equivalent of watercooler gossip around this place." Still seeming embarrassed. "When at a lack for anything better to talk about, discuss the lesbian relationship."

"Unfortunately, it's a little more embarrassing than that. I actually asked Ygraine on a date. I work with her. And then.. Yeah she said you had a girlfriend and then I found out that girlfriend was you. Awkward, huh?"

Jennifer blinks, and then giggles, she can't help it. "Sorry about that. But I'm glad to know I'm not as much a topic of gossip as all that, then."

A grin and a shrug. "It's alright. Like.. just kind of deflating to guys ego. Got beaten by a girl you know? No guy likes that." A little smile to her. "Thanks for the money, Jen."

Jennifer smiles a little. "Hey, I didn't even know I was in competition with anyone till she asked me out, out of the blue. Completely blindsided me. And it's no problem. Anything I can actually do to help out around here, I'm more than happy to do."

Smirk. "Yeah. Whatever. You did it just to hurt me, and rub it in my face after my duplicate died." Brian says sarcastically with a little grin. "I know your dark plans. Thanks Jen. I'll talk to Helena."

Jennifer smiles. "Thanks, Brian." She stands. "If you need anything else, just give me a call. I hope you feel better."

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