Federal Agent Murdered In Brooklyn

Felix Ivanov, an FBI agent and Registered Evolved who headed investigations into Evolved crimes and worked alongside some of New York City's finest detectives has died. Ivanov was involved in a firefight in Brooklyn near the Exotica Dance Parlor on the night of December 2nd, and he was rushed to St.Luke's Hospital shortly afterwards after making contact following the altercation.

The wounds sustained and their interaction with Ivanov's Evolved talent resulted in unexpected complications during surgery, and he did not recover from his injuries.

Mr.Ivanov, a former Russian native and graduate of NYU had established a solid reputation in the FBI after a long service with the NYPD's Organized Crime and Narcotics division.

"Those who underestimated the bulldog determination of Ivanov and the men and women he worked with — many of whom resented Felix for both his Evolved status and presence as a Federal Agent — made a mistake," FBI Director Walter Favro stated earlier this week ti the New York Times.

Ivanov's murder is still being investigated by local and federal law enforcement, but neither group has an official statement to make at this time.

Services for Felix Ivanov will be held at the Cathedral of St.John the Divine on Sunday December 7th at 7:00am. Mr.Ivanov is survived by his parents Nikolai and Irina Ivanov. He was 35 years old.

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